Friday, May 7, 2010

Congresswoman Melissa Bean A Possible Substitute for Alexi Giannoulias in U.S. Senate Race?

This blog has been a strong supporter of Alexi Giannoulias staying in the U.S. Senate race against Congressman Mark Kirk. After all, where else would we find a candidate as deeply flawed and vulnerable, and whose family bank failure so far is the defining issue of the campaign?

But today a Politico article looks at the issue from the perspective of the difficulties that Chicago politics are causing President Barack Obama and other Chicago transplants to the Washington, D.C. scene. Among the other topics discussed, this little tidbit regarding a possible Alexi withdrawal was thrown in near the end of the article:

White House officials have privately told allies that the best approach is to see whether Giannoulias, the state treasurer, can resurrect his flailing campaign through an advertising campaign that takes direct aim at Republican Mark Kirk. If he cannot accomplish that in the coming weeks, White House officials have told other Democrats they hope Giannoulias concludes that he cannot win the seat and that it’s time to call it quits for the good of the party. [snip]

Part of the problem facing the White House is that there’s no clear consensus candidate aside from the state’s attorney general, Lisa Madigan, who passed up an opportunity to jump into the race earlier this year. The other candidates who several Democrats believe are on the White House’s radar include state Comptroller Daniel Hynes, the runner-up in the Senate primary; David Hoffman; and possibly Rep. Melissa Bean.

Wow. That would be interesting. After finally defeating long-time Congressman Phil Crane in the 8th Congressional District, Melissa Bean has held on through two election cycles on in a largely Republican-leaning district, but is untested on a state-wide basis (as is, to be sure, Mark Kirk), and has overcome only lackluster GOP challengers (David McSweeney and Steve Greenberg). Whether a Bean substitution late in the game would energize Dems, especially downstaters, is questionable. And how much stock we can put in this scenario is questionable, since Politico did not identify their unnamed sources.

But it would sure be a boost to beleaguered GOP candidate Joe Walsh's bid to wrest Bean's congressional seat from her.

Maybe we can make the U.S. Senate/8th Congressional District races a 'two-fer' for the GOP? In this political climate, anything may happen in November, folks.


Anonymous said...

OK, so Bean votes for Cap and Trade, Health Care Takeover and Stimulus - what a record!

Ironic in the 8th DC - both Bean and Walsh don't live in their district.

Anonymous said...

As to an "unnamed source", BEAN's probably leaking it herself AND leaking all over herself at the thought.

Are we all done yet helping her with her career?

Anonymous said...

I don't see anything or anyone ousting Alexi from this race. I hope he does stay chugging away and making nonsense instead of sense out of his candidacy. What I'm really upset about is that vicious attack thing known as the Catwoman. She has once again totally spewed her venom at Mark's record on Women's issues. She knows she's a liar. She knows that she has this sick vendetta against Mark yet somehow she gets herself quoted in a Channel 5 Blog piece. I know. Off topic, but I made the mistake of checking out what she's whining about now with old Carl. Back to Melissa Bean. I just don't see this happening. She'd be a much weaker candidate and harder to sell than Alexi at this point. I think the voters in Illinois are sick and tired of the old bait and switch.

Blue Wind said...

Hey TA,
Have you heard about any possible replacement of Kirk for the republican party for the senate race? I think it has now become obvious that Kirk is not electable. Despite the majors problems of Giannoulias, Kirk has been unable to gain momentum and widen his support.

Here is a suggestion. Just my opinion. I think the republican party should ask Kirk to give up the race, as he can not win, and maybe replace him with someone who could generate some broad support. One candidate that comes to mind is Jim Edgar who has proven that he is electable in IL. Of course, as a liberal democrat, I hope that this does not happen and Kirk remains the candidate. However, I would not be surprised if the IL republican party decides to ask him to step down and allow someone like Edgar to be the candidate. Just saying :)

Anonymous said...

Blue Wind, you are really losing it these days. Can't you post on Cat Women's blog and leave us alone. You're no longer even a little bit amusing.

Baxter and Beau's Mom

Blue Wind said...

Baxter and Beau's Mom,

Are you asking me to leave and never post here again? I will do so if TA asks me. But not you. You do not own this blog.

Blue Wind

Anonymous said...

To the contrary, Blue Wind, please stay and prove that you are a total and complete moron. Have you checked the poll numbers on your favorite site known as the Daily Kos? Even that damn thing shows Kirk leading. I want you to stay and keep on posting as only a half wit can do. You strengthen our resolve to help Mark Kirk become Senator Mark Kirk. You are actually providing comedy in a day and age when it's needed. We can tune in to whatever the Obama nuts are saying for comedy, but heck, why bother when we have YOU right here on this Blog. Can't wait for more of your nonsense to appear.

Blue Wind said...

Anon 3:23

I am glad I can help. Anytime. Here is a prediction to make your day: Kirk will be defeated by Giannoulias and he will leave politics altogether. At the end of the day, Giannoulias will solidify his base because he is principled. He is a principled democrat and has real positions.

Kirk will never get the support of the far right in downstate IL that is critical for the election of any republican.

Anonymous said...

How the hell many times can we tell you to lay off those drugs you're inhaling, Blue Wind. You are so out of touch with what's happening for Mark Kirk in places way down in IL almost at the KY border. They are coming out in the hundreds to meet him, to give him the financial support he's more than earned. You see, Blue, Mark Kirk IS the real deal. Your guy is a joke, a sad joke at that. But keep on posting because you truly add humor to a world needing this kind of break from reality. See ya.

Team America said...

Kids, Kids, Kids!!!

Let's try to maintain a little civility, shall we?

Blue Wind, I know any discussion of the idea that Alexi might be forced to drop out really yanks your chain, but I think I have been clear that I (and I am pretty sure the entire Kirk team) WANT Alexi to stay in the race. What does that tell you about his eventual chances?

Blue Wind said...

I could care less whom the Kirk campaign prefers as an opponent. I voted Alexi in the primaries because I think he is the best democrat. Of course, I think differently than you. For instance, I voted Dan Seals in the last 2 elections, while it sounds that you voted Kirk :)

Anyway, I know that to you and others here it sounds "extraordinary" when I write that Alexi will win, but it is not. Let me give a few hints why this will happen:

1. IL is a totally blue state. And, yes, in this state we are proud of and like our president. The vast majority of IL voters currently approve Obama's performance as president.

2. Giannoulias is much tougher than you think. He is going through a tough period now because of the bank, but he will recover.

3. Kirk will not get the right-wing votes he needs. He is socially liberal (and that is the only good thing about him in my opinion), and the far right does not like that. They will not go out to vote for him. The same way I would not go out to vote for a socially conservative democrat (i.e. something like Stupak). In IL Kirk absolutely needs those votes to win. He will not get them and he will lose. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

I think all those far-right folks will punish Alexi for sending their childrens' college savings down the toilet.

And anyway, all those folks will come to the polls to vote for Brady-its not like they are staying home, and Kirk can put on his military hat and get them to vote for him too... Brady is like Mark Kirk's GOTV secret weapon.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the combination of Brandy and Kirk at the top of the ticket is really a GOP dream ticket to take back the so-called "blue state". Kirk will bring out the moderates who will vote for Brady over the failure of Pat Quinn and Brady will bring out the hard-nosed right who will hold their collective noses and vote for Kirk so we can take back the Senate and punish BHO and Harry Reid. This combo has the effect of bringing out the "entire" GOP family and that ONLY helps BOTH of these candidates in November.