Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Rainy Day Can't Keep the Republican Faithful Away at the RALC Picnic

While the skies looked threatening, and off-and-on rain ruled most of the afternoon, the Republican Assembly of Lake County still had a great turnout for its annual summer picnic.  I give most of the credit to Doreen True, wife of RALC founder Ray True, for organizing a great event, though in truth many folks always pitch in to make it a great event.  While a few heavy GOP hitters were down in Tampa (so much for going to Florida to escape the rain in Chicago) such as State Senator Dan Duffy, and State Representatives Sid Mathias and Ed Sullivan, many other elected officials and candidates, and many enthusiastic grass-roots Republicans braved the rain to savor brats and political discussion.

A few notables such as Keith Brin, Candidate for Circuit Court Clerk, escaped my trusty Blackberry's picture function, but here's the pix I was able to snag::

Above is Recorder of Deeds Candidate Bob Bednar.  His goal is to be a fiscal watchdog and wants to explore increasing the efficiency (and perhaps even the necessity) for the Office of Recorder of Deeds.

Lake County Chairman Bob Cook, now in his second term, fires up the crowd. 

As usual, there was plenty of good food to go around. 

Judge Daniel Shanes got a big hand; Dan is running for Circuit Judge in the 3rd Judicial Subcircuit (some or all of Mundelein, Vernon Hills, Buffalo Grove, Lincolnshire, and a few other areas).
David McSweeny is running for State Rep in the 52nd Legislative District (Mark Beaubein's old district). 

Don Castella is taking on Terry Link in the 30th Senate District. 

Michael Carbone is running for County Board, 16th District. 

Here's Judge Dan Shanes and County Board Chairman David Stolman of Buffalo Grove enjoying the picnic. 

Steve Newton is the most qualified candidate for Lake County Coroner, according the highly-respected former coroner Barbara Richardson, who spoke enthusiastically about Steve.

Tom Weber is running for County Board, District 3.


Anonymous said...

TA - good to see you and great pix. You do need to be careful when cropping or editing pictures as they could send the wrong message. Check the banner above Steve Newton..."Republican Ass... of Lake County" lol :) Trebor of Libertyville

Anonymous said...

LOL...even Dems like Steve Newton. Now if that crop had appeared above Bednar, Weber or Carbone then there may be something to write about.
As a Republican, I cringe at the thought of Tea Party Candidates working there way into office.

Anonymous said...

An earlier comment stated the following: "As a Republican, I cringe at the thought of Tea Party Candidates working there way into office."

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? This guy must have strayed WAY off the (Ronald Reagan) Ranch! Read the Republican Party Platform...then read the pronouncements of much of the Tea Party. Any difference? (Answer: No).

This person must re-assess just which political Party they most belong in... A current problem in the Republican Party is we have to fight with so many of these RINOs that we're unnecessarily exhausted to then fight the Dems in November! Leave us in peace, good sir. Leave us in peace...

Anonymous said...

Joe Walsh vs Ronald Reagan
Randy Hultgren vs Ronald Reagan
Bob Dold vs Ronald Reagan

Not even close!