Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Big Team America Welcome to the 10th District Common Sense Blog!

Hi everyone!  Sorry it's been a long while since my last post.  The summer and my job have swept me away from regular posts.  The pick of Paul Ryan for VP means that the November election season is really about to get going now, though, so maybe I will get back to blogging more regularly.

For now, though, I want to encourage everyone to check out the brand new 10th District "Common Sense in Illinois' 10th" blog that has been started by my good friend and regular Team America commentor Lou Atsaves.  I have no doubt that it's going to be a great addition to free speech and intelligence political discourse here in the 10th!

Welcome to Common Sense!


WUDAS said...

It's pretty sad that Atsaves refuses to post comments offering a different opinion than his own. Wasn't that what he complained Ellen was doing?

10th a changin said...

Common Sense is not a common virtue with LA.

Anonymous said...

TA -

Great to have you back blogging - it was way too long that you were "off the air."

Hope you have had a good summer so far

Trebor of Libertyville

Louis G. Atsaves said...

Thanks TA for the plug. Much appreciated. We are still working on a number of bells and whistles on the new blog so be patient.

To respond to a few snipers who have found the site, all discussion will be open so long as it is focused on what is posted. Comments are being moderated and opposing opinions will be respected, so long as it pertains to the subject and sticks to the subject. We plan to be fair with comments. For those planning to hijack the discussion, they will be frustrated. For those who join in the discussion, even with a contrary view, they will be welcomed.

Ellen is free to continue what she is doing on her blog and is free to bar me, TA and others for any reason she wants. We plan on being different. We will push hard to make sure the Republican message is heard.

WUDAS said...

Gee, Louis, I actually read Fund and Spakovky's book and then posted a comment relating their findings to the conduct of our own Lake County Clerk. I guess you're too afraid of the facts when the election irregularities exist at home and are fostered by one of your own GOP anointees. I actually took great pains to connect her conduct to the three main themes of the book. You failed to post my comment for the same reason you started your own blog. You're a much better pitcher of partisan, pedestrian pith than a vehicle for common sense. Your need for an echo chamber is sad.

Louis G. Atsaves said...

Gee WUDAS, if can show me how Willard Helander was involved in the 2008 Minnesota voter fraud which affected the U.S. Senate Race won by Al Frankin, I'll post your comment.

You will notice the Fund and Spakovky book do not mention Willard in that chapter of their book.

Those who attempt diversions from the posted topics at hand will have to realize that they will need to stick to the subject. Including you.

WUDAS (What's Up Doc Atsaves Slayer) said...

Oh boy. My bad, Louis. I thought you'd actually read the book. Silly me. You just regurgitated the same excerpts and summations from other blogs on yours.

You were just repeating a general observation and adding the all-inclusive dummy-tag of 'just sayin' on the end of it. Okay, I get it.

Here I thought you were actually looking for real-time, real-life common sense.

But it's something a lot less, isn't it, Louis? Just nasty little regurgitated rants you can shout from across the school yard, then quickly plug your ears and hum to drown out everything else.

Well, good luck with that. Perfect for the Lake County Tea Party's voice of reason.