Monday, October 8, 2012

Congressman Bob Dold Nabs Chicago Tribune Endorsement

In a big boost for the campaign of incumbent Congressman Bob Dold in the newly-redrawn 10th Congressional District, the Chicago Tribune has come out with a strong endorsement of Bob Dold's independence -- a key issue, it seems, for proud ticket-splitters and independent voters in the 10th.

The Tribune stated, "Dold's record shows that he can think for himself and bridge political divides, two qualities that are in short supply in Congress. He has earned a second term, and he is endorsed." 

Conversely, the Trib laughed off suggestions from Dold's opponent, Brad Schneider, that Dold was a tea party advocate and too extreme for the 10th District.

Schneider has also been reeling under jabs from the Dold campaign that he has exaggerated his 'business experience,' and in fact, has derived little or no income from it, which has been picked up by the Daily Herald and the Tribune.

The Dems may have been ready to measure the curtains for Schneider's DC office, but it would appear that such a move might be premature.

I'm waiting eagerly for the Daily Herald endorsements to come out, but based on Schneider's performance in the DH interview session, I would not hold my breath if I were Schneider.

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