Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Countdown to Blago Begins; Plus, Where Do the Candidates Stand on Israel? (UPDATED)

It's Tuesday (not Monday, as I have to keep reminding myself), so that means that the giant Blago whirlpool is about ready to start sucking all of the air out of Illinois news for the next week, until it boils down to a steady simmer of insider corruption on the nightly news, with the media proudly headlining each important name as they are mentioned, or even testify. We're talking about names like Rezko, Axelrod, Emmanuel... even Obama.

Illinois, as corrupt as our political system historically has been, has never seen anything like this, so fasten your seatbelts, kids.

When eyes are not on Blago, the latest international skirmish that has some local ramifications is the enforcement of the Gaza blockade by Israel. The pro-Palestinian activists who tried to get ships through the blockade are not giving up, despite the loss of nine lives. Israel maintains that the blockade is needed to pressure Hamas, while many nations like China (who was remarkably quiet about North Korea's recent alleged actions which caused the loss of many more lives) condemned Israel's actions.

Obama doesn't seem to know what to do, since the U.S. officially supports the Israeli blockade, so he settled for expressing regret at the loss of life, while critics contend he isn't being tough enough on Israel.

Let's see where U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kirk, and Congressional Candidate Bob Dold, come out on this. I can already guess what Alexi Giannoulias and Dan Seals will have to say.

UPDATED: I knew David Frum would have something insightful to say about this issue. Check out his article from the CNN website.


Anonymous said...

1. dold has an excellent chance to do some damage to dan on his home turf (liberal pro spending jews) by running to his right on Israel where he is clearly vulnerable. Dold unlike mark has no experience in the region, so he should have noam neusner, david frum, and dan senor on speed dial and coming in for fundraisers because this is an excellent free media opportunity, which he needs because he's unknown and will be massively outspent.

2. Turkey has waded into the latest crisis against Israel, which means nothing to this race except that their lobbyist is none other than jay footlik which I think ends any future for him in politics here.

3. As I have said since 2008 here, until the extent of the damage to the democrat party of the blago trial is known, all bets are off on any shot alexi and dan may have.


Anonymous said...

frum's a mixed bag. He's kind of a hyper sensitive pundit, and remember a candadian one "to boot" as they say.

Dissapointing we are 24 hours into this and no statement from dold or anything from the state party-what happened to lance trover? hitting dan for his ties to arab and palestinian supporters -read netroots and j street dot org.


Team America said...

Actually, I have something from Dold that I was saving for tomorrow morning but since you asked, I'll post it now. ;-)

Blue Wind said...

I dont blame you for trying to change the subject. I am sure you have realized by now in what a serious trouble the Kirk campaign is. Lying is one thing. But lying about a military record is a real big deal. I am sorry, but the Kirk/military record deception story is now all over the media.

Here are some examples. And before you dismiss that as "leftist propaganda", let me remind you that Joe Scarborough is a republican. Take a look at the clip.

Blue Wind

Adam Handwerker said...

Is it me or this rich kid son of Bob Dold Sr. playing the "anything to get the jewish vote card." Great trip abroad but do Israeli citizens really care about some Illinois candidate a few thousand miles away in District 10 representing their values. It seems like he's playing the friendly to all "jewish" card aka "votes" to get him elected into office? I can spot a fake when I see one and this is as bad as it gets. As a resident of Highland Park, I can spot a a Shanda fur die goy when I see one. The people of the 10th District see right through this smoke and mirrors. Shame on you for playing the jewish card because as a 10th District voter, I have the option between a Democrat scum and a Republican phony and at least the Democrat will lie to my face........shame shame shame.

R. Nowak said...

Kirk's embellished resume <= Bob Dold's Rose Pest Solutions Ohio debacle....tick tock tick tock. The truth will set you free.

Anonymous said...

What happened in Ohio?

Anonymous said...

TA, perhaps this statement from Mark Kirk's Commanding Officer will shut forever the mouths and attacks from Blue Wind, the 10th Dem bashers like Gill, Nyberg, Sheffey and everyone else who finds delight in writing hate filled crap about Mark Kirk. It's over the top wrong and hateful rhetoric that needs to stay off this Blog. Actually, it needs to end. Read what's posted below, read the record of Mark Kirk as stated by the Navy.

Statement by Captain Clay Fearnow, United States Navy (Retired), Former Commanding Officer, VAQ-209

June 1st, 2010

As a retired Navy Captain and Mark Kirk’s commanding officer during Operation Allied Force, there are two things that have deeply troubled me since I read the Washington Post’s story about Mark’s intelligence officer award.

First, the complete lack of a benefit of the doubt – the idea that someone could make an honest mistake has become so foreign that the immediate assumption has become – you misrepresented or worse you lied. In Mark’s case neither is factual.

And second, that an honest mistake related to the identification of a military award is the same as pretending to be in Vietnam when you were not. This also doesn’t apply to Mark Kirk

Mark Kirk served under my command in Aviano, Italy, during Operation Allied Force – the Kosovo campaign. For his exceptional service as the lead intelligence officer of a combat intelligence action team – the largest EA-6B intelligence shop in the history of naval aviation which he assembled – I nominated then Lieutenant Commander Kirk for a Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal and the Rufus L. Taylor Intelligence Award. He received both.

When I nominated Mark for the Rufus Taylor award I thought it was more specific to Mark and not his team. But the reality is, there would have been no team without Mark Kirk’s leadership and there certainly would have been no award. I can certainly understand why he would have referred to this award over the years as intelligence officer of the year – it’s how I viewed the award. And in actuality, the two awards in question are of equal stature and significance.

Mark Kirk is the finest intelligence officer I have ever served with – hands down. His wealth of knowledge during this conflict put him in a position to take charge of intelligence members from the four deployed squadrons and meld them into a combat intelligence action team.

Any suggestion that Mark Kirk did not earn or receive the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal and the Rufus L. Taylor Intelligence Award is incorrect. I would further add, assertions I’ve seen that Mark Kirk embellished or exaggerated his record are ridiculous – he is one of the finest Naval Officers I have had the honor to work with. His intelligence, leadership skills, and keen understanding of global affairs are an asset that the Navy and, today, the Congress are fortunate to enjoy.