Monday, June 18, 2012

Arie Friedman’s Opponent Julie Morrison Questions The Relevance of His Military Service

I got an advanced copy of this press release that is going out tomorrow from the Arie Friedman for State Senate campaign:

Friedman’s opponent questions the relevance of his military service

June 19, 2012

Highland Park – In an article published Monday morning by the Deerfield Patch, State Senate Candidate Julie Morrison (D-Deerfield) claimed that Dr. Arie Friedman (R-Highland Park) “has never been responsible to citizens and taxpayers.”

“By questioning the relevance of my experience Mrs. Morrison displays an unfortunate naiveté about the nature of military service,” said Friedman. “Only a full-time career politician would believe that a retired Desert Storm Naval Aviator has never held a position of public trust and accountability.”

During his active duty Naval Aviation career, Dr. Friedman logged thousands of hours and hundreds of shipboard landings as a helicopter pilot and deployed twice including once to Operation Desert Storm.

Morrison went on to tout her experience as a career politician. “I know what it’s like to be accountable to taxpayers and my opponent does not. I know how to balance a budget.”

Dr. Friedman stated in response, “I think Mrs. Morrison has an odd way of demonstrating her belief that she is accountable to the voters. Over a period of several months, Mrs. Morrison has refused to take a position on whether she would have supported last year’s record-setting Illinois state income tax increases.”

“A few months ago we released a video of my opponent repeatedly refusing to take a position on the tax increase,” said Friedman. “How can you be accountable to taxpayers if you refuse to tell them where you stand on the issues?”

According to her own 2011 - 2012 budget, Mrs. Morrison’s West Deerfield Township spent $1.6 million dollars despite only receiving $1 million in revenue. As a result of this, the township’s reserves were drastically depleted. Friedman commented, “If I ran my medical practice that way, my doors would be closed within a month. Illinois can’t afford any more of this Rod Blagojevich style math.”

The video “Julie on Taxes” can be found at this link.


Anonymous said...

TA, I don't see the link to the video.

Anonymous said...

Here's the link. It cracks me up every time :)

Team America said...

Fixed that now.

Anonymous said...

OK, what does flying a helicopter have to do with moving legislation through the Illinois House? Nothing, so far as I can see.

Anonymous said...

What does running a food pantry have to do with moving legislation through the house? Nothing, as far as I can see.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and that video is hilarious. Who is this person? How long has she been sucking at the public teat? 14 years? Gack!

Anonymous said...

Relevance to Military Service is a spin. This article has nothing to do with military experience. Both candidates have an experience of service. One elected by people to run a form of government, and one who volunteered to serve our nation first as a naval aviator and now a pediatrician.
I see no questioning of relevance.

Precinct Committeewoman said...

So let me get this straight. Whatshername claims that spending 14 years nominally supervising an anonymous and worthless branch of government prepares her mentally and morally for the shark pit of Springfield? I just went and read her bio - the idea that she's even qualified to supervise a township (whatever that is) is pretty funny. Basically, she hasn't spent a minute in the private sector. No wonder she's under water fiscally.

Also interesting is the question of Morrison's pension. Seems like she's going to hit her 20 in four or five years. That makes her, what, 59 when she's eligible for a full state retirement? Well, I guess running a glorified food pantry (and slurping at the public trough) for a couple of decades is hard work - wears you out early and all that.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure we should laugh or cry when hearing Morrison's non-position on taxes. No, Julie, it's NOT a trick question and YES, Julie, if you want to be a real candidate, take and make a position known. Not sure what position she held when she was a staffer for former Congressman John Porter. We do know that she became a Democrat to keep her position as West Deerfield Twp Supervisor. I'm still trying to understand what her job entails other than the food bank. I hope we can have some issue related debates between Arie and Julie in the near future. From the video, she appears to be not informed, ill informed or just plain not the least bit interested in stating a position. Kind of reminds me of a guy who once was an IL State Senator before he hood winked our nation into that hope and change craziness.

What's Up Doc? said...

I really love this Tea Party tactic of asking someone how they would have voted on previous issues or legislation. Joe Walsh used it in his debate with Tammy and then cried victory. How would Friedman have voted when Pate Philip agreed to start borrowing from the pension funds? Would Joe Walsh have voted to impeach Nixon? How far back should these questions go? Welcome to the cheap, high school debate. Way to elevate the discussion, boys and girls!

