Tuesday, June 22, 2010

VP Biden Drones On at Seals Fundraiser; Alexi Protested for Bright Start Failures

VP Joe "Say it ain't so" Biden was in town yesterday for a pair of Democratic fundraisers, first for 10th Congressional Congressman Dan Seals, and another for U.S. Senate candidate and current State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias.

According to the media reports, Biden droned on for 40 minutes at the Seals event. He sounded a little defensive... perhaps even desperate... that the Dems seem to have lost momentum and some faith going into the November midterm elections:

Speaking for nearly 40 minutes before about 200 supporters at the Seals event, Biden said he might have "gone on so long" because "I'm so frustrated that Democrats are getting a little down in the mouth, because there's no reason to."

Biden also acknowledged that now is the time in which Democrats are "most vulnerable," referring, I assume to the midterm elections, in which the president's party traditionally loses seats.

Biden kept it a little shorter for Alexi. He's a "stand-up candidate," according to Biden. Since Biden flew in and out, he probably missed the Alexi protesters outside the Metropolitan Planning Council's annual luncheon complaining about the millions of dollars in college savings that Treasurer Giannoulias lost on his watch:

At the same luncheon where Alexi appeared, Congressman Mark Kirk also spoke, and tacitly acknowledged his recent issues with his military record, but also took a poke at Alexi's banking problems with his family's failed (not sold) Broadway Bank:

But Kirk seemed to hint at the controversy during his address when he recited a list of facts about the tough economy and other challenges facing the nation.

"Some may wonder if I've exaggerated the last points," Kirk said.

He also was quick to take a jab at Giannoulias, who has proposed using money to come from the oil industry to modernize the nation's infrastructure, including roads and rail systems, by setting up a special fund or bank.

"At least the FDIC wouldn't close that bank," Kirk cracked to groans and some chuckles from the audience.

Unfortunately, the media seems to have focused more on Kirk's exit from the event, which many of the MSM deemed a bit hasty. Some pundits in Chicago indeed had more than a little fun with describing Kirk's departure. But, hey, Kirk's an easy target right now for those who make their living throwing jabs at politicians.

According to the AP, "Kirk spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski said in an e-mail that he was there for the event and had other items on his schedule."

My final thought on all of this is that Seals wasn't even important enough to have any protesters show up at his event. You first need to take a stand before anyone can criticize you for your position on the issues, and you need to take some actions before anyone can criticize them.

Of course, seeing Alexi's track record, maybe Seals is on to something.


Rob_N said...

Larry Falbe says, "You first need to take a stand before anyone can criticize you for your position on the issues, and you need to take some actions before anyone can criticize them."

...So why does your blog exist? ;)

Heck, several of your most recent posts contain blatant lies and ad hominem criticisms against Seals.

And at least he's got the cajones to shake your hand and give you a "hearty hello" (even knowing how much you despise him) as opposed to Dold who hides behind his entourage runs away from anyone that might ask him a question.

If Dold can't even handle a few local residents how the heck is he going to handle Capitol Hill?

He'll be eaten alive without his entourage around to shield him from us "small people" in the real world.

Anonymous said...

Rob N:

"So why does your blog exist? ;)" Really??

Why are you reading the blog? If you expect TA's blog to be a pro Dan Seals blog, you're nuts! That's Ellen's blog.

Blue Wind said...

Hey TA,
Check out this video It is a must see.

Running to avoid questions? through the kitchen? LOL
Not even Sarah Palin did that. Sorry, but Kirk is no longer a serious candidate. The misrepresentation of his record on so many issues is a huge problem that creates major doubts about his credibility altogether.

Rob_N said...

Anon 7:48... Try a little reading comprehension every now and then. :)

Falbe said "You first need to take a stand before anyone can criticize you for your position on the issues, and you need to take some actions before anyone can criticize them"

Yet Falbe with his holier than thou attitude has been criticizing and lying about Seals for years.

If Seals hasn't done anything to be critical about (as Falbe first said) why does Falbe have such a fetish for the guy?

madame defarge said...

Amazing reporting. I was actually there at the Biden event and I sure don't remember it being anything like what you've written. Context is everything, TA. And as has been said many times before, you're entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.

And cheer up. Maybe you can get Cheney or Sarah to come stump for Dold or Kirk.

Anonymous said...

TA, you have to laugh. The Madame, Rob, Blue Bag have all come over here to see if they can rile us up, cause some kind of angst or worse. YOUR description of the Alexi/Seals event was spot on since several attendees have verified your account of it all. I especially like how Biden left the Union League Club. Great photos of the event, TA. Hmmmmmm, the Tribune had nothing but the entourage of cars leaving via the alley.
The Madame and the Wind Bag are really humorous to read. They've come over here since nobody but THEM reads the catwoman's crap.

Rob_N said...

Anon 10:03,


Why would people who donated to Seals be agreeing with Falbe's bizarre take on it?

