Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Two for Two: Congressman Bob Dold Earns Endorsement of the Daily Herald

Given Democrat Brad Schneider's lackluster (to put it charitably) performance before the Daily Herald editorial board a few weeks ago, I had little doubt that Bob Dold would win over the editors at the Daily Herald (much as he did the Chicago Tribune editors), but the DH really goes off on the Schneider campaign's misrepresentations of the Dold record, and team Schneider's sad attempt to pejoratively paint Dold with the 'tea party' brush:

"While Schneider seems personable and, on the surface, well intended, his campaign’s willingness to blatantly misrepresent Dold’s positions and candidacy is troubling to say the least. It suggests that if elected, he would fall into the same reflexive partisanship that stops Washington from addressing real problems. Schneider should demand better of his campaign. And certainly, the voters should in the 10th District, which takes in much of eastern Lake County and the top tier of townships in eastern Cook County."

Wow.  As the DH concludes, "Dold is the clear choice."


Anonymous said...

The democrats will lie, cheat, steal and do anything to win. Very sad. I pray the masses start seeing this and show them they will not tolerate that kind of behavior. And to think that that piece of slime contributed to Mark's campaign at one time.

B&B's Mom

Anonymous said...

It is the Daily Herald. The don;t apply critical thinking to their process.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:26--you would be well advised to apply critical thinking to your spelling and punctuation.

Blue Wind said...

Bob Dold will lose this time. Schneider is a very moderate democrat (he supported Kirk in past elections and gave money to his campaign) and moderate republicans in IL10 will likely go for him. Although I did not vote for him in the dem primaries (I was for Ilya Sheyman), I think he is the best chance for IL10 to go democratic as it should be.

Dold's comments in support of the Tea Party in the past can not go away. He is not a moderate republican, as he tries to present himself. The only moderate in the race is Schneider, and that is why he will win. Although I dont like him in particular, he would be much better than Dold in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Blue Wind - I think the wind is blue with all the pot smoke you have been inhaling. Dold has never been a Tea Party member...rather when questioned he said that they have some good ideas. Dold's opponent lives up to his initials big time - B.S. Further to characterize him as a moderate, the blue smoke must have really gotten to you.

One clarifying comment: Schneider will vote for Pelosi to be speaker and Dold won't. Most people do not want to see "pass the bill so you can know what is in it" and "I need a bigger plane so I am not inconvenienced by stopping in the heartland" Princess Pelosi anywhere near the speakership again. Enough said.

Trebor of Libertyville