Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lake County Political Races Heating Up With New Candidates for State Senate and State's Attorney; Is Michael Bond Serious About IL-10 This Time?

A couple new announcements on the Lake County political scene this week show that we're in for a lot of hot races leading into the March primary.

First, yet another candidate has declared for State's Attorney in the wake of long-time State's Attorney Michael's Waller's announced retirement, Reginald "Reggie" Mathews, of Lindenhurst, who like fellow candidates Louise Hayes and Chris Kennedy, is also a current Assistant State's Attorney. That brings the total up to six candidates, three Republicans and three Democrats, for those keeping track.

Next, current Lake County Board Member Melinda Bush (District 6), of Grayslake, has announced her candidacy for state senate in IL-31, against Republican incumbent Suzi Schmidt. Schmidt knows Bush well, given that they served on the County Board together when Schmidt was county board chairman. Some were expecting former State Senator Michael Bond to run again for this seat and try to recapture it for the Dems. He still might; Bond has not announced his intentions, and may still also be considering a run for Congress in IL-10. Bond, as Team America readers may recall, made a short-lived, abortive attempt to gear up for a congressional run in 2010, but backed out before he really got started (although he did actually announce his congressional candidacy and set up a website). He lost his bid for re-election to the State Senate that same cycle. More background on Bond here.

Given the lackluster field in the IL-10 race on the Dem side, and the prospect of facing Bush in a Dem primary for his old job in IL-31, I would not put it past Bond to make a run for Congress (for real, this time), but I guess we'll have to see.

In other news, Dr. Arie Friedman has made official his bid for Susan Garrett's State Senate Seat in the 29th Senate District, and one of his colleagues, Dr. Mark Neerhof, is planning to run against State Representative Karen May. Much more on that race later.


Anonymous said...

TA, Michael Bond has exactly 0 support from local Dems. More than a few of us were happy to see him go down on election night.

Essentially, the establishment (both here and in Springfield) doesn't like him, and he's too conservative to pick up much activist support.

I'm not happy with the field of candidates who will take on Dold, but I can say with confidence Michael Bond is not the way forward.

Anonymous said...

This is a very sad and pathetic field and a real indictment of lauren beth gash's leadership (on top of every other wretched thing she's brought to them and her community the last 20 years). The north shore is one of the best educated parts of the country and has trended strongly democratic. The fact that they are unable to do better than a moderate republican with no political experience or charisma and a 15 year old anti israel socialist in a wealthy educated area says a lot about how badly organized they are.

As I said earlier, the dccc has publicly stated that they started recruiting for this seat last NOVEMBER, and yet 10 months later, neither of the 2 announced candidates has made the lists they circulate to the dc media and top donors of candidates they are strongly backing. Bond would be even worse and good luck with recruiting with obama's poll numbers now falling and a failed recovery.


Anonymous said...

I disagree that Michael has 'zero' support among Democrats in Lake County. His legislative record in Springfield was awesome. Compare his record in the first year to Suzi's and, well, there's no comparison. Suzi has been asleep at the wheel, which could explain recent events. That being said, it doesn't appear Michael will run in the 31st. But to say the establishment doesn't like him is neither true nor relevant. Instead, it appears the field in the 10th is already established. Perhaps Bond is just moving on to other things and we wish him well. Say what you will, Lake County did better with him than under Suzi, in just about every conceivable fashion, including fashion. Melinda Bush is a hard charger and to win, Suzi will still have to get herself under control and try to explain her paltry record to date. Both may prove a challenge.

El Jefe

Anonymous said...

Bond has got to be finished. Major personal integrity issues are now in his baggage. The new 10th is not the old 8th and personal shortcomings will not get by voters this time like Walsh did last time.
I don't take the Dems lightly. New faces and new energy... There has to be a long ball hitter in the waiting. This is their chance in the new "D" leaning 10th and I don't believe they are going to squander that opportunity. At bat is the farm league, on deck is the slugger. Whoever he or she may be is still their advantage.
Gash like Seals best days are for reminiscing on the porch with rockers and iced tea.

Anonymous said...

Foklaes, you refer to one candidate as a "15 year old anti israel socialist." There is no 15 year old in the race, because the U.S. Constitution says representatives must be at least 25. There is no indication that either candidate is "anti israel." The younger candidate just returned from visiting his relatives in Israel. There is no evidence that either candidate is a socialist. So why are you spreading these lies? Is it because if people knew the truth they might vote for one of these candidates? Is it because the candidate you support doesn't really have the business experience he pretends to?

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Michael Bond or Lauren Beth Gash? These past players are not what's important about this article. Dr. Friedman and Dr. Neerhof is what we should be talking about.

Friedman we all know is the most impressive candidate for any office up here in years. He will serve as s great anchor for Neerhof, who I don't know much about, but if he can raise some money and put together a real campaign, Karen May, one if kindest and dumbest people to ever hold office, will be looking for work in 2013.