Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 2 of the Bob Dold "Get to Work" Bus Tour: Bob Lets Them Eat Cake In Highland Park

Today marks the second day of GOP congressional candidate Bob Dold's whirlwind bus tour of the 10th Congressional District. I wasn't able to catch up with the Dold Bus until this evening, when the bus stopped in downtown Highland Park at a music festival.

In fact, I wasn't even planning on meeting the bus tonight, since I had to be downtown all day (yes, TA does have a real job), but I saw the bus go by while getting gas on Dundee Rd., and followed it to the next stop in Highland Park. What I saw while following the bus was interesting - pretty much everyone I saw on the side of the road as it drove up Green Bay Road past Ravinia into Highland Park was pointing and waving. When the bus got to HP, Bob got a very warm reception from the crowd gathered for the music festival... although I understand that none other than our good friend Ellen Beth Gill was there as well. I didn't run into her myself, but I suspect it's safe to say she didn't leave with a "Dold" sticker.

In any case, among the other fun things
going on, a Dold cake was unveiled and shared amongst the crowd. Bob has a full day planned again tomorrow, I understand, and the tour will continue into Saturday as well. Based on the positive reaction I saw tonight, I think Bob is on to something....


Anonymous said...

TA, how can Dolt "be on to something" if no one's turning up at these events. There was no one at their event at Tacqueria.

Carl Nyberg said...

Actually, Ellen and both got Dold stickers.

You can see what she wrote and what I wrote.

Carl Nyberg said...

"Ellen and I both"

Anonymous said...

Well of course Ellen and her ever present Carl would be following Bob DOLD and his bus tour. What they aren't privy to is that NOT all the stops are posted. And why should they be posted to assist the troll following the bus from the Democrats. Sad that they think THEY matter. They don't.
Ellen's piece is typical Ellen. What was simply amazing was how Bob DOLD was received by Big Bob in North Chicago, by a huge number of new friends in Waukegan. Because Bob DOLD is a small business owner he had a lot to share with other men and women who also are struggling with small business issues.
Anon, 11:31, I wonder if you'd be smiling if someone continually had the lack of good manners to misstake your last name. You, Carl and Ellen are classless. Get used to saying CONGRESSMAN DOLD. Oh yes, happily the DOLD organization won't be revealing all of today's stops. Sometimes it's good to just have some peace from the wingnuts who have nothing better to do but try to film the other guy's campaign. And nobody ever denied the fact that Ellen has a law degree. Who knows what Carl does other than follow along, write his ditto pieces to hers. Now that's a real career,folks.

Anonymous said...

I saw the stalker yesterday at two bus tour events.

The stalker from the Seals campaign with the video camera and tripod? The one at the Deerfield event who walked into the restaurant and set up his tripod in the aisle, preventing customers and waitresses from using it? Who set up his tripod to block Dold from moving around? Who was trying to film and be within 6 feet or closer to Dold at all times? THAT stalker?

The one who was asked by the owner of the place to leave for not having permission to film inside his establishment and for blocking everyone from moving around?

Its one thing to send out a stalker like the Seals campaign did to videotape away. But it begs the question: Did the Seals campaign instruct him to disrupt the campaign or merely film? If the campaign instructed him to disrupt (as he did in that restaurant) then shame on them.

The bus while on the move gets a great reaction TA. I also saw that at the locations I was at.

It was clear to me that the stalker was instructed to disrupt as he often got his camera within a few feet of Dold. I've seen other stalkers in other campaigns film from a respectable distance with the sound cranked up and the zoom lens used. This little punk wasn't doing that.

And of course, when he gets disruptive and gets called out on it, Ellen, her echo and other goofs who WANTED to see disruptions try to defend this practice.

If the Dold campaign sent out individuals to harass and stalk Seals, they would crying their eyes out in shocked horror and indignation.

The result is it reflects poorly on the Seals campaign. I would have to surmise that the stalker was given instructions and was following them if on multiple days he is continuing to behave the same way.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Louis--as someone who happens to know the tracker from the Seals campaign, I am glad to see you failed to tell the whole story. The truth, in fact, actually makes the Dold campaign seem scared, incompetent, and downright rude. The tracker, which is a campaign job that is not uncommmon in politics was actually abused by the Dold campaign as campaign volunteers placed multiple Dold bumperstickers on his car without his permission. One could argue that this unsolicited distribution of campaign material actually violates FEC rules and I would not be surprised to see the potential violation followed up on.

