Monday, May 31, 2010

Let's Remember Why They Sacrificed On Memorial Day

I was looking around for a quote upon which to focus our annual Memorial Day message, and I found something that I think is particularly relevant in light of the dangers we face in the world today:

"American Soldiers do not fight because they hate what is in front of them, but because they love what is behind them."

Today as you go about enjoying the last day of your three-day weekend, take some time to pause and consider where we would be if it was not for the sacrifice of all the brave men and women who have given up their lives in the service of our country. And then, for good measure, consider the above quote, and why they did it, and how that contrasts with the motivation of those that threaten us today.


Blue Wind said...

I think Kirk has some huge problems with his military record. His defense would work if there was no C-SPAN. Video in link:

TA, do you still believe Kirk will win? Blumenthal in CT and Kirk in IL seem to have major problems with their military records. Except that Kirk's case is much worse, as he continues to defend the indefensible. The C-SPAN video establishes that.

I think Giannoulias will win. The only way he could lose is if the republican party replaces Kirk with another moderate candidate without major problems. But it will not happen.

Anonymous said...

Blue Wind. You and Ellen Beth Gill are disgraceful on a good day. That you would compare the 21 year record of Mark Kirk to Blumenthal says it all. Mark Kirk led the unit in 1999 that did win an award. He accepted on behalf of his unit. You'd like to think that this man, who continues to serve his nation one week-end each month and 2 plus weeks of active duty, NOT behind a desk someplace but in combat zones, is a loser. YOU are the loser. I'm sure you haven't taken the time to go thru his Navy record that is now posted for the world to review. It clearly states all that he has achieved thru the years. Read it. Then post an apology for saying such rubbish. Mark Kirk himself will stand in front of the media, as he did earlier today in the rain in the Arlington Heights parade where he was warmly greeted by the 30,000 plus attendees, and answer any and all questions. He deserves thanks for his service. Unlike Alexi, the thug who never even thought of wearing the uniform and serving our great nation, Kirk deserves to walk in a parade today and receive the thanks of those who know his record. Blue Wind, would you do us a favor today, on this day especially, shut your mouth.

Blue Wind said...

ANON 12:31,

You got it wrong. I did not write that Kirk is as bad as Blumenthal. I wrote that in my opinion he is much worse than Blumenthal. Read it again. Is that clear now?

As for your comment to "shut my mouth", I understand that the truth hurts in your case. But whether you like it or not, you have to face reality. Take a look at the link that I posted and the video. You can not change the facts no matter how you wish. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Cheers, for sure, Blue, but the Cheers are for Mark Kirk who WILL win in November. The truth is very clear but you choose to ignore it as does Lee Goodman, Ellen Beth whatever, and others like you. Is it too much to ask that you and they actually LOOK at the Navy record? Is it too much to ask that you see the comments from his superiors in the Navy on his leadership and his service? My Navy Service Official Record Speaks for Itself

Dear Friend:

I was commissioned as an Ensign in the US Navy Reserve in 1989. I have now served 21 years. For the last 10 years, as a Member of Congress, I served without pay because I love the Navy, her duty, honor, country. In uniform, I served during conflicts with Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti and Bosnia. I am proud of my service – it is the honor of my life to work with Americans who keep America safe.

Last week, I found that I misidentified a military award and corrected my biography. According to the Washington Post, their reporter worked with Alexi Giannoulias' campaign to write a story that turned out to be imprecise about the title of an award included in that biography.

The error was discovered last week by my staff. Going through my Fitness Reports for 1999/2000, we recognized that referring to an award as “Intelligence Officer of the Year” was not precise – so we corrected my biography with the official name of a very distinguished award that I am honored to have received.

My corrected biography accurately shows I received the United States Navy Rufus L. Taylor Intelligence Award – as the leader of an ad-hoc intelligence effort supporting four EA-6B Prowler electronic attack squadrons as part of Operation Allied Force – instead of Intelligence Officer of the Year. I accepted the Taylor Intelligence Award (named after the head of navy intelligence in World War II) as the leader of an intelligence section that I assembled and led. There is no hierarchy between these awards as the Taylor Intelligence Award is equally distinguished.

I knew Alexi Giannoulias would focus on a negative campaign – in fact, he and his consultants announced that in the New York Times. I corrected the record, but I will not let my 21 years of service in uniform be denigrated by Alexi Giannoulias, a man who chose not to serve.

