Monday, June 25, 2012

Illinois Democrat Candidate Brad Schneider Supports Raising Taxes by $2.5 Billion in Illinois’ 10th District

From the Illinois Republican Party....

Illinois Democrat Candidate Brad Schneider Supports Raising Taxes by $2.5 Billion in Illinois’ 10th District

CHICAGO – Democrat Brad Schneider running in Illinois’ 10th Congressional District, supports raising taxes $2.5 billion in his district alone with the elimination of the 2001 & 2003 and payroll tax cuts at the end of this year.

This week, the Heritage Foundation released statistics on the additional burden the expiration of the current tax cuts would have on Illinois.  According to the group’s calculations, beginning Jan. 1, 2013 the 10th District’s taxes would more than double for families, totaling more than $7,605 per return.

Illinois Democrats have a strong history of creating hostile tax environments for businesses and workers, the latest being a 67 percent increase in the personal income tax rate and a 46 percent increase in taxes on businesses.  These increased taxes have encouraged other states including Wisconsin, Indiana and New Jersey to recruit businesses and employees out of the state in high numbers.  

“Now is not the time to be adding to the financial saddle already weighing down local families and businesses,” said Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady.  “Brad Schneider foolishly believes triggering the largest tax increase in history is a good idea for not only the residents of the 10th District, but for all Americans.  We don’t need Springfield policies in Washington, and that’s what Brad is purposing we do.”

“The fact is uncertainty due to this added taxation has inhibited businesses from hiring, which has restricted families for being able to plan for their futures effectively, and flawed policy stances held by candidates like Brad Schneider are exactly why we need fiscally responsible leaders in office,” added Brady.

Where Schneider Stands on Taxation:

•         Schneider believes in ending the 2001 & 2003 tax cuts.  (source:

•         Schneider believes in the philosophy of wealth redistribution and his answer to improving the tax code is to create a “progressive tax” system rather than broad-based personal and corporate tax reforms that reduce the burdens on the few and ensure all Americans have a stake in the country.  (source: Glencoe News)



Anonymous said...

Brad Schneider wants to spend more, tax more and borrow more. No thank you.

Anonymous said...

Brad who?

strat said...

Same here. Need to spend time reading this.

Anonymous said...

Instead of all of this "working together" stuff, I want to see this from the Dold campaign not just Pat Brady.

Anonymous said...

If we are ever going to tackle tot deficit, we have to generate revenue. Time to go back to the rates of the 90s.
Schneider calls em as he sees him. Good on him! It is about time we elect representatives who aren't afraid to tell it like it is instead of kissing babies, cutting cakes and introducing "soft-ball" legislation in an election year to pander to an electorate.

Anonymous said...

Brad Schneider wants to raise everyone's taxes to fund the billions of additional spending he thinks we need.

He has no plans ot reduce the deficit.

He just wants to take dollars from middle class families because he thinks the federal government knows better how to spend their hard-earned money than they do.

Anonymous said...

If increased revenues are so good, how about we just take 100% of people's income. Then our economy will BOOM!!

Louis G. Atsaves said...

A 40% reduction in wealth the past four years according to our own federal government. And Schneider supports an average of $7,500 per household increase in federal income taxes? On top of the average $1,500 clubbing we just took from the State of Illinois when they raised personal income taxes from 3% to 5%?

Add the additional nickel and dining fee and tax increases of Democrats this year and where in the world do they expect the average taxpayer to find an additional $10,000 in tax payments?

Anonymous said...

NEWS FLASH for Team America. This blog is for Illinois's 10th District, not Alabama's 3rd District. The reason why people in the 10th District are largely moderates is because they want excellent schools. They want good roads. They want nice forest preserves and park districts. They want a strong military. They want federal funding for the arts, for scientific exploration, for energy solutions.

The 10th District is NOT a Tea Party district. It's a Rockefeller Republican district (now more of an Evan Bayh/Ben Nelson Democratic district.

I moved to a part of Wilmette that was two blocks outside the Tenth District for one primary reason: Good public schools. That is important. Really important. So important that Wilmette was only one of two out of about 30 towns that APPROVED of a tax increase to fund a school shortfall thanks to decreased money from the State.

People in Wilmette, Winnetka, Glencoe, Highland Park, Lake Forest--they want good things and they realize they have to pay for them. They're not free.

With this post, you have fundamentally misunderstood the motivation of the District. And all we're talking about is going back to the tax rates that we had under Clinton (and Bush 41 and REAGAN!! (gasp) too). If the 1990s tax rates were good enough for Reagan (and Porter and Kirk), they should be good enough for you.

Hey, I'm a moderate Democrat. I want to see Schneider win. So play up the Tea Party card all you want. But you play it at your own peril.