Beyond that, the Dold campaign physically attempted to obstruct him from doing his job and Dold's media director all but admitted to the bumper stickers being placed on his car. According to the tracker, Dold was visibly uncomfortable with the presence of a video camera and his media director also noted his frustration with TA being proven wrong and Dolt being exposed for what he is on this blog.

It is the Dold campaign that is being reflected on poorly. This man is trying to do a job that is not atypical in politics and, instead of being transparent and trusting the candidate, the Dold campaign has attempted to obstruct him from doing it and perhaps may have violated FEC rules along the way.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

TA- you could always write in your endorsed choice of Coulson!

Anonymous said...

Hey CC, I've got a photograph of the stalker in the restaurant with his tripod set up blocking everyone's way.

I'll send it on to TA so he can post it.

Stop with the tears already. Sending an immature, untrained stalker who kept putting his video camera right up to the face of Dold while he is speaking to voters is pathetic, rude, obnoxious behavior designed to obstruct HIS right to campaign for public office.

I've seen campaigns use this tactic before and they always kept a respectful distance. Not this guy.

I also saw him with a bunch of Dold stickers. Were those the same Dold stickers that allegedly ended up on his car?

Says a lot about the tactics of the Seals campaign, and their standards of ethics. Or lack thereof.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lou. I was also at a few of the events yesterday and wanted to knock the young punk out of the way. I didn't. CC is so out of line with his attacks but I'm not surprised. That's the only way they know how to behave. Bob Dold, yes, I hope they all get the spelling of his name correct, will be a great Congressman. He has what it takes.

Anonymous said...

While on his bus ride Dolt should have stopped and picked up his buddy Mark Kirk. I cant' wait until everything comes out on Dold the "small business owner and Israeli tourist"

Kirk is just as bad as Alexi

Anonymous said...

This big obnoxious bus is just plain annoying. Bob has no idea how to get America back to work. He uses the same tired talking points over and over, which were written for him by his politically connected friends he met while setting up banquets at the White House for Quayle's administration.

Yes, that's right-banquets. He didn't do any legit work at the White House, like he tries to make it look.

If he wasn't running for Congress, he'd be sitting in the house his parents bought him doing nothing with his law degree and mba from northwestern.

Everything that comes out of this man's mouth is part of the pr strategy his buddies in DC are feeding him.

Bob is a clueless, confused, empty soul without his strong network of politically-tied friends telling him what to do.

If elected, Dold with a D will have a lot of favors to return to all his "friends" who want to see him win.

Anonymous said...

The guy in the White House and his inept team have no idea how to get people back to work other than thru hiring of census workers so what in the hell are you talking about? And because Bob Dold's family was wise enough to establish the Rose Pest Control several generations ago, why is he faulted for what we all applaud as the American way of life?
Your unkind, unfounded attack of Bob Dold shows your total ignorance of a man who actualy does makes sense when he talks, a man who finds the time to work in volunteer efforts to help others, to care enough to want to serve the people of the 10th District. Oh yes, and he DOES work in the family business, his parents like many of our parents, proudly helped him purchase his home back in the day. And that's wrong?
You attack hounds are just that. You have nothing of substance to offer in Seals, you think that by tearing Bob Dold to shreds that you will elevate your side of the aisle. It just doesn't work that way. No wonder people don't really want to run for office knowing that scoundrels like you, Gill, Carl and your other buddies are standing and waiting to pounce with all your sickening attacks.
I hope you enjoy the reflection you see in your mirror.

Joe said...

You're a vindictive SOB aren't you, anonymous? Chill, buddy. You're going to stroke out with all that anger you've got.

Aaron said...

I can honestly say that I given up on all Illinois politicians. It seems that every politician tells us the same cr@p we want to hear bc it's what FOX news and Huffington Post say from each side.

