Friday, March 2, 2012

Turelli-Neerhof 58th Legislative District Tussle Gets Media Attention

As we have been reporting lately, the GOP primary battle between Lauren Turelli and Dr. Mark Neerhof has been progressively escalating in the past couple weeks, with Turelli challenging Neerhof's stance on Medicaid and Neerhof's personal interest in protecting such payments (given that Neerhof is a physician), and with Neerhof firing back at Turelli's claimed educational credentials and casting aspersions on Turelli's truthfulness in representing her coursework at the prestigious Cambridge University.

A new piece in The Patch, by one of its editors, is highly critical of Turelli and outlines the Neerhof campaign attack on her credibility. Sometimes when you read a piece like this, you wonder if it is just a plant from the opposing campaign (which kind of pieces The Patch seems to post all the time), but this one is by one of The Patch's editors and seems legit. It appears to be just another case of the Mainstream Media picking up on a story from your own Team America Blog. But since they gave us a link in their story, we could hardly avoid mentioning it, could we?


Anonymous said...

I'd figure you'd mention the candidate forum in Round Lake Beach tonight.
Not surprized that the News Sun didn't have anything on it though.
It's for county dist. 3, 6, 16.
31st senate, and 10th cong. dist.
both repub & dem candidates attending.

Anonymous said...

TA, if true, this is indeed a bad development for Turelli. I was the Republican nominee for State Rep back in 2008 for the 58th District. The allegations that Turelli potentially inflated credentials is distubring, as is the allegation that I read today in the linked article that Sec of State White's photo was used to make it appear there was an endorsement where none existed. This is, if true, an outrage and in my opinion reason enough to vote to Dr. Neerhof. I am shocked by these allegations. If true, we should hold our own candidates to the same scrutiny we hold the other party. I seem to recall much space (rightfully so) given to the claims that Dan Seels inflated his teaching credentials and it seems we have an endorsement issue dogging Brad Schneider. There is no way a damaged Republican candidate can win this seat. What is going on here. Where is the House republican Organization on this? Voters should do their research and make an informed decision here.

Tim Stratton