Friday, February 20, 2009

Dems Resist GOP Call for Special Election; Can We Not Afford Democracy? (UPDATED: Quinn Supports a Special)

UPDATED: Governor Pat Quinn said at a press conference this morning that Burris should resign and a permanent successor to fill the remained of the term should be chosen by a special election.

Original Post: Have you had enough yet? Between the Tribune, Sun-Times, Washington Post and other major media sources, plus politicians on both sides of the aisle (many more Republicans than Democrats, as you might expect) calling for the resignation of Senator Roland Burris, in the wake of the Blago arrest and impeachment, you would think the Democratic leadership in Illinois would finally get the message: end this, and put the senate seat to the vote of the people in a special election.

Well, it's clear the Democratic leaders of this state, are still not ready to let their iron grip on power slip by putting this up to a vote. The demands of the people may be becoming irresistible, however. Yesterday, Senator Matt Murphy (R-Palatine) introduced legislation (SB 285) to ensure that all future vacancies are filled by a special election, and to hold a one-time special election to fill Burris' seat.

The Dems are still resisting, claiming the price tag is still too high (where have we heard that before) and that booting Burris would cause a protracted legal battle. Well, not if you yo-yo's convince him to quit.

So, I guess Blago has managed to run this state so far into the ground, we can no longer afford Democracy?

This morning the Tribune turns up the heat significantly, calling out the Dem leadership and asking them to demand that Roland Burris resign. The Tribune even throws President Obama into the mix. Oh my, is Obama finally getting muddied up with Illinois politics? Who woulda thunk that would ever happen?

The Tribune doesn't quite get it right, at the end, however. The Tribune says:

Folks, the people of Illinois, the people of this country, are watching and waiting. They saw each of you on national television during the Blagojevich fiasco. Now you're ringside at the Burris fiasco. The longer you tolerate this, the more you own it.

Wrongo, Trib. The Dems created this mess, step by step.

They already own it.

And we need to take the state back from them.


Anonymous said...

The editorial page of today's Tribune says it all. Yes, TA, our Senior Senator, even Mayor Daley are being asked to stand up and stand for Democracy. What a concept. We know why Schakowsky is asking Roland to leave, that IS transparent. Nice to read that Phil Hare has the courage to speak out. Have we heard anything from Garrett? I didn't think so. One would think that the article about this stain on Chicago's reputation might just deep six the 2016 Olypic bid will be enough for the Daley machine to get Burris to get out - TODAY.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:02,

Spot on with today's Trib

Garrett, recently appointed to the chair the "Ethics" committee is a poblem - nickname - Queen of Streets and Sanitation. She won't say a peep. She's an expert on political expediency...

2016 Olympic Bid SHOULD NOT BE in Chicago - too much corruption - too large a burden on taxpayers -

As for a special election, it will never happen...not in the best interest of the Democrat machine.

Quinn can say all he wants but ultimately the Dems hold the cards on this one..

Rusty said...

I'm anti-Kirk (TA might remember my election posts), think the GOP is a incoherent mess, and I'm still aghast at the Dems resistance for a special election.

Anonymous said...

On Jsn. 6, the Daily Herald printed my letter which states, "In December, I heard many people discuss how Illinois should choose its new U.S. senator. Some people say that we should hold a special election, and others say that the governor should appoint someone.

I think that the Illinois legislature should pass a bill that would state that the governor will appoint a replacement and choose a date for a special election. The senator appointed by the governor would serve at least until that election and may run in that election.

If that bill passes, the voters would choose the new senator, but the state wouldn't lose representation, since our senator would be appointed, by the governor."
Almost all of the comments, on the website, were from people who disagreed because of the cost of the special election.

Phil Collins

Anonymous said...

1. You make great points, but if it was our mess, I would NOT want a special election.

2. The BEST thing going forward is a fully operational beefed up state party that won't just focus on winning a state election on a fluke like this but that will have the ground game for people like Keith and Fightin Tim Stratton.


that's why I have such an issue with the blacks in the democratic party, not once do they mention that the Senator should actually be qualified. It's OWED to them because there's not enough diversity. No wonder they gave us Carol Mosely Braun.


Anonymous said...

I agree that we need candidates with good ground games. Who will oppose State Reps. May and Ryg, in 2010? I hope that those districts have republican township officials, mayors, and/or town trustees, who will run.

Phil Collins

Anonymous said...

the may day may day call you are hearing is the crash of Karen's credibility in highland park. Time for her to go.

Anonymous said...

To Astaves and FOLKLAES:

Call our conservative brothers and sisters in DuPage County and ask them what they think about Congressman Kirk after his stellar performance last night along side Chairman Steele and Congressman Roskam.

I understand Congressman Kirk was fantastic and rallied the troops to a level not seen in 20 years. This blogger prays that your base of understanding widens so that Congressman Mark Kirk, with his pro-choice/environment/stem cell and human rights positions can fit under your umbrella of support. How great would it be for us all, if today, you (the mighty conservatives of Lake County) could use your wit and intellectual stamina towards helping Congressman Kirk! Frankly, the both of you can be true assets instead of tough reads we have to digest in an attempt to find out why you work against the hopeful next Senator you will be proud of from Illinois. What do you say?

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 7:42!

I've seen Kirk rally everyone before. I'm not the one who needs convincing here.

There are still a few conservative Republicans who seem to prefer losing rather than backing winning candidates who do not support 100% of their views, but their numbers seem to be rapidly diminishing. Perhaps the Democratic dictatorships in Washington, Springfield and Cook County had something to do with it.

Washington rams through the largest spending bill in history and Democrats voted for it without even reading it. In Springfield, the deficit has risen to over $9 billion and in spite of multiple warnings, Democrats "suddenly" realized it.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Conservative Republicans aren't the problem, Republicans who aren't conservative are the problem.

While Mark was in dupage county, I hope he asked Michael Steele about the realities of running in a deep blue state.

Steele was the best candidate the maryland gop had had since charles mathias was defeated/quit in the 80's. He ran against a scum named ben cardin and yet still got crushed. He had a national network of donors, charisma, a statewide network that had delivered for him before and was much more inspirational.

Mark has a much more blue state, won't have the national backing of the conservative movement which is important because he's basically done nothing to organize any kind of moderate GOP establishment-see there are better things to do than save some dude in indonesia for a donor-and has the WHITE HOUSE to deal with.

The national republican party is going to be on serious defense.

and if you again think for one moment donors in chicago are going to cross the white house/rahm emanuel you are out of your mind-ambassadorships are still at stake, and there is that white house hanukah party that jay footlik used to organize which is worth a lot more to people than seeing a guy who won't vote with jews on national social issues anyway.

This is a fools errand thanks to Andy McKenna's horrid leadership and until the state party goes right and grows grassroots we are going to be stuck with patheticness like this,8,1&vid=021909a