Anonymous said...

King (?) Louis:

"Average" tax increase means nothing. When there are people living near the Lake in Kenilworth, Winnetka, Glencoe and Lake Forest whose annual incomes are 10 or 20 million or more, they will be paying hundreds of thousands (if not millions) more in taxes. That means that the person living in Arlington Heights or Palatine might see an increase of maybe $250.

Oh, and by the way, most of the people I know who make that much don't really want to pay more in taxes, but they are a lot less against them than the people who will pay little or no more in taxes. You know why: They have tons of money. Taking home 11 million a year instead of 12 doesn't sting all that much.

So save us the misleading "average" doomsday scenario.

Anonymous said...

If Schneider takes the hard-earned money from 10th District families to pay for volumes of new federal government spending, then there will be less money available for the people of the 10th to fund the high-quality schools that we demand. One doens't have ot be "Tea Party" to think that families and local communities are better able to set their own priorities than Washongton, D.C.

A. Bees said...

Hmmm...according to this site:

It appears you should have moved to Kenilworth for grade school and middle school and then New Trier for high school...assuming that schools were the most important issue. Oh and that would have you living inside the 10th. Just sayin.

A. Bees said...

Oh and news flash, the people of the 10th, by and large, do pay for good schools and services. They don't necessarily want to choose to pay more for those services because they are spending at a rate far outside of inflation. Yes, there are some struggling school districts in the 10th, but in reality, the 10th has one of the best public education bases in the nation.

We live in a state where our governor campaigned on increasing the income tax rate by 1 percent, then doubled it, then increased spending and is STILL running at a significant deficit. Additionally the state has one of the WORST public pension situations in the nation.

Plain and simple, who the heck wants to throw more money, that we don't necessarily have in our pockets, at a bloated government more interested in giveaways to secure votes, than in actual structural planning around repairing our fiscal problems?

Anonymous said...

A. Bees: I looked at the SchoolDigger website. Looking at the comparison between the Sears School and my kids' school--McKenzie--there is essentially no difference. They are both ranked as "5"s. And their test scores, student-teacher ratios, etc., are essentially identical. Sears School is a great school. So are all the schools in Wilmette.

And I agree with you and others that Gov. Quinn has been a disaster. If the Republicans run a sane (i.e., not hard-right candidate), I'll vote for that candidate in a second over Quinn. And I don't want my tax money to pay for bloated programs. But the northshore schools are not bloated. They are well-run. What is bloated is our military budget. I'm happy to pay for the U.S. to have far-and-away the best armed services on the earth. But there's tremendous waste there. There's tremendous waste in a lot of places in government. No new government workers should be getting a pension--any pension!! Period. Full stop.

But additional revenues from rolling back the Bush tax cuts can be used to pay down the debt and deficit, which is something the Republicans keep clamoring about. The only way to pay down the debt and deficit is either to cut government programs, many of which are good. (I like paved roads!) Or we can raise revenues. Or we could do both--something that the sensible center (i.e., people like me) favor.

Anonymous said...

Hey...I only make a little over 100K and I say it is ok for me to give a little more.

Anonymous said...

Hey... Feel free to give a lot more. There is a contribution site for tr IRS. Heck, give it all to the government.

Louis G. Atsaves said...

$100,000.00? So you are OK with giving up $6,450.00 in taxes to the IRS next year when the tax cuts expire? And you were OK with giving the State of Illinois an extra $2,000.00 this year in income taxes for the "once in a lifetime" temporary tax increase that will expire in 5 years? (Like the tollway!) Add the new taxes and fees piled on by Springfield this legislative session and nearly 10% of your income goes into the pocket of big government.

Hey dude, if that makes you happy, and if you think that will make the rest of the 10th Congressional District voters happy or those voters residing in the 29th State Senate District or 58th State Legislative District, then be sure to tell everyone what their potential "bottom lines" are when those tax cuts expire and new federal taxes are then heaped upon all those State of Illinois taxes that were imposed upon us just after the last gubernatorial election.

But I know the counter argument. Only the "rich" will get taxed, folks making $100,000 will be spared. That didn't happen in with our beloved Illinois Government run by Democrats. What makes you think it will still happen on a Federal level when a simple expiration takes place?

A. Bees said...

You seriously want to take more money away from the military and military families? These are the folks who have voluntarily put their lives on the line for each of us. And they are some of the most poorly paid citizens, thank you Pres. Clinton. (Pres Clinton changed the entire military pay structure) Think I'm exaggerating? Try this article from Stars and Stripes, that shows $88 million is spend on FOOD STAMPS for military families.

It disgusts me when people talk about spending more and more money on social programs to the detriment of the US military. They should be our nation's most valued and beloved community, but instead we dump on them and try to find ways to pull from their funding. Regardless of the fact that the military families suffer and our men and women in uniform are always in need of safer equipment.