So Friedman's military service counts as accountability to the electorate? So, Friedman's to blame for $800 crescent wrenches? He's to blame for the cover-up of the killing of Pat Tillman?

Hey Doc? Explain how your service demonstrates accountability as opposed to responsibility. I absolutely appreciate your service and mean no disrespect to you or anyone wearing or having worn the uniform. But there IS a difference between accountability and responsibility. You were RESPONSIBLE. But, by the code of military conduct, you were accountable only to your superior officers, the President of the United States, and the Constitution. I worry about someone running for office who can fudge the issue of accountability. Its in the Code, Doc. You had to know it then. You can't fudge it now.

Anonymous said...

What's up Doc,

That may be the most asinine post in the history of this blog. Seriously.

What's Up Doc? said...

Pish posh....

Louis G. Atsaves said...

It's a Tea Party tactic to ask someone how they would have voted in a certain situation? While Democrats use that tactic all the time?

My, the Democratic panic has set in big time!

Anonymous said...

I actually think What's up Doc was writing satire. It's the only logical explanation.

Anonymous said...

King Louis....fact is far from panic

Anonymous said...

How about the fact that Julie's township has recently been sending out taxpayer funded mailers to voters who don't live in the district but - coincidentally - do live in the 29th State Senate District? And that these mailers are extremely complimentary to Julie?

Anonymous said...

Shame on you Julie Morrison. You truly have been drinking too much of the democrat kool-aid. To think you worked for former Congressman John Porter and now you are no better then the rest of your party.

B&B's Mom

Anonymous said...

I asked what flying a helicopter has to do with passing legislation. The only response was a bunch of attacks on Friedman's opponent. No one answered what flying a helicopter has to do with passing legislation. If the answer is that being in the military makes someone qualified for any government job, then why even have political debates - we can just turn the government over to the military, like in other countries.

Anonymous said...

Another astonishingly inane and ignorant response. Do a bit of reading about what it means to be a Naval Officer before you let your ignorance show. I suggest Herman Wouk's books as a staring point.

Precinct Committeeman said...

Wait, wait, I think you're being too hard on anon 7:33. In reality, I think we have a cultural divide here. Whereas most Americans look at Dr. friedman's military record and see someone who has proven his trustworthiness and courage, 7:33 probably sees a pawn of the military-industrial complex. Probably a baby killer, in face. On the other hand, 7:33 probably admires Morrison's willingness to break election rules to accumulate power. In face, most of us would look at Morrison's contributors as a rogues gallery of public employee unions and trial lawyers, 7:33 probably sees that as some sort of #OWS badge of honor. Basically, we're trying to explain color to a blind person here.

What's Up Doc? said...

Louis: "While Democrats use that tactic all the time?"

What? Did you mean that as a question or, what?

Bloviate a little for us, Louis, about '06, '08, '10? Which Democratic candidate used the, "How would you have voted" on a particular, decided issue.

Morrison could have handled the ambush better. But, let's hear from the Doc on this. What cuts would he have made to the 2011 budget to get within, say, 20% of the shortfall? Be specific now, since the documents are all there, this should be an easy one. It would be nice to know how he would have avoided the tax increase. Or, is he just going to be standing on the sidelines pointing his finger as per the rest of the GA Tea-OP?

What's Up Doc? said...

Anon 8:01:

You suggest Herman Wouk's books? Why not the Code of Military Conduct that clearly and unequivocally defines an officer's responsibilities and accountability. There's nothing in there about accountability to the public. In fact, that's inconsistent with a modern military structure. An officer is accountable to his commander and so on up the line to the President of the United States. Quit trying to play this as a lack of understanding of a Naval Officer's duties or a disrespect of his service. Overreaching the scope of one's responsibilities is, by the way, an honor code violation at the US Naval Academy, if the cadet is using it for his or her advantage. Friedman's press release comes very close to that line, a line Senator Kirk knows all too well about. Had he been a plebe, he would have gone before the mast for his claims.