Frankly, I thought it took some nerve when he ran a television ad claiming credit for what amounted to tens of millions in investment losses from the college savings of thousands of working families under Illinois Bright Start – or to follow it up with a second ad looking for sympathy after so many of his decisions ran his bank into the ground, costing the FDIC $394 million. But coming after my 21-year Navy service record just might top those.

In November, Illinois voters have a choice – so let us look at my opponent’s record – here it is. Because of that record he has made a strategic decision to attack my military service record. I understand politics is a tough business – but this attack orchestrated by Alexi Giannoulias is a disgrace.

My official Navy records speak for themselves – read them here.

I'd suggest you go to the Kirk for Senate website and READ Mark Kirk's official Navy record and then comment.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bowel-wind, your Alexi's only service to this country entailed loaning money to mobsters and losing my kids' college savings. Thank god incompetence like that isn't serving in our military!!

I've said it before, I cannot wait to see Alexi's and Kirk's accomplishments listed side-by-side.

Badge of Honor said...

Oh Blue Wind,

this dust up only goes to further demonstrate the difference between Mark Kirk and Alexi G.

Mark has admitted he made a mistake - He mistakenly called the prestigious award he won along with the unit he developed and led, by the name of an equally prestigious award. He actually won a top Navy award for actual exceptional service that he actually performed.

Alexi has yet to admit any fault for any of the disastrous actions he was actually responsible for. Alexi whines its not my fault I actually loaned billions to felons, its not my fault i actually lost millions in college saving of Illinois families, its not my fault I actually have no record of success.

Mark has taken responsibility for his mistake - Alexi takes responsibility for nothing.

Blue Wind said...

Badge of Honor,

So Kirk just realized that "mistake"? Take a look at the video in the link I posted. He was very deliberate when he was talking about that. By the way, when Blumenthal said he made a mistake, the right wingers accused him of being deceitful. What is it that makes Kirk different on that?

And if Kirk makes "mistakes" like that for so long to exaggerate his record, what other mistakes would he make if he were a senator?

Sorry, but I live in IL10 and I have witnessed over the years how misleading Kirk has been. After this "mistake", I believe that the majority of the people in IL will realize that he can not be trusted and he will not be elected. Get used to the idea of Senator Alexi Giannoulias.

Badge of Honor said...


It is possible that Kirk mistakenly thought that receiving the "Rufus Taylor Award for Intel Excellence" made him intel officer of the year, not unlike winning the Cy Young Award makes you pitcher of the year. He was mistaken about the name of the award he won - not about winning an actual prestigious award.

Alexi and the rest of you should be ashamed for trying to imply that he did not win any award at all.

I repeat - He actually won a prestigious award from the Navy that he actually earned by, according to his fitness report, serving as "the Intelligence team leader for Electronic Attack Wing Aviano" where he "set the standard for tactical intelligence briefs providing over 80 aircrew with the most current, up=to=date and analytical briefings that NATO had to offer. His tremendous contributions guaranteed the success of VAQ-209 during Operation Allied Force."

His was mistaken about the name - but he earned the award.

Have you read the fitness reports?

Blue Wind said...


Huh? Take a look at the link below:

From that link:

For years, Kirk and his staff have said he was officer of the year. Now, the Republican, who's in a tough race for President Barack Obama's old Senate seat, acknowledges that isn't true and says his official biography incorrectly described an award won by his unit, not Kirk personally.

If that is not gross misrepresentation, exaggeration and deceit, what is it? Pretending to have a personal military award that you never won, is anything but honorable or appropriate. It is insulting. Just my opinion.

Blue Wind said...

Badge of honor,

Oh and it is getting worse:

Kirk has claimed that he served in operation in Iraqi freedom. Based on this info that just came out,it seems that the Navy is denying that?!? Follow the links:

This is really shocking and just came out in Daily Kos. If true and confirmed, I would not be surprised if Kirk really drops out of the race this time.

Anonymous said...

No, BOH, Blue, Gill, all the other Kirk bashers won't read the Fitness Reports because they don't deal with TRUTH. Mark Kirk has no ulterior motive other than service to his country. These pathetic folks can try all they want, Mark Kirk is a proven winner who has earned the support of the people in the 10th District 5 cycles in a row. Blue makes outlandish claims about Kirk's record as the Congressman. Let his deal with his babble trash. The truth is clear: people out here know the difference and have re-elected him every single cycle. Sour grapes.......bitter people.......or perhaps just partisan Democrats who can't stand defeat.

Anonymous said...

