Monday, August 29, 2011

Republican Assembly of Lake County Serves Up Fun and Food at Annual Picnic; Walsh Won't Run Against Dold

This past weekend, I attended the Republican Assembly of Lake County (RALC) 10th Annual Picnic in Wauconda, and wow, was the weather great! After a summer of too many storms and too much heat and humidity, it seems that we're finally catching a break these last few weeks of summer, and about 100 people attended the RALC event and took advantage of it.

Lots of elected officials and candidates attended, including Congressmen Bob Dold (pictured above getting his custom-made burger) and Joe Walsh, State Senators Suzi Schmidt and Dan Duffy, State Representatives Ed Sullivan, Jr. and Sandy Cole, and many others.

While many elected officials gave lively and energizing speeches, no one was as animated and fired-up as Congressman Joe Walsh, who in addition to firing up the crowd, was emphatic that his fellow Congressman Bob Dold needed to be re-elected and sent back to Congress next term. While Walsh did not say so explicitly, one would think that Walsh's statements at the picnic definitively rules out a run for Walsh in the 10th District GOP primary against Dold. Walsh did not further elaborate on his plans, though he made it pretty clear he thought he was needed back in Washington.

Here's the pix:

Below, State's Attorney Candiate Bryan Winter laughs with ASA Rod Drobinski.

Another State's Attorney candidate and current ASA Louise Hayes is flanked by Mundelein Trustee Ed. Sullivan, Sr. and his son, State Rep. Ed Sullivan, Jr.

Long Grove Mayor Maria Rodriguez, County Board Chairman David Stolman, and State Senator Suzi Schmidt.

Bryan Winter talks with Congressman Bob Dold.

Ed Sullivan, Jr., Bob Cook, and County Board candidate David Pfeifer.

Candidate for County Coroner Steve Newton.

State Rep. candidate Greg Jacobs and State's Attorney candidate Mike Nerheim.

One of TA's biggest fans, Libertyville Committeeman Bob Goodman.

RALC founder Colonel Raymond True gets the program started.

State Senator Dan Duffy fires up the crowd.

The crowd.

GOP County Chairman Bob Cook points out the attending elected officials and candidates.

State Senator Suzi Schmidt and Congressman Joe Walsh.

Yours truly, Team America, with Bob Dold and Green Oaks Trustee Dan Sugrue.


Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

This is always such a great event each year; I'm sorry I couldn't be there!

Anonymous said...

Some very interesting body dynamics in those pictures. Candidates lean in and elected officials lean away.