Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dems See Mark Kirk as Serious Threat to Obama Senate Seat (UPDATED)

What some people might have initially dismissed as an idle fantasy has now become enough of a threat that some Dems are now seriously concerned about Congressman Mark Kirk's chances to win a special election for Barack Obama's vacated senate seat, if a special election is held in the next few months.

Over on DailyKos, one blogger raises the alarm with a story centered on this speculative headline: "Mark Kirk's Election to Senate Seat Blow to Obama Presidency" And, as you might expect, the chance that Kirk could follow Obama as Illinois' junior senator is driving Ellen of the Tenth absolutely up the wall.

Another interesting development is that some Dems are now concerned that the call for a special election might have been a bit premature now that they realize someone like Mark Kirk would be a serious threat, and much more consideration appears to be being given to having Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn make the appointment (assuming that Blago resigns or gets booted somehow). Mark Kirk, as you might expect, objects to that idea:

“At this point, everyone is tainted. In order to restore the trust of the people of Illinois in their representatives, this decision should not be made by people connected to a corrupt government,” said Kirk.

“We should return this seat to the people who own it — not the corrupt government. In this state, trust has been broken between the state of Illinois and its people.”

Kirk has not been shy about his aspirations. Watch some video here.

The buzz about Kirk's potential candidacy has gone mini-viral, to the extent where it's gotten tough to provide links to all the various news sources. I think from now on, we're just going to provide links and updates to news articles and sources that have something to add to this discourse, and not just "hey, didja know Kirk's a potential candidate, and golly, he'd be a good one" kind of article.

But as always, please chime in with your own thoughts...

THEORY: This is a good one I heard today- what do you think?

Step 1: Blago resigns/is impeached/whatever, Quinn becomes Gov.
Step 2: Quinn appoints himself senator.
Step 3: Jesse White says, I'm too old, no thanks
Step 4: Lisa Madigan becomes gov.

Bada bing, bada boom, Dems' problems are solved.

UPDATED 12.12.08: [TA's note: Rich Miller of Capitol Fax objected to our citing a factoid that appeared in Capitol Fax regarding Blago's potential strategy to deal with Pat Quinn's desire to appoint the next senator. TA did not realize that Rich considered the factoid itself proprietary information, as opposed to quoting from Cap Fax directly, so at Miller's request, we remove that information with apologies.]

Quinn lately has changed his tune and stated emphatically that he would appoint a replacement if he becomes governor, rather than putting the state through the turmoil and expense of a special election. While some Dems might still think having Quinn make the appointment is better than risking a special election, some sources suggest that Quinn might consider appointing a Republican. Well, who better than Mark Kirk?


Tim Stratton said...

TA, that's a plausible theory and I think one that the Democrat powerbrokers are considering. However, they would have to get our State Treaurer Alexi G and Comptroller Hynes onboard. I think those two might have sights on 2010 and would not appreciate stacking the deck so Lisa Madigan gets a free pass. I kind of hope they try it--I think the people of Illinois would go nuts and walk away from the Dems en masse. People over oin Capitol Fax Blog are already fuming over the perception that SPeaker Madigan is playing politics with this by delaying impeachment in the House so his daughter Lisa can score points by bringing her own legal action in the Supreme Court. One has to wonder when the people of Illinois will push back. This nonsense has got to stop.

Anonymous said...

Kirk is not the only one with his eyes on Obama's seat. Jan Schakowsky just threw her hat in the ring and Peter Roskam might too. Here's a link:

Anonymous said...

Yes, Schakowsky does want this Senate Seat. HOWEVER, just think of the 'baggage' she brings. Her felon husband, Bob Creamer, will come to the fore again should she make a try to do this. Her name appeared on that tax returns that eventually got him doing time in the slammer. While she wasn't sent away with him, how can anyone seriously think she didn't know what in the world he was doing back there in 1995. Let's get serious about cleaning up the disgusting ugliness of Illinois politics. Do I think that our Congressman can just walk into this seat? Of course not. Do I think that Congressman Roskam might want to make a run? Let's find out from him. Lisa Madigan has said she wants to be the Governor. I think Alexi G. has also stated an interest. One has to think that he also has some odd 'baggage'. He does, however, come with the stamp of approval of his basketball buddy, Barack.
It's interesting to speculate especially after hearing Pat Quinn say that he might just appoint a Republican. If that doesn't send that lunatic catwoman over the Michigan Ave. bridge nothing will.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, Jan's chances went down the toilet recently.

Anonymous said...

Didn't I read somewhere that Rep. Schakowsky chaired several fund raisers for Governor Dead Meat this summer after Obama was nominated by the Democrats for President?

Soon as I find it, I'll post it.

Breaking news on the Tribune Website: Rep. Jackson's friends held a massive fund raiser for Governor Dead Meat a few weeks ago. According the website, it is the "most viewed" article right now.

"Most viewed." The public is (finally) connecting the dots. The Democrat players must be freaking out.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...


Capitol Fax blog just picked up on this fundraising story about Candidate 5.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

If Roskam runs, Mark is finished. The ILGOP base is pro-life, anti-gay and Mark is not. Outside of this district the amount of pro-abortion republicans is slim to none and they are not the energy in the party. This is where mark pays for andy mckenna's f--- ups as party chair.

The democrats won't let the GOP take this seat, it would be a major embarassment for them and they are not stupid. They'll find someone clean, unite around them, give them obama love and more money than god and that will be that. The person has to not be corrupt which I know rules out 3/4 of the democratic party, but you could see somone like this thug gianoulias or Dan Hynes if neither figure they can get to be governor.

John Feehry, a former Hastert guy wrote an op-ed today in the tribune about rebuilding. He's exactly the kind of guy we need to stay away from-he worked for Tom DeLay, which he conveniently DID NOT mention and has sold out in d.c.

Fan of King Louis Astaves the Ellen Slayer


Rich Miller said...

You posted proprietary information in that piece. Please remove it, and don't do it again. Thanks.

Team America said...

Done. See the update.

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