Oh, and, you'd be surprised if you knew how Herman Wouk viewed the Republican party. I was sitting in a bar in St. Thomas reading Thomas Cutler's Battle of Leyte Gulf when Wouk sat down next to me. We spent the next three hours talking about books, the navy in WWII, politics, and lawyers. I still think that the cross-examination of Capt. Queeg was one of the best written or filmed courtroom scenes ever. He was impressed that I not only read but recalled every volume of Morison's history. He disagreed with me that Guadalcanal was the turning point in the battle of the Pacific, not Midway, but, whatever. He also said that the Reagan campaign against Carter was deplorable and that Oliver North should have been shot for treason. On that we agreed.

Be careful who you name-drop, anon. Wouk doesn't speak to the envelope of honor and responsibilities of an officer, especially in the Desert Storm era. Read Rick Atkinson for that.

And Precinct Committman? That baby-killer remark was disgusting. That is a cheap and deplorable tactic. Try as you might to dumb-down the discussion, reasonable people can disagree with honor. You, however, lack it with that remark.

Anonymous said...

Precinct Committeeman,
Please show a little more respect for and understanding of people who have visual limitations, and other persons with handicaps and disabilities. Many blind people understand colors just fine, because they weren't always blind.

What's Up Doc? said...

Okay, now that really was an 'asinine' comment, Precinct Committeeman.

You said, "Basically, we're trying to explain color to a blind person here."

You were speaking metaphorically. You were using the disability of blindness as a metaphor. That's not looked upon with as much disdain and disgust as calling someone, say, 'retarded,' but it is, nonetheless using sightlessness as a metaphor. And then you post the above nonsense?

Just like Louis, you tepidly deflect with acrid little attempts at humor. No go, PC. I call you on your 'baby-killer' remark. I call that remark loathsome. I call you un-American for it. And now I call you unable to respond in an honorable fashion to the issue at hand. Like Louis, when you're wrong you go to sniping and claims of 'panic' or tin-foil hats. You clearly demonstrate the moral, intellectual and cultural depravity of the Lake County GO-Tea Party. Precinct Committeeman's 8:16 and 9:54 comments also demonstrate the low-brow, impotence of Friedman's campaign. This is exactly how Friedman will lose by 12 points. But keep it up, PC. You're just stacking ammo.

What's Up Doc? said...

My bad. The 9:54 wasn't a PC comment. But I stand at PC's original loathsomeness. I stand at his un-American-ness. But I read too quickly. I need to not post comments and check on responses on the way out the door. Sorry. If it's any consolation, I made myself late. Go figure.

Precinct Committeeman said...

Zowie. I think y'all need to get jobs...

What's Up Doc? said...

Got one. But thanks for proving the point of my slightly inaccurate post, PC. You went right for the slight, because your comment was indefensible. Classic impotence. Epic fail.

Precinct Committeeman said...

I'm not sure being an #OWS Axelrod funded AstroTurfer counts as having an actual job.

Louis G. Atsaves said...

Silly me. I always thought those in the armed services of the United States were representative of and accountable to the United States of America. Thus, an ordinary citizen, the President of the USA, is Chief of the Armed Forces.

Now I find out they are not accountable to anyone for their actions save for their immediately superior officer? And this all comes from a three hour discussion in a St. Louis area bar?

Lots of military guards in WWII death camps in Europe tried that defense out. Didn't work for any of them. And our military has many instances of servicemen being held accountable for their actions over the year.

Sorry What's Up. Looks like you may have overstated your case again.

Now go back to my Tea Party question and answer it, instead of talking around it.

What's Up Doc? said...

Wait, so, this was your question?

"It's a Tea Party tactic to ask someone how they would have voted in a certain situation? While Democrats use that tactic all the time?"

Really? Okay, here are your answers:

Yes. And I already gave examples.

And, no. Give some examples, Louis.

Yeesh, are you drinking now, Louis? You seemed to have missed some stuff here.

Herman Wouk lived in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands until his wife passed away last year and he moved to Florida. Not familiar with one of Amerca's great authors, Louis? Go figure. An anon suggested someone read Herman Wouk to understand a serving officer. I related my conversation with Wouk as an aside and to show that he was none to fond of your 'God-like' Ronald Reagan.

I clearly and repeatedly stated that the Code of Military Conduct defines the Constitutional position of an officer in the military. A serving officer is NOT accountable to the electorate. The Commander In Chief is. I'm hoping you were just being glib and not utterly ignorant like your buddy Precinct Committeeman. And you demonstrate your lack of understanding of the defenses raised in the Nuremburg trials. The claim there was that merely 'following orders' was a sufficient defense to an alleged war crime. If you weren't so intoxicated or, in love with your own pretzel logic, you'd have picked up on that. Actually, the current Officer's Code of Conduct for the Bundeswehr also includes an element of 'Good Conscious' in determining the accountability for every soldier's conduct. The US Armed Forces has no such reference. But none of this relates to the extent of Friedman's accountability TO THE ELECTORATE. His press release over-reaches that accountability.

