Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Illinois Dems Still Looking for a Good Senate Candidate While Mark Kirk Bides His Time

About the only time you hear Senator Roland Burris' name mentioned nowadays is when someone comments on how he is likely to get crushed in a primary battle, should he have the temerity to run.

Given the circumstances of Burris' rise to office, and his lackluster accomplishments, policy of ducking the media, and virtually non-existent fundraising ability, you can hardly blame the Dem opportunists from lining up to boot Burris for a chance to win the general.

So, why are the Dems are in a mad scramble to find a good clean candidate? Somehow, it seems that the Dems keep undercutting the last candidate they last put forward.

First, there was Alexi. He was supposed to be Obama's anointed son, but then there was that little matter of questionable banking relationships. Then, even worse, came the Bright Start $85 million loss and SUV-gate.

Then there was Jan. And with Jan comes her husband Bob, the convicted felon. But no, Jan says the polls say that Bob doesn't matter. OK. Keep believing that....

Then came Chris Kennedy. Quietly at first, then building momentum.... until Lisa Madigan's name surfaced once again, and stole some of that thunder. And just in the past couple days, it appears that Kennedy was involved in some quirky real estate deals in Cleveland, as noted locally by Archpundit and picked up by Greg Hinz at Crain's. I have to ask, does anyone but Chris Kennedy want Chris Kennedy?

All of this going on while Congressman Mark Kirk watches it all play out.

No official decision from Kirk yet. And no one I know in camp Kirk is talking. So, once again, any prognostications/rumors/supposed 'inside scoops' that you read about in the media are just that... we'll let you know when there is a rumor worth believing.

But you can bet he's watching all of this with great interest...


Anonymous said...

My East Coast Sources tell me things did not go all that well with Bond's visit to DC a few weeks ago, and that his bid for the 10th seat is not set in concrete.
He very well may just be going head to head against Schmidt.

Team America said...

That's quite interesting. Things aren't going so well with the search for a Bond replacement, either.

I think his ego has gotten him in a bit of a spot.

Anonymous said...

I still say it is time for Team to take Illinois by storm, that or King Louis Astaves.

Bond is a chimp. I think the key here is redistricting. For a blue state Illinois has a lot of Republican members of congress. Massachusettes has none, connecticut has none, new york has 3 of 29 and that could go down, Illinois thanks to mark's waste of time on bangladesh and hastert's incompetence has 8 and I bet we are looking at a scenario come 2014 where that number could get cut to 5 with kirk/roskam/biggert on the chopping block with the chance that some form of johnson/manzullo/schock could get thrown in the same district. If Mark thinks that he's going to lose his seat this becomes more of a no brainer that he's gone.

For historical purposes it's worth noting that in 2001 he thought he was a dead duck with respect to redistricting as the most junior rep and then was saved by hastert in a bid that made the 10th more gop.


Anonymous said...

So how do you respond to the reports that MSK is afraid to run against Lisa Madigan for Sen. (see capfax)? Many of you often attack Democrats such as Dan Seals and Karen May for not wishing to run against MSK.

Anonymous said...

I think he's more worried about running against Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

1. The 10th votes more democrat than does the state of illinois at the state level, Kennedy wussed out of fighting Mark here in 1999, unlikely he'll fight better statewide.

2. Madigan is a proven statewide votegetter and the babe of the liberal mainstream chicago media. She would stomp Mark.

3. None of this matters if Obama goes all out for the Il Sen nominee.


Anonymous said...

Karen May is pushing her mid 70's. People generally don't make a tough race for congress at any age older than their late 50's. Too much vanilla frosting on the top of that muffin to run for congress at this stage of her life.

Louis G. Atsaves said...

Illinois has the chance to reform our election system by passing legislation using the Iowa redistricting plan, and by pushing back the primary date to May or June. These reforms would assist serious candidates for offices.

I'm sure Kirk isn't holding his breath that Springfield will actually pass such reform measures! No one is that naive! The bills pending in Springfield have been watered down to the point where they have become laughable!

So what will Democratic Springfield government do? Pass the true reform measures that the public demands? Or do a Todd Stroger?

Questions! Questions!

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Louis...wasn't it just announced the 2010 Primary WILL be Feb 2nd. I am pretty sure I picked that up somewhere.

SaraSmiles said...

I want to hear more about this East Coast Source thing and Bond!!!!