Watch any candidate and you will hear the following:

"My name is John Doe and I am running for office. My platform is to: create jobs, cut taxes on small business, less big government, cut spending...blah blah blah"

In this real world it seems as if the only way to really get ahead in politics is by lying and having the scratch my back I'll scratch yours mentality. Pick your poison with Seals and Dold, Alexi, or Kirk. I'm sure they are just like the other Illinois cronies. I can't name one politician who has fully followed through on their platform because once elected they will serve their special interest. They are all the same.

Gotta love this Illinois machine bc they just keep spitting them out.

Anonymous said...

I think "vindictive SOB" is a bit more angry than my comment. sickening attack? that's going a little too far. I was just speaking the truth. And actually I am quite happy with the reflection I see in the mirror. It looks pretty damn good if I say so myself.

Anonymous said...

Can't we get a real candidate?

The Real Bob Dold

Anonymous said...

I just do not understand all the negativity.

Why are the Democrats resorting to these tactics in attempt to discredit Bob Dold and his campaigning?

If you think his bus tour is so ineffective, then time will tell at the polls. I see no reason in trying to defame what he is doing and who is stopping by to visit him and his supporters.

If his tactics are tired and lame then the just won't win. No need for you to say such negative and mean things. That is just rude.

Anonymous said...

I have to shout out to Anon 10:26 for saying what needs to be said on all sides. The negative comments posted by those who are vindictive, angry Dold and Kirk haters has reached a level never before seen or read. It's one thing to disagree with a candidate. It's quite another to go the lengths some of the posters are going in character destruction. Oh, and the 'photo' of the real Bob Dold. Shame on you.

The beauty of the American system as we once knew it is fast disappearing. Shame on all of us. Each of us has taken a position on why we support or don't support a candidate for office. The lengths some posters have gone in attacking others makes it now impossible to keep this blog in a mature and meaningful balance.
TA began this Blog to give posters a place to talk about issues. Once Gill determined that she was the only one who could post it was TA who siezed on a great opportunity for everyone to vent. Until the past year this was a great Blog to visit.
I know that TA will never censor or forbid posters to post on his Blog unless it's truly reduced to rubble talk. We're almost there.
It's disgraceful to read what some of you say about Bob Dold. What some of you are posting about our Congressman is equally way over thet top. I have heard a few compliment his outstanding record as our Congressman these past 11 years. An embellishment of an award for service he actually did receive for a conflict he actually did participate in as the unit leader has been blown sky high by the most hate-filled rhetoric ever.
We can agree that our candidate is the best choice, but it's now to the point where vicious attacks are the only posts that are finding their way here of late.
A return to civil discourse is what's urgently needed. Can we all try?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:31am--I agree with about 95% of what you have to say. But, if this blog is meant to talk about issues, why is TA making waves about Seals campaign website? (especially when Dold is guilty of the exact same thing) This isn't an issue. Websites don't shape this country.

Plus, its hard to talk issues when Dold won't answer any questions. Listen to this radio interview, yes it is conservative talk radio, but notice that Dold refuses to answer questions on social issues.

I'm done with the vitriol, but if the guy wants my vote, he needs to tell me why and so far Dold hasn't.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

1. the 10th race is not about dan seals-voters here have had 2 chances to vote on him and like him about as much as team likes catwoman. Not at all. It's about whether dold can get them to give him a shot.

2. complaining about negativity-haha. Team while biased, doesn't personally trash dan seals nor does he block commenters. In short he's a classic north burbs nice guy next door republican, you disagree with him perhaps, but he's sane and finds middle ground. Blue wind if you were a republican with your "energy" on catlady's blog, well let's just say bring a flak vest.

3. Dold needs to do more of the eric elk circa 2005 sunday strategy or what's known in dc as the schumer sunday strategy of holding press conferences when reporters have nothing else to cover. They won't cover that stuff in the fall.

Human rights is an easy one-also helps him with jewish voters, innovation another issue that plays to the base and moderates and democrats, funding for science research, I would also steal some of the ideas that andy mckenna had about making an innovation and entreprenuership leader. Much as I loathed that guy, those ideas were good and they fit dold's strengths while also allowing him to attack dc.