You, well, you just need to sleep it off, Louis. You're either intoxicated, Louis, or just being intentionally obtuse.

And you, Precinct Committeeman, seem too dense to pick up on indicated timelines. Your statements read like some punk college Republican, too stupid and self-involved to have any relevance.

Not only am I clearly far older than you, I'm pretty sure I make more than you, have made more than you, and will continue to make more than you for the foreseeable future. Apparently anyone can be a GO-Tea Party Committeeman in Lake County. Even bugs.

Precinct Committeman said...

Snore. I think Axlerod needs to ask you for a refund. The AstroTurf is turning a bit brown around here lately.

Louis G. Atsaves said...

What's Up, I'd tell you to chill out but your personal attacks speak volumes about your failed arguments.

Officers of the armed forces have been held accountable over the years. In THIS country, the military answers to the electorate. You clearly feel differently. In other places of the world, that isn't true.

Sorry you don't understand this concept that has made our Nation so great and has prevented even a hint of a military dictatorship over a history of well-over 200 years. I'll stick to the Constitution. You stick to your award winning author.

Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize while waging war on multiple fronts, including expanding the Afghanistan conflict, and sending drones to bomb enemy. Sometimes awards aren't the true measure of what is truly factual out there.

You are sounding like the late, not so great Spiro T. Agnew. Big words. Snide attacks on anyone who confronts his nonsense. Remember his famous "nattering nabobs of negatism?" And look what happened to him!

Whats Up Doc said...

Louis, I hear you're a lawyer, but apparently not a very good one. Your client base must be the one's referred by the Lake County Go-Tea Party and don't know any better alternative. Might I recommend Chris Kennedy instead? Your post above was moronic, at best.

Take ten minutes and call Professor Michael Spak at IIT Chicag-Kent: (312) 906-5022. But be forewarned, he doesn't suffer morons very well. Officers and enlisted men are governed by the Code of Military Justice and not, I repeat, not civil law. The Code of Military Conduct, clearly and explicitly sets forth the nature and extent of accountability of officers and enlisted men and woman. You just really aren't clicking, here. You're on some kind of a binge, perhaps?

"My" award winning author had nothing to do with the nature of Dr. Friedman's over-reaching press release. Are the words on the page too blurry for you now? Is that it? But, thanks all the same. Those voters in the 10th will love hearing you belittle Herman Wouk, a "Guardian of Zion". Good call, Louis. Have another highball.

Actually, you're vapid honorific to "our great nation" is insulting to our great nation and it's armed forces. You're a lawyer, for cryin' out loud. Can you really not know the difference between Military and Civil accountability? You're a fraud, Louis. And your claimed ignorance in one side of your mouth, and the punditry out of the other cancel each other out. Just stop. Are you so impotent that you cannot even attempt discourse on any level other than FOKLAES fawning upon your every word?

Dr. Friedman's press release does an injustice to the men and women who served. Commentary like yours and PC's, laced in vile vapid vitriol, impotently imposing invective in the absence of intelligence while epically flailing to further the fraud you foster continues the injustice.

Agnew? We don't need no stinkin' Agnew! I got chunks of Spiro in my argot.

By the way, I answered your questions, but you didn't mine. If you were anything other than an hack shyster, you'd know that silence is an admission. Don't bother. You had the opportunity but blew it with your typical drivel. Dr. Friedman's Tea Party antics won't carry him far. I'd say right up to about 12 points under. He'll lose worse than that pipsqueak Neal.

Precinct Committeeman said...

I can't believe how low the quality of the AstroTurfers on this blog has gotten. Axlerod's shop used to send a better cut of employees this way. Too bad, in a way, there used to be some artistry over there. Now they aren't even worthy of the title "troll". Passing of an era, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Hey, PC, let What's Uppers alone. I'm pretty sure he's one of OUR guys? I mean, seriously, it's satire and we just too used to the over-the-top #OWS to realize he's trying to do an Onion.

