Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Roland Burris Registers "Absolute Zero" on the Integrity Thermometer (UPDATED x2)

The latest debacle concerning Senator Roland Burris and the convoluted (and ever-changing story of) the path that led him to the U.S. Senate, courtesy of former indicted governor Rod Blagojevich, is likely to mean only one thing: the Dem primary race will be a little less exciting, as Burris will be even less viable as a candidate that he already was. Even if Burris hoped a heated primary would split the anti-Burris vote and he might still squeak in (only to perhaps lose to someone like 10th District Congressman Mark Kirk in the general), that's looking pretty unlikely as of this morning. Some may even wonder if he will resign, although as we've gotten to know Burris a little better over the course of the past few months, that seems pretty unlikely.

As has been widely reported, Burris raised under $1,000 in his first quarter fundraising efforts and was under serious scrutiny by the press and Internet pundits as to whether he would even try to run for election in 2010. About the only person that was sure Burris would have a chance in the Dem primary was Roland Burris.

Now, with the revelation (as revealed by the just-released wiretap transcripts) that Burris discussed sending a check to then-governor Blagojevich with Blago's brother, Robert, before Burris' appointment, Burris' honor, integrity and credibility are registering about absolute zero on the trust thermometer. Let's leave aside the fact that Burris was discussing money changing hands in the same conversation as asking (begging?) for the U.S. Senate appointment. State Rep. Jim Durkin (R-Western Springs), who questioned Burris on the subject, is appalled that Burris never mentioned this little tidbit. And Burris' apparent defense appears to be shaping up that he 'never sent the check.' Oh, really? OK, all is forgiven.

So, what does this mean? Probably not much, although it will further sully the reputation of the integrity of the State of Illinois. It reminds people that U.S. Senator Dick Durbin and his Dem cohorts in the Senate helped create this mess. It reminds people that the "Blagojevich 26" (including State Senators Terry Link and Michael Bond) also helped make this mess by enabling Blago. It will make Burris even less likely to salvage any hope of winning a Dem primary against Chris Kennedy, Lisa Madigan, Alexi Giannoulis, or Jan Schakowsky, all of whom have been mentioned in the press or expressed interest.

And it probably won't move Mark Kirk to make a decision about potentially running for U.S. Senate any more quickly, as he quietly watches the Dem Mutually-Assured Destruction party go into after-hours. Heck, why spoil the fun?

UPDATE: Downstate Judge Shows U.S. Senate Interest? Here's a snippet concerning a recently-retired downstate judge, Donald Lowery, who is mulling a U.S. Senate run as a Republican. So far, the only serious contenders to show interest on the GOP side are Congressmen Kirk and Peter Roskam (CD-6).

UPDATE x2: Statehouse Republicans Call for Burris to Resign. The statehouse democrats are not enthusiastic, however. Any bets as to where this goes?


Anonymous said...

I just heard this pathetic excuse for our Junior Senator on WGN's John Williams program. Roland Burris is more of a disgrace than I think we ever imagined him to be. I'm listening to the calls coming in to Williams from his listeners who feel as I do that this guy is a worse liar and flawed person with each word he sputters. Yep, sputters. No, I don't think he'll resign. He's orbiting on his own planet, TA, and we're going to have to live with it until November of 2010.

Anonymous said...

Even though any normal person with a shread of decency and pride would be embarrassed to be attached to news like this, remember that we're talking about democrats, and a large contingency of Chicago democrats, which is a special subset of the former that actually look at degrees removed from the top when looking at candidates. The common Illinois Dem-machine voter will see an established, black democrat and know that he's not too far removed from our exhalted leader Obama. If the dems left him alone, it wouldn't surprise me if he was able to get re-elected.

Anonymous said...

I too heard him on the John Williams WGN radio show this morning.

"Absolute Zero" is an incorrect term to use for him right now. It should be "Less Than Zero!"

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised TA is still talking about that ridiculous recall amendment, bad law in and of it's own right, as if that would have prevented Burris's appointment. The truth of the matter is that the impeachment provision worked, worked in record time, worked in maintaining a semblance of a burden of proof sufficient to withstand appellate scrutiny, and cost the Illinois taxpayers less than 1% of the cost of a recall. I really hope that recall thing is going to be the GOP's main issue in the 2010 elections. If so it will splat back in the faces of any candidate trying to use it like blowing a bubble in a convertible. The fact of the matter is that over 60% of the people of Illinois chose not to empower a constitutional convention, and will quickly and clearly understand that recalls are merely an excuse for lazy campaigns or an opportunity to conduct never-ending campaigns regardless of the winner. A recall argument relating to Blago applies with equal force to George Ryan. The only difference is that it would have been the Dems suggesting a recall and WE know how stupid, expensive and open to fraud recalls can be. The burning question is why don't you?

Anonymous said...

Burris isn't going anywhere. The real impeachment needs to be against McKenna for failing to make any political hay out of this 12 month christmas courtesy of the chicago thugs. He's in the same business as Dwight Shrute and comes from New Trier just like Dwight Shrute, only Dwight Shrute is a much better salesman and would be a better party leader.

I renew my call for Team America for State Senate 2010:A Team that Actually Wants to Serve America.


Anonymous said...

Senator Burris was recently in Waukegan meeting with the OBL crowd (Emma Lozano, Slim Coleman, Eddie Washington...) to speak against 287g.

Pictures on the blog as well.

Anonymous said...

Talk about absolute zero?

I attended the Lake GOP Federation Dinner last night. Larry Falbe was mentioned as an elected trustee of Mettawa. The former mayor of Mettawa, a big wig of the Federation, was honored for his 14 years of service as mayor. A regular Mettawa love-in!

Not mentioned in the printed program or ad book? The Township Chairmen and Central Committee of Lake County! Not mentioned during introductions of elected officials and special guests? The Township Chairmen and Central Committee of Lake County!

Yup, I'm sure THEY were feeling the love from the GOP Lake County Federation that evening! But then again, the Federation has always been a pretty insulated group that honors and helps its own and no one else! Ask David Barkhausen!

Team America said...

Dear Anon 5:04: Did you attend the same dinner I did last night? Dan Venturi, the GOP Chairman had a promenent speaking role, as always, and named all of the elected officials and party representatives present. If he forgot to mention any that were there, well, that happens, but you can hardly blame the Federation. As for the booklet, a number of township organizations placed ads, the GOP golf outing was given an entire page ad gratis, and Dan Venturi had his own page. In addition, there is a huge amount of cross-over between the Federation Board and the Central Committee. Dan Venturi, Larry Falbe, Daniel Bryant are each on both boards. Others such as Barkhausen have been on both boards at one time or another.

You got a problem with Barry MacLean? I'd like to compare the amount of time, energy and money that he's contributed to the party over the last 40 years compared to you, Anon. Do you think he was honored just for his good looks and charm?

What's with you that you are trying to inflame long-gone issues about competition between the Federation and the Central Committee?

How much work have you done for either organization? How many foresomes have you sold for the GOP golf outing? Are you even bothering to come?

You are about 4 years behind the times, my friend. The Federation and the CC are pulling together, and it's only luddites like you that are trying to create issues where they do not exist.

Please go join Terry Link's team; they are used to self-destructive behavior in the Lake County Dems; we've all had enough of it here.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. The Republicans measuring value by how much money someone can raise. And in the same breath they talk about reform. Go figure.