So let's follow your lead, cut military funding. who cares if military families are on food stamps and who cares if our troops have armored Humvees in the war zone.

As long as you don't have to see a food stamp family in your grocery store and your kids have new school computers every other year. And of course let's protect the bloated six figure incomes that our standard teachers receive and their full pensions that they will have when they retire at 55.

I seriously don't know how you look yourself in the mirror each morning.

Anonymous said...

You know, it's telling that Obama's and most democrat approval ratings/polling results are in the neighborhood of 47%. That's the percentage that pays NO federal taxes. Hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

A. Bees: I said "cut military spending." I did not say "cut pay to members of the military." I'm not in favor of the latter. I'm against it. They should be paid more. They should get more benefits as veterans--something the Republican leadership opposes. I would like to cut our bloated military budget. We have too many U.S. bases, too many overseas bases and way too much spending on weaponry that is designed to fight conventional warfare against the USSR, which, last I check, doesn't exist anymore.


That is crazy. We're subsidizing Europe and all our allies. I'd rather take a third of that money and spend it on schools in the North Shore and elsewhere to ensure that the next generation of Americans can continue to lead the world.

I guess those are the feelings that allow me to look in the mirror in the morning. That and I'm extremely good looking.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:33-

Hear, hear! Bees' reference to cutting benefits to serving members and military families at the mere mention of reductions in spending is cheap hyperbole and demonstrates a lack of respect for those serving the line and their families. The fat of the military budget, which Bees protects by his cheap theatrics, sucks the resources from those very servicemen and families that exist at the tip of the sword.

I'd say shame on him, but around here, that's like saying 'Bad Dog!' to a turtle. Shame is just not something they feel.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Any word on the quarterly fundraising results for the 10th District?

Anonymous said...

Dold raised 750k, schnieder raised 500k-way behind what the pup used to raise. Dold has $2 million on hand and probably another $3-7 million coming in koch/Rove reinforcements. Schneider has the $2 million that the pup got in 08 and 10 already programmed from the dccc. I think Dold aside from the tea party craziness on the debt ceiling or a redistricting overturn by the courts and the kirk healthscare which will keep MSK on the sidelines this fall has gotten a pretty decent deal. Obama's base is depressed, Romney, unlike palin santorum, newt, et al won't be as bad at the top of the ticket and schneider is as weak an opponent as you can get. Word out of dc is that his campaign team is the gutter loser leftovers and their resumes are pretty awful-which is what you'd expect. Maybe Lis Smith-last spotted helping corzine get blown out, patrick mogge, that wretched feminazi hack nancy kohn, the programmer who lives in his moms basement whose name I forgot TA destroyed in 09 and the rest of team pup can reunite and help scheinder-herebye dubbed big bird because he resembles the the 2 legged awkward yellow friend-get his 49.1 percent.

Big Bird Schneider's benedict arnold behavior to me is fascinating. Were there rumbles that he was an MSK traitor in prior campaigns? Did anyone else know this gangly mediocre disgrace was planning to turn tail and switch teams? How many more traitors are there in the KFS midst?I'm ok with democrats betraying their party and leaving the sorry bunch of losers to join the ILGOP, we're more than happy to take refugees, but how many more are there like big bird schneider who are just along for the ride before they end up political double agents and return to the lefty's.

Anon, thanks for joining us on catwoman's issues, we figured that one out 7 years ago.

Botox you should read this site like it's your political bible and check every 6 hours. Kirk hired the tribune's only local political reporter so they have no staff, huffington post is communist, the daily herald led by the indefatigable russell lissau and super young kerry lester get every single story idea/leak from this site. Shira Toeplitz, a badly aging roll call falling star also gets her inside baseball from team america's blog. If you read this, you've read everything.

Fan of King Louis Astaves Ellen Alexi Pup and (soon to be schneider aka big bird) Slayer

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

KFS-Kirk For Senate.


Anonymous said...

Did you see the Ellen of the 10th blog where she denigrates those who do to military academies?

From Ellen responding to Dold's constituent service email:
From Dold's email:
"Military Service Academy Nominations
Is your son or daughter interested in attending one of our military service academies? Your Northbrook office can assist in obtaining a nomination to the Naval, Air Force, Merchant Marine, or Military Academies. Click here or call Eric at 847-272-0404."
Ellen's response:
"You're fault you cannot afford to send the rug rats to a real college, so if they can't draw Sparky on the matchbook, you better get them in the military. If we don't kill your kid in a war with Iran, at least he'll (or she'll) be able to commit suicide a hero."

Wow, Brad Schneider and his communications team is twisted.