Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lauren Turelli Drops Out of Race to Succeed Karen May in 58th Legislative District

I heard about this over the weekend, but I've been waiting to post something until Lauren was ready to deal with the press.  Unfortunately, Lauren Turelli has decided to drop out of the race to succeed retiring State Representative Karen May.  Her opponent, Democrat Scott Drury, a former assistant U.S. Attorney (and who abandoned the crowded Lake County State's Attorney Dem primary to jump in this race), would have had a tough time with Turelli, but now he's looking a lot better.

No word yet on who the GOP might name to take Turelli's place.  Since the 58th District straddles the Lake-Cook county line, both Lake County GOP Chairman Bob Cook, and several Cook County Township chairmen will have a say in naming Turelli's replacement.  Aside from Keith Gray, who stepped aside from the race when Turelli announced, and of course, Dr. Mark Neerhof, who lost a fairly close primary race to Turelli, I can't immediately think of any likely candidates.

Here's the release, which will be sent out later today to the media outlets:

Turelli Ends State Representative Campaign

LAKE FOREST – Lauren Turelli, the Republican nominee for the office of State Representative for the 58th District, today announced that she was ending her campaign.

“It is with much regret that I end my campaign for State Representative. It was a difficult decision to throw my hat in the ring three years ago and even more difficult to leave it behind,”said Turelli. “For nearly three years, I have met with voters throughout the 58th district and created a platform to reform our pension system, to reduce our state budget, to improve public education and to create a business friendly environment in our state. I hope that the Republican Party chooses a like-minded person to replace me for the November election.” 

“It is clear that Illinois is in a very precarious financial situation, brought upon by years of abuse and inaction. We require new faces in Springfield without ties to the entrenched interests that control state government in order to repair the damage that has been done,” said Turelli. “While I believe that I have the right vision to reform state government, my personal circumstances have changed since the March primary. I would not be able to devote 100% of my time and energy to this race, which the Republican Party and my supporters expect and deserve. I will not put a Republican victory in jeopardy due to my personal situation and the resulting time constraints.” 

The Illinois Election Code requires the political party nominating a candidate for state office to convene a legislative committee to choose the replacement for a candidate who withdraws from a general election contest prior to election day. For the 58th District, that would include the Chairmen of the Cook County Township Republican Organizations within the district and the Lake County Republican Party Chairman.

Turelli committed to assisting the candidate chosen by the Republican Party as much as possible. “From experience, I know what is necessary to run a campaign in this district. I am confident our Republican leaders will choose a qualified individual whom we can all support. I am extremely grateful to all of those who have voted for me and supported me in the past, those who have welcomed me into their homes and businesses, and the wonderful members of our community who have volunteered on my behalf to create a better Illinois.”


Eddie said...

I think Keith Gray is the man for the job.

Occupy Zorbythia! said...

Not too long ago, Bees said,"Wondering if this was a "behind the scenes" Dem forced the candidate out...or if this is one where the candidate legitimately made the decision..."

TA responded that it was an interesting question. Then an anon asked if there was any known reason why the Dems would want to force her out, to which TA responded, in part, "Considering that she ran against Sally last cycle, you would think any dirt would have come out, but one never knows."

When I suggested that the suggestion of forcing Haran out was weirdly, presumptively negative, TA responded, "she didn't just wake up yesterday with her family. She knew full well what she was getting into, plus the fact that she ran for the same office last cycle. So, it's a bit odd that all of a sudden, this comes up."

Need I go on?

Waiting for the negative speculation regarding Turelli, but think y'all haven't the skin to even go there.

Personally, I think that family comes first, know that family situations can change in a heartbeat, and fully respect both Haran and Turelli's decision. Therein lies the difference between us.

Oh, and Keith Gray? Sure, and Keith Turner can be his campaign manager.

Anonymous said...

When is the last day that party leaders may slate a candidate, for this race? I agree that Keith Gray would be a great candidate.

Phil Collins

Cal Robbins said...

Haha the broad lied. My research busted her. Thank me!

pharp25 said...

Cal,family issues have nothing to do with you and your incorrect research.

Anonymous said...

That district loves to elect moderate women, Turelli would have had a great chance to win. Keith Gray is one of the few 'Eco-Republicans' and a private sector/small business guy which might play well in the 58th.

Anonymous said...

What a FLAKE.

Anonymous said...

In other news, 10th District Congressman Robert Dold has an amazing first day on the bus tour-- Go Bob!

Anonymous said...

Keith Gray = Good Candidate.... you must be on drugs.

A. Bees said...

Occupy Zorbythia!

I'd ask the same questions on this one. However, it appears that there maybe family issues associated with this case, so we may already have an answer...but thanks for trying to paint me as a bad guy. Always appreciate people showing their true colors in a public forum.

Occupy Zorbythia! said...

Your wound is self-inflicted, Bees. While you did go right to the Dem's squeezing Haran out, as if this is something Link has ever done, and were then ludicrously defended by the likes of Louis. But the point of the comment is the presumption of malfeasance or a negative issue by this echo chamber. To the extent you're in it, then, yeah, you're myopically negative regarding anyone with any letter other than R next to their name. I wouldn't necessarily call ya a bad-guy, just part of that group whose motive and interest controls their observations.

Witness your explanation: You "know" there are family issues. But Haran's statement can't be taken at face value? Read the original post regarding Haran. Read my review here. Understand context. It would appear that your true colors have something to do with over-sensativity and the sequence "Ready-Shoot-Aim".

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long it will take to appoint someone.....? Anyone know? They better vet any candidate! Seems like every name has massive baggage. And it just sorta seems like Turelli dropped out because she has no money and made up some stuff about herself that isn't true. Could Cook pick someone that no one has mentioned? I really thought Lauren could puLl it off, but now the gop seems sorta screwed by her. And to top it off the state party wasted tons of money on her. I'm glad I didn't donate- I'd feel so ripped off.

Anonymous said...

@AnonymousJune 13, 2012 5:03 AM. Maybe you should do your homework on Gray and him being "ecofriendly". You couldn't be more wrong. Plus do we reaLly want another just divorced guy running. One more thing, I he heard he doesn't even live in the 58th, but I don't know if that is true or not. There must be someone good out there or better, otherwise we already lost. Bummer.

Occupy Zorbythia! said...

All I can say is, 'nough said. TA and that Ellen Slayer guy epically failed. Stay home, boys. This here's the big leagues.