Friday, September 2, 2011

State Senator Susan Garrett Appears Poised to Endorse in 29th Senate District (UPDATED)

A blurb in the Lake County News-Sun caught my eye this morning:

State Sen. Susan Garrett, D-Lake Forest, and West Deerfield Township Supervisor Julie Morrison, Democratic candidate for the 29th Senate District will hold a joint press conference Sept. 8, at 11 a.m. at the Italian Kitchen Restaurant, 648 Deerfield Road, Deerfield. Garrett said she will be making a statement about the upcoming election for her Senate seat, which she has held since 2002. Morrison announced last month her intention to seek the Democratic nomination for that seat.

It's not too difficult to figure out that Garrett will be endorsing Morrison to run as the Democratic candidate to fill her spot. So far, I don't believe any other Democrats have announced their intention to run, although Township High School District 113 Board Member Annette Lidawer of Highland Park said she was thinking about it. The Garrett/Morrison announcement, timed right before petitions are due to begin being circulated, may well be designed to scare away any competition and clear the field for Morrison.

In any case, whichever candidate emerges on the Dem side, they will have a formidable opponent in veteran navy pilot and physician Arie Friedman. With Sid Mathias having announced to run against Carol Sente in the 59th Legislative District, Friedman should have a clear field on the GOP side, and is already kicking his campaign into high gear.

If I were the Dems, I'd be more than a bit nervous about this seat.

UPDATED 9/5/11 7:20 pm: Well, we didn't attend the press conference, but it turns out we were right about Garrett endorsing Morrison. Not like it wasn't a no-brainer.

Constituents have expressed a need for legislators in Springfield to create jobs. Morrison said she heard that message and would work to bring more jobs to the district if elected.

Oh, really? Would you have voted against the 66% income tax hike? Please, someone ask her that, stat.


Precinct Committeeman said...

Patch article recently quoted Annette Lidawer as saying she will not run.

Anonymous said...

Not sure Garrett will have a lot of pull left in the General election, but she probably has enough with Democrats to influence where the support goes in the primary.