Louis G. Atsaves said...

Gee Doc, I've sued wrongdoing military officers and enlisted men who committed torts over the years to mere civilians. In Civil Court and not Military Court.

No one raised the code of military justice as a defense nor did the government attorneys involved ever claim any special immunity. Instead all claims were paid.

Stupid lawyer? LOL! Made some nice coin over those cases!

Give me a military helicopter pilot who is also a successful and accomplished physician over that wild spending minor league performer in West Deerfield Township any day.

The voters aren't stupid. You just think they are.

Whats Up Doc? said...

Like I said, a shyster. A quibbling shyster at that.

Did it please you to go after a soldier for money? Or do you feel okay about it because the action had nothing to do with the course and conduct of their actions ON DUTY. Do you feel dirty, Louis, telling these half-truths and then being smug about it?

Dr. Friedman clearly claims his active duty responsibilities demonstrate accountability to the electorate. By law, by the Constitution, and even by your own example, it does not. You're either being intentionally obtuse, or your claim of making a lot of 'coin' off of the actions of soldiers is spurious. In the final analysis, you're just to weak to admit when you're wrong. At least Precinct Committeeman shows the decency to not pretend. His comments are just regularly goofy. You pretend to be reasonable and then duck and weave like the worst of felons, splitting hairs and resetting pieces for what you believe is a clever gambit. You asked, I answered. I asked, you didn't. I cited law, you cite irrelevance. I'm sure you did make 'coin' Louis. Because if this is the best you can offer, the folding money is out of your reach.

Louis G. Atsaves said...

Doc, they were all on duty. They caused serious injury to others, including one who still faces daily medical bills. And they were all held accountable. And I'm glad I represented the victims in each case.

Sorry you lost this argument a while back. Sorry the facts got in the way of your inappropriate, misguided, rude ridicule and flaming. Sorry to make you look so dumb.

Oh, wait, cancel out that last sorry.

Whats Up Doc? said...

Try again, Louis. Did you sue them for dereliction of duty? Did you sue them for insubordination? Did you sue them for abuse of the enlisted men or women under their command? Did you sue them for anything that had to do with carrying out their mission or orders? No. You sued them because they violated a common law or statutory standard of care that applies to all citizens, even those on active duty. But the Doc's actions onboard a naval vessel, if negligent, even if in violation of state law, wouldn't be actionable, accept through a military tribunal. If the Doc was caught with drugs, on duty, but on private property, he'd be prosecutable in the civil criminal courts, but only by acquiescence, which is almost, but not always granted. But if he were caught with them onboard, he'd be subject to a military tribunal only.

The difference is, of course, that an elected official is accountable to the electorate for their actions. A serving line officer is accountable only to the extent the Uniform Code of Military Justice proscribes. And, in the performance of his duties flying helicopter missions, Friedman was NOT accountable to the electorate. End of story. Blow smoke and puff yourself up all you like. Find all the circumstances that sideswipe the issue to your black heart's content. But it doesn't change the end result. The Doc over reached, Morrison's differentiation of accountability is correct, and you, Louis, are obtuse.

For PC's benefit: Obtuse: a: lacking sharpness or quickness of sensibility or intellect: insensitive, stupid. b: difficult to comprehend: not clear or precise in thought or expression.

I have a virtually unlimited capacity to make myself look stupid, Louis. You, however, and obviously in your own mind, while obliviously to the rest of the world, never look stupid of your own accord. But never, never in a million years, would you have the ability to make me look stupid. Set the cocktail down, try hard and focus, and read the above. I've met every challenge and you've skirted every challenge. I've answered and given examples while you've bloviated. If this is the stuff of an Ellen Slayer, I'd say it's time for FOKLAES to conduct an intervention. You're way off your game, way out of your league, and likely way off the wagon.

Precinct Committeeman said...

Looks like Axlerod is paying his AstroTurfers by the word, Uppes. I'll give you this, you got a pretty good gig going. Do you ever have to change out of your jammies? Or do they make you go down to HQ occasionally for early AM calisthenics and political orientation classes?

Whats Up Doc? said...

Stay classy, PC. You remind me of schmutz.

Precinct Committteeman said...

A short post won't work, Uppers. I still think Axelrod's paying you to AstroTurf by the word. It's hard to believe an #OWS refugee like yourself would put the frenetic time and effort into your posts for an hourly wage scale.