Other people sacrificed. Mark Kirk didn't. He just took credit and he's a disgrace to those who fought and died or were injured.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:58, you are as wrong as Blue Wind and anyone else who claims that Mark Kirk did not sacrifice. Check the Navy records and correct your moronic statement. He has served is areas you've never heard of before, wears the uniform proudly. Easy for you to make up lies, but the truth wins out in his favor. The disgrace is yours for implying that he has not sacrificed.

Blue Wind said...

ANON 7:40,

Take a look at this in the British press about Kirk.

What do you think of that?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Bowel-wind and her crew of left wing wakos believe the service of thousands of reservist in our military make no sacrifice for their country. And, Ellen wonders why Seals et al could never seem to get the respect of Vets.

Anonymous said...

You almost make me laugh, Blue
Wind. And this article is something you think says what's not been in OUR press? Why not just blow away with your wacko buddies because your attacks on Kirk, your failure to acknowledge what the Navy has clearly stated about his outstanding record of achievement over the past 21 years, says more about your lack of honesty and appreciation of a man's service to our country than even I can tolerate. Blow far away.

Anonymous said...

Geez.......trolled over to the Daily Kos scum bag blog to find Madame DeFarge, one of Ellen's best buddies, joining the chorus of Kirk haters. What a sick bunch of lunatics over there. The truth simply eludes these people, if that's what we can call them. They won't deal in the truth, won't accept the Navy record as fact. But get this, TA, she does encourage those posters to find your Blog to read what "right wing nuts are posting". She's afraid of being outed. Now that's funny.

Team America said...

Anon 1:28 - I did as you suggested and found Madame DeFarge's comment, which is:


I live in his district. He already has his goons out there defending his military record. I'm sure the emails & flyers are already out there.

If you want to have some fun, google "Team America's 10th District Blog" & go blow some right wingnut minds. (I'd give you the link, but I've been banned from that site & I don't want any chance they'll trace stuff back to me. They're a bunch of thugs who will stop at nothing.) Go get 'em! ;-)


HMMMM.... I don't recall banning anyone, especially Madame DeFarge. As everyone knows, we pride ourselves on letting all kinds of nutjobs post here, as long as they maintain decorum and follow some minimal rules. The Madam must have confused us with Ellen, who will ban you simply for having a nickname she doesn't like.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up, TA. Like we don't know who these odd folks really are and what they represent. The Kirk team doesn't have to stoop to what she's spouting so nastily. I hope you'll post some of the comments from Veterans in IL who proudlly walked with Mark in Arlington Heights yesterday and who have sent a mass email in support of him. The Madam would do well to know that Mark Kirk has EARNED the respect of this district, soon to be elected to the Senate by those who appreciate his kind of integrity and leadership around the State of IL. The Madam, Ellen, Carl, all those other folks over there just don't get it, TA. Thankfully the majority of voters in IL DO get it and want the kind of Senator we will finally have in Mark Kirk.

Anonymous said...

goons, thugs, right wingnuts who will stop at anything. TA, the Madam is one sick old woman. Just replace left wingnut and I think we have what she and her friends represent. Blue Wind is always posting his view of the world and you're fine with it. I can't recall that the Madam has ever posted anything on your site. They just love to make up things as they go along since the truth is something they simply don't deal with, not ever.

Joe said...

Uh oh...Markie's got some 'splaining to do...

Anonymous said...

Hey, Joe, Congressman Kirk has already explained the entire issue. Are you just unable to read or is there something else you simply want to rant and rave about. Our Congressman is doing what he does best and that's serving the people of the 10th District, our State, our Nation and the world. And you?

Joe said...

Being on the defensive makes you kinda grumpy, anon. All those negative vibes are bad for you.

Anonymous said...

Grumpy? It's YOU, Joe, not me. Just get over the fact other than a few of you malcontents, nobody gives a damn aabout the already explained non-issue. Nobody but you and the other odd balls over at Ellen's really vicious place are focused on this. It's over, Joe, so move on.

Joe said...

Hey buddy, I'm not grumpy at all; in fact, I'm quite amused by all this Kirk kerfuffle. But I do think you're suffering from a bad case of transference. Better get that worked out with a doctor before it makes you too crazy.

Anonymous said...

I'm hardly your buddy, Joe. I like decent folks to hang with. Your snide comments about health are pretty funny. If the shoe fits, Joe, then I suggest and hope that you will wear it.

Joe said...

Well, there you go again, buddy...that transference thing is really a problem for you.