Wednesday, June 30, 2010

NRCC Adds Bob Dold to "Young Guns" Program

As Politico reports today, IL-10 GOP candidate Bob Dold has been selected for the NRCC's "Young Guns" program:

The thickest concentration of new “Young Guns” is in Illinois, where candidates Bob Dold, in the 10th Congressional District; Adam Kinzinger, in the 11th; and Randy Hultgren, in the 14th, all made the cut.

We'll have more on this later. Busy day today.


Anonymous said...

Great news, TA. I hope those at the 10th Dems have the decency to apologize for their disgraceful, totally untruthful attack on Bob Dold in their email today. Beware of Bob Dold. Hardly. Beware of those who fabricate vicious attacks on a guy they're terrified will handily keep the 10th District moving forward. Let's see if the 'editor' of that totally untruthful email will have the guts to set the record straight. I'm not holding my breath. Gash and her friends must be unglued to stoop to new lows. Nothing is a surprise in this cycle.
Bob Dold will make a fine Congressman. He's the kind of solid businessman we need in the Congress.

10thvoter said...

Sorry but the 10th Dems are right. Dold says he's pro choice and a moderate. Right. He's endorsed by Phyllis Schlafly and the Illinois Fed for Right to Life. Neither of those groups would endorse a pro-choice candidate.
And he has said he's not fighting to overturn Roe v. Wade because it's "unrealistic." I know zero pro-choice people who would have any faith in that kind of support.
Also, in his role as heir to an exterminating company, he has supported lobbies working to use unsafe pesticides in schools. Just what the voters of the 10th need and want.
Beware - good advice.

Anonymous said...

Commenter above, what about the fact that a Pro-Choice organization endorsed Dold?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:43, just know that what the 10th Dems throw out there is seldom ever on point. Your link is just one example. The Dold campaign needs to set the record straight, needs to come down hard and quickly on the irresponsible tactics of Gash and her crew. They knew their guy is a loser, they can't take the fact that they're stuck with Seals. Bob Dold is the real deal. In this environment and at this time, Seals represents what nobody wants now, or, to be more precise, ever did.

Blue Wind said...

Will Sarah Palin campaign for him? She is obviously his ideological ally and mentor.

Rob_N said...

Anon 6:43,

And what exactly "pro-choice" organization is that?

Republican Majority for Choice?

They appear to be about as active as a rock gathering moss. RMC's cash on hand is literally just a few bucks compared to any serious PAC. And they gave money to Dold's former primary opponent Beth Coulson as well as other failed GOP candidates such as NY's Deirdre Scozzafava.

They gave Dold half what the National Pest PAC (PDF) gave him and didn't even bother to publicize it on their site.

What remains to be answered is why Dold felt he had to tout a nothing "endorsement" by what appears to be a shell GOP group while thinking it necessary to remain quiet about his endorsements from Phyllis "you womenfolk stay barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen" Schlafly and Ill Right to Life.

Heck, Schlafly's grown children are the ones who started Conservapedia because reality was too liberal for them.

Blue Wind said...

Here is an ad about Kirk's record:

Truly remarkable record

Anonymous said...

the phyllis schlafly thing was stupid-perhaps fielding could comment on what brilliant operative told him to do that. Bob needs to understand that he's not running in 1988 indiana where people are in love with cpac also rans like schlafly, he's in liberal north shore and cultural conservatism doesn't play.

Then again most people don't know who she is much less remember what she stood for.


Team America said...

What happened to Fielding Melish, anyway? For quite some time, he was the resident Dold defender here in the TA comment pool.

Anonymous said...

Blue Wind -
Why is it that after searching high and low I cannot find anything about Alexi's outstanding military service record?...

That is right - he never served!!

Anonymous said...

Dodl was not endorsed by Schlafly. You have incorrect information.

Joe said...

Who the hell cares whether someone served in the military? That does not necessarily quality someone for elected government office. All that does is give the ex-military/current politician a double dip into government funds.

What the hell is your obsession with military men anyway?