Whats Up Doc? said...

Hey, Bug. The extent of your emotional and developmental challenges are breath-taking. Show me one piece of evidence that connects David Axelrod with Occupy Wall Street or shut the hell up. You don't get the last word, dufus. Not now, not ever.

Now, put up, or shut up. One piece of evidence. Pause your umpteenth tearful viewing of Red Dawn, get on line, act like a man and find it. Or, well, go back to your bug hole.

I invite everyone to read up and review Precinct Committeeman's commentary. Think about it for a moment. Is this the kind of person you want going door-to-door in Highland Park or Deerfield? How do you think he'll answer a challenging question from a voter? Out in the field, this yahoo will earn twice as many hard 5's as any 1's or 2's. But his walk sheets will show that everyone agreed with him. this is the kind of guy that good campaigns never trust, that good voters tune out, and that, good Lord, haven't we had enough of?!? And yet, this is where the Lake County GO-Tea Party is going. Gone are the days of Mark Kirk and John Porter. Welcome to the Republicrank Party of Joe Walsh and Precinct Committeeman here. It's so perfect that Louis is teaming up with this yutz.

And if you don't think that's an enjoyable thought to start my Saturday evening, you ain't listening!

Precinct Committeeman said...

Wow, did Axlerod get pissed at you or something? Man, just TALKING about you #OWS AstroTurfers working for the Man seems to just light you off! Hilarious! I guess the stress of Davie's blog comment sweatshop is getting to you.

Louis G. Atsaves said...

Hey Doc! Were you present in court when I filed my suits? No? Then why the wild leaping to conclusions?

Were the military defendants following or carrying out their orders at the time they injured my clients? Yup! Were they held accountable for their actions? Yup!

You lost the argument ages ago. You have now resorted to mere flaming. You. Yes, you!

Anonymous said...

For the record he's King Louis Astaves the Ellen Slayer (KLAES). If you're going to refer to him on this blog and you're not a friend of his, please use that title. He's got the 06,08,10 catwoman, seals, mob banker pelts on his mantle to prove it.

Seems like things have gotten nasty-without me! but hopefully team america is enjoying the traffic and banter. Sometimes I really don't know how the daily herald ever functioned without the dirt on the pup the msk operation used to leak to him.


Whats Up Doc said...

Louis, Louis, Louis. There you go again. Give us a case number. If it was filed, it's no longer confidential. I keep giving examples and specifics and you keep bloviating. Your credibility is waning as you claim to be 'winning'. Whining is more the truth.

Friedman's statement is an over-reaching of his accountability as an officer in the Navy. Your claims of prosecuting active service members for some unspecified acts while on active duty ring hollow without some supporting evidence. You know that the Federal Courts repeatedly dismissed both private citizen and taxpayer based suits in the Vietnam era, so, we're supposed to believe you're some kind of super-lawyer? I don't think so. There's a differentiating element to your story that you just don't want to mention. Fess up, Louis. Come clean, now. Give us a case number. I can read pleadings as well as you. Show us you're man enough to be open about your claims.

Anonymous said...

Uppers, I'm so glad you got some time off. I was wondering if we'd have to call the EEOC on your behalf. Just because you #OWS guys work for Axelrod day and night doesn't mean you should't get a bit of time off to sleep on the sidewalk in front of an evil bank or two.

Louis G. Atsaves said...

Give it up Doc. Vietnam era? Civil War? How far back you going? I'm not THAT old!

Friedman didn't overreach. Your flaming high school drama queen over the top postings did.

Whats Up Doc? said...

Instead of specifics, you resort to panic name-calling.

Read up, everyone. I've given Louis every opportunity to give specifics and to answer questions. You chose to avoid and not to answer. You made claims unsubstantiated and then started in on you belittlements. Your choices here are a measure of your honor. And, here, your honor looks to be sorely lacking.

You're a sad little puffer fish, Louis, if this is the best you can do. But, Whats Up Doc is gone. You're just not worth it. I notice you getting tagged by more and more people of late, Louis. Folks aren't buying the bluster anymore. Well, FOKLAES is, but, go figure.

Precinct Committeeman said...

New project assignment for Uppers. Never a moment of rest for an Axelrod Astrotufer!

jokesfb said...

we should laugh when hearing Morrison's non-position on taxes their no other way . Thanks