Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Eugene Kryczka Drops Out of Antioch Township Assessor Race In Face of Petition Scandal (UPDATED)

This just in... TA hears that Eugene Kryczka, the Democratic challenger for Antioch Township Assessor, has pulled out of the race in the face of accusations from his opponent that fake and dead people's signatures appeared on his petitions. More on this as it develops.

UPDATED 02/05/09: The News-sun has an article this morning. Kryczka cites personal reasons for pulling out the of race:

Kryczka said he could not afford to continue the race. He had missed too much time from work and he did not want to put his company in jeopardy in this bad economy. He had promised to self-finance his campaign and not take contributions.

The Daily Herald had only a minor note, here. As much as I like the Herald, I'm just a bit concerned about a double standard here. If it was a Republican caught up in this scandal and quit the race under these circumstances, I think the media (and not just the Herald) would be relentless in covering this story and would not be nearly so circumspect in connecting the dots.

Seriously- does anyone really believe Kryczka's lame explanation? The race barely gets off the ground, and the time commitment all of a sudden took you by surprise? Oh, and it's right after you're accused of forgery? Coincidence, coincidence, I'm sure.

Note to candidates: Once your petitions are in, if you don't want to work hard at the campaign, you don't. Maybe you'll win, and maybe you'll lose. But you are the master of your own destiny.

Well, I don't think Kryczka's pulling out of the race will have much effect on the State's Attorney's investigation. Forgery is forgery, so we'll see what comes out of this. All I can say is that the Dems need to take a class in either ethical petition circulation (with Terry Link sitting in the front row, taking notes), or they better improve their forgery skills, and stop copying names out of the phone book or obits.


Anonymous said...

Reading the 10th Dems newsletter online this evening with myriad pictures of horribly aging soccer moms/activists it is confirmable that Republicans truly are the better looking party.

Also good to see Lauren Beth Gash finally made it to D.C. 10 years after getting her butt kicked by Cholly, Patrick, Jim McKiernan and John McGovern. Wonder if she ran into any of the staff that quit on her before voters did.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Eugene pay attention when Senator Link was giving classes on how to get away with forging signatures on petitions.

The candidate IS NEVER SUPPOSED TO DO IT - Rules: 1) hire people that are desperate for money 2) DO NOT TRAIN THEM 3) tell them you will pay them cash - $1 per signature 4) when they get arrested throw them under the bus 5) become cozy (or threatening) to the Appellate Prosecutor 6) take no responsibility and play the victim
7) laugh as your campaign workers are carried off to jail 8) take the Appellate Prosecutor out for a drink (he did say you cooperated after all) 8) train fellow Democrat candidates to do the same.

Eugene - you need to pay attention at those EDDI Meetings - SNAP!

Anonymous said...

According to Ellen, Mark Kirk "hates Illinois" because he calls it corrupt and speaks out against its corruption.

The logic or lack thereof speaks for itself.

To use an Ellenism by asking her a question: "Hey Ellen, why do you love corruption so much?"

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

You crack me up, Foklaes! The latest piece of trash from Gill, Gash, Sheffey and others who spew their hate-filled newsletter with anti-Kirk rhetoric each month have THIS month gone way over the top. The pictures of Ms.Trash and her hubby at the Inauguration are just priceless. That will be the closest she gets to DC - ever. The more they bash Mark Kirk the stronger he becomes. Sicko catwoman becomes more and more obsessed with our congressman by the hour. It's almost humorous. But back to TA's post today.Perhaps the new order in DC is getting local folks to realize that someone IS looking at what's going on, even at the local level, and honest dealings are what's expected and perhaps even demanded. So Kryczka is OUT. That's great! Let's see how long it takes to rid ourselves of all the other dead wood in and out of the system. You almost feel sorry for our new president. The free ride seems to be ending!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:46 a.m. if you read sheffey often like I do, the guy is clearly a card carrying member of the palestinian liberation organization. The way he routinely knocks Mark down for supporting Israel, you expect a column photo of him in a kaffeyah-that's the arafat headgear in the next issue.

Neil Steinberg has been a flaming out of the closet Democratic spin machine at the sun-times for years (when he wasn't drinking) so it wasn't really a surprise to see him address what looks like the del boca vista senior center but is reportedly some sort of propaganda camp for aging local liberal democrats.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:39, I know this misguided jackrabbit. He is a past president of the local pro-Israel PAC, which really ticks me off, big time. You are right in saying that he's a card carrying something or other. Bottom line: Steve Sheffey is a hard core Democrat MORE than he is anything else. Sadly, there are others out here just like him. That he writes LTE's, that he spews this crap angers me more than I can say but I think you get the message. He is a total and complete disgrace, someone who KNOWS that Mark Kirk stands head and shoulders above everyone in the US House when it comes to support for the US/Israel alliance. Shame on Sheffey. One can be a hard core D but one should not write the misguided crap that he does and get away with it. As with the catwoman, I suppose it's easier and better for one's health to just ignore both of them. They speak only to their select group of 10th Dem groupies since everyone else who knows the truth understands that Sheffey and Gill have no credibility within the pro-Israel world.

Anonymous said...

Wretched extremists like catwoman, sheffey, gash and the pup need to be outed and exposed.

One more reason for Mark to stay in the house is that in the next term with 2 gop retirements he will be in line to control funding for Israel and the middle east. I find it HIGHLY UNLIKELY that the jewish donor community will ever want to see him challenged once he gets there given his strong support for Israel and the lack of Republicans with anywhere close to his history on Israel.