Sunday, June 20, 2010

GOP Strong In Libertyville Days Parade; Seals Busses 'Em In; Dold Fiesta A Big Success

I attended the Libertyville Days Parade yesterday and, as always, it was quite a show, as you can see below. It's known for having many awesome balloons and is always well-attended by the local politicians. The local GOP organizations and candidates made a strong display. The local Dems, not so much.

Among the many elected officials and candidates representing the Republicans were Sheriff Mark Curran, County Board member Carol Calabresa, 10th Congressional Candidate Robert Dold, Judge Wally Dunn, State Senator Dan Duffy, State Rep. Ed Sullivan, Jr., and State Rep. Candidate Dan Sugrue. Mark Kirk also had marchers, and while he usually shows up in person, this time he had to appear at downstate event as he continues his campaign for U.S. Senate.

10th District Democratic candidate Dan Seals was there with what looked like a strong contingent. At least that's what I thought, until someone told me that during parade line up, there was only a handful of Seals people there until two buses showed up to offload "supporters." Go figure. Anyway, here's my photo recap of the day:

Here's the beginning of the parade:

This the Naval Band:

Here's Uncle Sam:

Here is Judge Wally Dunn leading the GOP contingent:

This is GOP Committeeman John Nickels driving the GOP truck:

Here is Bob Dold's group; I shook Bob's hand as he walked the parade route but didn't get a picture.

59th State Rep. Candidate Dan Sugrue had a big group:

Sheriff Mark Curran:

And a proud supporter:

The Not-So-Fearsome Tiger:

Miniature horses - how cute is that?

This is Libertyville Mayor Terry Weppler bringing up the rear behind the horses, on doo-doo duty:

Here's the bussed-in contingent for Team Seals:

Here's Dan Seals himself. I shook his hand and said, how about a pose for Team America? He gave me a hearty "Hello Team America!" and then continued down the parade route.

Da Plane, Da Plane

The "Eagle":

Here's a picture of a rather strange and disturbing chicken from Egg Harbor Cafe:

Finally, after the parade, I attended a fantastic family fundraiser for Bob Dold at the lovely home of Kelly and Jeff Brincat. There were pony rides, a bounce house, a mariachi band, and of course some great food and conversation. Over 250 people attended. I was having too much fun to snap too many pictures, but here's one of Bob talking to some of his many supporters at the event:


Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day, TA. You should forget all this silly political stuff today and just enjoy your family. The FUN family fiesta at the Brincat home was truly a one of a kind event. Leave it to the host and hostess to come up with something so clever, so original, so creative that once Bob becomes Congressman Dold, count on this being an annual event. The pony rides, the face painter and the kids bouncing around in that apparatus made everyone relax and enjoy a great party. The food was amazing. To exceed the fundraising goal for the event was an added bonus. Bob Dold showed that he's in touch and in tune with the voters in the 10th who want this businessman going to Congress to help get our nation moving forward. All in all, TA, it was quite a night and I saw how you were enjoying yourself with your kids and your wife. Thanks for the great photos of the Libertyville parade. That looked like it was also a huge success.

Anonymous said...

I was one of the interns marching with Kirk, but you didn't take a picture of us! Guess I missed my chance of FINALLY being on the TA blog haha.

While I'm still not that enthusiastic about Dold, meeting him several times this week at various events has without a doubt convinced me that he is much more knowledgable, and qualified, than Seals. He seems like a very authentic guy, and my friends who work for and are interns with him tell me great things. It's going to be an uphill battle to keep the seat, but I think Dold has a descent chance!

Happy Father's Day!

Anonymous said...

The comments on catlady's blog about the latest scandal involving mark are too good to pass up.

1. We learn that she had to teach because she didn't have any clients at her law firm. That or retail she said. HAH!

2. That 10th democrats think that mark did a teaching english as a 2nd language job in an ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRY. As one commenter-probably the wise one of the bunch put it-"don't they already have enough english speakers over there"

3. That Mark was a "wealthy guy with connections"-the kind of wealthy guy that does work study-which you have to prove to the federal government you are NOT wealthy to get. If ellen pulled herself up by the bootstraps and had a tough child hood-how does she not know what work study is?

4. That larry falbe is a "conservative blogger". To paraphrase lloyd bentsen, I know conservative bloggers and larry falbe is no conservative blogger.

5. Dan knows who you are. He's been unemployed for 6 years and there's no coverage of this race anywhere so of course they read this because the daily herald writers are a bunch of fresh off the medil j-school boat kids cutting their teeth. There's a lot of downtime in politics, and I have no doubt half your traffic comes from bored dold and seals staffers.

6. Mark needs to stop shooting himself in the ellen. had this mess not happened I think Alexi's fundraising would have been so anemic that the race would have been upgraded to more republican since most of the quarter was spent talking about this failed bank which hurt him big with donors.

The next thing they are going to go after is either his work history between london and porter-a shawn margaret donnelly target, or lauren beth gash's allegation that he was never porter's cos. It's not good.

great pictures, you need a flicker or facebook page so we can keep track of them and so those of us not in the loop can know who the volunteers and leaders in the pictures are!


Anonymous said...

Foklaeps, I'm surprised that you wasted time and energy reading that insanity over at the catwoman's place. She is clueless about Mark Kirk's past if she thinks he came from wealth. I'd invite her to take a look at the home he grew up in down the road in Kenilworth. Hardly wealth. Then again, catwoman's family has never been lacking in funds. She is a crude, rude, misguided woman so filled with vitriol that it's no wonder she couldn't hack it at her job at that Title ompany. She might BE a lawyer, but they're a dime a dozen and she never was hired by any firm with any high name recogniton. With her rancid personality, who'd hire her to represent anyone other than her cat.
Mark Kirk has stated clearly what he laught while in London. Those bashers over there want to beat a dead issue because they have nothing in the world to write about. When they don't know what to say they just fabricate anything that suits them. Sickos.
Foklaeps, we have less than 4 1/2 months to go. We need to keep our focus on electing Mark Kirk to the Senate. For your continued good health, don't bother reading her dribble or that of her newest lackey, Carl. I have some old copies of Mad Magazines I'd be happy to send your way. You'd find them a whole lot more interesting that what she puts out over there.

Anonymous said...

I know conservative bloggers and larry falbe is no conservative blogger.


I'd be most interested in your stab at a profile for a "conservative blogger".

Would it be "kind"?

Anonymous ?

Anonymous said...

Funny but true: Dan Seals didn't have a bus with which to bus supporters, Bob Dold did.