Rob_N said...

Yes, Anon 11:11, Phyllis "self-hating woman" Schlafly's Eagle Forum DID endorse Bob Dold.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you, Joe. Your comment about who cares about serving in the military is despicable, hurtful and just plain ignorant. No, NOTHING qualifies for service in Congress or anywhere else. What DOES qualify someone is a commitment to standing in defense of our nation and our values. I hope you leave America. NOW..

Anonymous said...

I am still hoping to vote Blue Wind off the blog comments. As our beloved President would say, he's a distraction. Also an annoying Democrat propagandist who likes sparring but adds nothing to the debate.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:48, you're right on many counts. This is, of course, TA's Blog so he has the final say on who's posting and who's not. Blue, Joe, RobN have nothing to debate or discuss, but we know that about them. They are more than distractions, they make up things as they go along. Wonder how they'll spin the story on Alexi getting a tax refund. This, after taking nearly 70 MILLION dollars out of the Broadway Bank before the Feds bailed the Bank, costing US, the taxpayers in the US, over 374 MILLION DOLLARS. That's quite a guy. We won't even bother to talk about the Bright Start money lost by IL families thru his genius ability at State Treasurer. And yet they continue to babble away at how great this 34 year old guy with nothing to his credit would be as a Senator. NOT.
Gill folded her Blog because she is tired of talking to herself and the cat. That is certainly a step in the right direction. Now if we could get one of these posters to go and start their own Blog then perhaps we'd have accomplished something. We can try.

Anonymous said...


Fielding Melish, aka Philippe Melin, has been unable to comment as he is currently serving on the Dold for Congress campaign. From what I hear, they are much too busy to check this blog...

He probably hasn't posted here in a while because he was too busy posting under 'Saved By The Bell' characters on Illinois Reason. Shame he got caught there too.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Rob_N said...

Anon 11:03,

The only folks making things up as they go along are TA and his band of merry muckrakers, your anonymous self apparently included.

While I rely on facts, photos, and verifiable evidence you rely on ad hominem attacks, TA relies on pure unadulturated ... hearsay, and Dold for Congress' campaign staff waste valuable campaign time and resources leaving bogus anonymous hit-and-run comments on various blogs.

PS - It was TA himself who once tried to convince me that Mark Kirk and Dan Seals weren't so far apart that I couldn't support Kirk... Now all of a sudden TA has decided that he'd rather back someone more conservative than Kirk rather than Dan Seals who, at one time, TA acknowledged wasn't so far apart from Kirk.

Apparently when you've been drinking elephant dung kool-aid for too long it rots yer brain. ;)

PPS - Unlike Bill Brady, Alexi Giannoulias has already said he did not take full advantage of our lopsided anti-middle class tax code. Brady stretched his losses out over two years (and, perhaps, counting) in order to avoid paying taxes even in 2009 when he did earn otherwise taxable income.

If you don't like Giannoulias' ability to turn his economic losses into a no-tax year, then you and I are fighting on the same team to rectify our nation's embarassingly lopsided anti-middle class tax codes.

Finally, the Bright Start program, like similar programs in several other states, was victim of fraud by a bank that was too big to fail.

It was Giannoulias, not the other state treasurers, who found the fraud, called out the perpetrator at the bank, and fought to recoup some of the lost assets.

This all happened while Mark Kirk was lying to his constituents, including TA and myself, about being shot at by imaginary Iraqis and almost being shot at by phantom gang-banger pre-schoolers, or was it middle schoolers at an exclusive private school in London?

Joe said...

From Anon...
I hope you leave America. NOW..

July 3, 2010 7:23 AM

No such luck for you, buddy. My ancestors have been in this country since the 1600's and have fought in every major war for this country, starting with the Revolutionary War. So I do know a bit about the military's mission of securing our country.

Unfortunately, Kirk doesn't. He is only a cheerleader for an illegal & immoral war that he has used to boost his weak military career. That's not what true patriots do.

Happy 4th of July.