Thursday, March 8, 2012

IL-10: Brad Schneider Taking Heat for Too-Close-For-Comfort Suggestion of Obama Endorsement (UPDATED)

If you are a Democrat, an Obama endorsement is often seen as the Golden Ticket to a win, and people go to sometimes desperate lengths to get it... or at least appear like they have gotten it. IL-10 hopeful Brad Schneider may well have crossed the line, however, in sending out a mailer that prominently displays the picture of the President in the company of other endorsers, such as former Congresswoman Melissa Bean, the Chicago Tribune and the Daily Herald.

Schneider got called out on this by front-running opponent Ilya Sheyman (who recently won a huge victory (73%) in the 10th Dems straw poll this past weekend), and the story has attracted the attention of Huffington Post and Politico. Our friend Ellen of the Tenth, who is a rabid John Tree supporter, had no love for Schneider before this (giving money to Mark Kirk, as has Schneider, is pretty much the kiss of death in her book), and is now just beside herself.

Check out the mailer, below, and decide for yourself.

As a bonus, click here to see a 10 minute video of the IL-10 Dem hopefuls on WTTW's Chicago Tonight beating the snot out of each other. Keep at it, boys.

UPDATED 3/9/12 5:00 pm: The Daily Herald, via Russell Lissau, is up with their take on the story. Russell gets a couple of choice quotes from the field:

[John] Tree called Schneider’s use of Obama’s image on the flier “deplorable.”

“This blatant attempt by Brad to inflate his own campaign with misleading and patently false associations should be called out for the shameful act that it was,” Tree said in an email.

[Ilya] Sheyman took a shot at Schneider, too.

“It’s disappointing ... Brad Schneider’s campaign would resort to such desperate tactics to mislead the voters of the 10th District,” Sheyman said in an email.

Also noting.... One of my good Democratic friends attended a Brad Schneider fundraiser at a posh Highland Park home the other night. He thought that Schneider, on the whole, was a much better fit for the district and thought that the issue of his donations to Republicans would be a benefit, IF he can emerge victorious in the primary. But he also said that Schneider was a "terrible communicator" and he needed to learn how to cut it short. Apparently Scheider is in love with the sound of his own voice.

My friend did say that if Sheyman was the nominee, he was voting for Dold. Here's hoping there's a lot more like him out there.


Anonymous said...

That 73% straw poll was not a straw poll. It was a popularity contest. A true straw poll would have been conducted by real delegates, the precinct committeeman.

That Conventions was not representative of the real district, the convention was heavily devoid of the new parts of the 10th.

If Sheyman is feeling comfortable with the staged 73%, he is in for a surprise on March 21st.

Anonymous said...

If I could describe that video in 1 word it's phony. I don't know schneider but he spends 10 years donating to republicans, voting in republican primaries and then says he's "a progressive" and they are falling for it? What clowns. Watching him on the tape, he hits so many times I wonder if Sean Hannity is running his campaign. Then I look at his fec report and lo and behold who is running his campaign? A former aide to Ben Cornhusker Kickback I am liberals worst enemy Nelson. Schneider is to the RIGHT of MSK.

Sheyman-pronounced shayman looks like he hasn't hit puberty yet and is to the left of the left wing of his party. Vivek is as big a joke as a bees thought he was and John Tree looks like a deer in headlights who has no idea what he is doing there.

part of me thinks this is all one big silly joke and that in 2 weeks they are going to issue a statementand put forth garrett or someone serious.


Anonymous said...

Don't bet on anyone being forced into this race, Foklaes. What you see is what the voters here in the 10th will get on 3/20. Ilya, while young, will grow old being the commie he is today and forever will be. Tree does resemble someone who looks lost in the clouds. Not sure what to think about Bavda. Brad Schneider married the bosses daughter, couldn't remain in the family business, has bounced around in several jobs. Winners all. Not. That said, this is not a walk in the park for Bob Dold. He and his team need to get out there on 3/21 and let the voters know the verified record of his votes these past 2 years. He is NOT a TeaParty supporter when he's ranked 219 in the House, a position based on actual votes he has cast. Dold needs to gallop along and get his message out there, he needs to make his own case for why he's the best guy for the job. Up against any of the 4 seen in the Channel 11 video I'd still hone my message and get out and about NOW.

Anonymous said...

To summarize in that video the "10th dems choice" schneider 1. Quoted bush's secretary of defense on what the us should do in the middle east-wasn't that the reason you all wanted kirk gone-or was it just because lauren beth gash was bitter mark crushed her. 2. is a financial services professional-which is what you are supposed to be against . 3. ripped occupy wall street. 4. ripped twice even though it was the reason the democrats took back congress in 2006 and won the white house in 2010. 5. said he would be willing to accept the support of superpacs even though the 10th dems key party plank is supporting campaign finance reform and taking big money out of politics 6. has donated more money to prolife candidates than any republican congressman in the history of the 10th district. 7. voted in the republican primary in 2002-which means he did not support lisa madigan and did not support dick durbin.

If schneider is your nominee maybe we should start calling the 10th dems the 10th republicans B team.


Anonymous said...


I hear that Mitt will be in town tonight, are you going to be there?

I've been on a bit of comment hiatus of late as GOP primary articles don't do much for me. Arie and Turelli are to the right of crazy, but I don't much want to pick a fight on here about it.

My thoughts on Schneider and Sheyman is that Ilya is way out of his league and is costing the Dems a proper shot at Dold. Schneider has real experience in the business world and can beat Dold on his favorite issues: the economy and Israel. Sheyman's brand of liberalism does not fit with this district and he flat out does not have the experience to be a Congressman. Beating Bingo Bob is already a tall order given incumbency and his financial advantage, but Sheymans stunt isn't doing Dems any favors. I'm voting Schneider and will be happy to defend his record here against Bob Dold (R-Pest Control Industry).

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial