Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wisconsin Voters Line Up in Walker Recall Election (UPDATED: Race Called for Walker)

UPDATE 6/5/12 9:25 pm CDT:  The networks are now calling the race in favor of Governor Scott Walker.  There appear to be a lot of votes left to count, but what the heck.  Congrats, guv!

It's hard to ignore the significance of the recall election going on today in Wisconsin, as big labor's efforts to oust Governor Scott Walker in retaliation for his hard-hitting labor reforms are coming to a head.  The national media is presenting this as a pre-referendum on the November presidential election, and on some levels they may be right.  Obama himself has stayed noticeably distant from the battle (even while fundraising in Chicago and in Minnesota), which seems like a good indication to me that he's very concerned that Walker will not be recalled, and a too-close association with this losing effort could prove to be mud that won't wash off as we hurtle towards the November presidential election.

Local TA operatives report long lines over the border at polling places:

A long line itself is, of course, no indication of how the vote is going to go, but most late polls still had Walker ahead of his opponent, the Milwaukee Mayor, and on my weekend camping trip up to Wilmot, WI, your Team America noted about a 10:1 ratio of pro- versus anti- Walker signs along the road.

TA's prediction:  Walker lives to fight on, and becomes a national GOP hero.


Anonymous said...


Horrendous news from yonder North where the Dems are claiming GOP telephone calls telling voters they don't have to vote if they already signed the recall petition. The vitriol in this election exceeds most that I've seen in my long and unmarried life.

Bitter Woman

Louis G. Atsaves said...

The Milwaukee Journal has been demanding a tape of this alleged robo call for two days now. Not a single answering machine in the State of Wisconsin recorded this alleged message or are the Democrats blowing some last second smoke?

Another so called robo call allegedly told voters that the election was on Wednesday, not Tuesday. The Milwaukee Journal also demanded a tape of that one and has received nothing.

Anonymous said...

This recall is going to be one to study for a long time. Obama leads Romney 53% to 36% in exit polls. Exit polls show 36% of union families voted to retain the governor. Dems regain control of the Senate.
It is done and now the nation watches.

Anonymous said...

Obama lead the exit polls by only 51-44, and the exit polls said Walker was in a close race. So that exit poll was Dem biased (wrong). Obama won Wisc by 14 in 2008, so even a 7 point margin means he is way down. A 7 point swing nationally and he will lose (and again, the exit poll leaned Dem so the swing was actually greater).

The Dem pickup in the Senate is meaningless. It is only until Nov and the new gerrymandered districts will return the Senate to the GOP.

Dems lost this one big time across the board. No spin can change that.