Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran Wants to Be Illinois Attorney General

Rumors on this have been circulating for months, and Sheriff Mark Curran himself was talking it up over the past weekend, but now I guess it's official -- he wants to challenge incumbent Democrat Lisa Madigan to be Illinois' next attorney general.  Well, it might be more accurate to say that Curran wants to be AG and would probably just as soon LMadigan runs for guv or gets herself put on the Illinois Supreme Court.  Last I checked in, she had millions in her political campaign war chest compared to less than $100K for Curran according to the Daily Herald article. 

I'm a big Curran fan, but I find myself wishing he was planning to run for Lake County Sheriff again.  There's plenty to do right here....


Anonymous said...

That election is DOA. Illinois is not ready for a Tea Party Candidate.

Tired of the same old said...

Typical lib smear tactics begin early. Curran is actually going to have some trouble with fiscal conservatives as he is a big believer in an expansive safety net and comprehensive immigration reform.

Anonymous said...

You all think it matters. Illinois is a lost cause, and you all have made it worse.

You're all a bunch of eunuchs. The dems have made you all cower like sheep.

Either do something, or get out of the damn way. I am sick of this pansy-ass incompetence party.

The Illinois GOP makes the Vichy Government look like a bunch of world-beaters.

The "insiders" have done nothing. You all suck.