Your failed attempt at comedy makes no sense.

Unfortunately, sending a bunch of bored interns to stand around and hold up pre-manufactured signs isn't an indication of "protest" -- it's a lame attempt at astroturf.

Dold and Falbe are getting quite the reputation as liars, just like someone else from the 10th.

Besides, Anon, shouldn't you be working on Dold's next big bus tour or maybe trying to explain on some local news blog why the GOP supports offshoring American jobs or something...

Anonymous said...

ROBN, Dold and Falbe are liars because ... YOU SAY SO! Oh, now I understand. YOU ARE A TWO-BIT BLOGGER NOBODY READS!

you Blue, Carl and the rest are getting hysterical over this blog. Must be doing a great job..

Anonymous said...

"Rob_N" is this you


sounds like you are the one with the reputation as a liar

Anonymous said...

more lies from RobN


Anonymous said...

and still more


Anonymous said...

and it doesn't end


Anonymous said...

So now we know the truth about Rob N. TA, you have to pat yourself on the back for allowing these miserable people to spout their vicious attacks on your Blog. Maybe it's time to re-think your position when it comes to Rob and a few others. Hating is one thing. But a couple of these posters need not be given space to spew their filth. Please think it over, TA. Let Rob N, and the ill mannered Madame stay over where they truly belong: Ellen Beth Gill is the right place for them. Enough is truly enough of their attacks.

Anonymous said...

Rob N tries but usually misses the point.

If I read the newspaper accounts and saw the TV accounts correctly, Biden was coming in for Seals. He then added Giannoulias. Two stops for the VP in one day. Give Biden credit here for making that effort.

The press concentrated on Biden's appearance before Giannoulias' event which drew 60 people. Seals was barely mentioned in most of the articles and TV news accounts and he drew 200 at his event!

Biden ONLY drew 60 people for Giannoulias? Biden ONLY drew 200 for Seals?

Time Out!

When Former VP Quayle came in for Dold during a contested primary, he drew DOUBLE what the current VP Biden drew for Seals?

In fact, Quayle OUTDREW BIDEN 400 to 260! And Biden had TWO EVENTS to Quayle's ONE? (Hint: I was at the Quayle event and counted.)

Isn't that the real story here?

Louis G. Atsaves

Rob_N said...

Wow Anon. Thanks for pointing out some of the most irrational posts your conservative friends have to offer.

If you bothered to read my posts on the topic you'd see how I quickly dissected the weak points made by Dienhart, Mannis and the others.

Perhaps you don't understand the difference between someone who lies (like Bob Dold lying about who did or didn't pay for the vice president when he himself used to be Dan Quayle's intern) versus someone who points out their lie and tells the truth instead.

That's not my problem, it's yours "Anonymous".

By the by, Dienhart loved me so much he was stalking me for a while - even called my office and broadcast when I was or wasn't home to the whole world. Classy.

And, Mannis was seeking thousands of dollars in "donations" so he could keep blogging. Apparently he isn't making enough money selling his deranged t-shirts bashing Obama.


And Louis, what was your point?

I made my points clear for anyone with common sense and a rational mind.

"Anonymous" seems incapable of comprehending such.

No one was talking about how many people showed up to which event. I was talking about Larry Falbe speaking out of both sides of his mouth regarding Dan Seals (again).

Anonymous said...

1. There's no need for team america bashing. You can dislike congressman kirk, but team america has done nothing to you and out of respect for him, please keep it civil and clean. He disagrees with you but even carl is not subject to the sort of attacks catlady used to do to him or others.

2. King Louis Astaves the alexi ellen and pup slayer, you are wrong here. 60 people for the biden funder often means they had to raise 25-30k to be at that dinner. At the bigger events they often include staff in the totals to boost numbers for lesser candidates. I am sure Dold included his aunt edna who he didn't make pay at his quayle event.

3. What is relevant is that obama has done 4 fundraisers for barbara boxer and a number of other senators and candidates-way more than alexi even though this seat should be a top priority. In politics time and location are currency and obama is spending it, just not here which is the best tell tale sign of where we stand.


Team America said...

FOKLAEAPS - thanks for sticking up for me, but from what I can see from the links that someone posted above, Rob_N has a long, long track record of bashing those that don't agree with him and has anointed himself the answer to All Things Republican, which explains why all of a sudden he's fixated on this blog. Clearly he and his ilk are worried about what we are doing here, and have perhaps figured out that perhaps we have made a difference in the past. That puts Team America on their list.

Believe me, if he was really getting under my skin, I would just delete him. You don't get far as a lawyer if you let yourself be bothered by the likes of him.

Blue Wind said...

Hey TA,
I think Kirk is an impressive candidate. Do you know if he was won any major award recently? Like a Nobel or something? Just curious.
He is certainly an excellent runner. And his running capabilities are also discussed
in the Chicago Tribune.

Team America said...

Yes, Blue Wind, that was yesterday's news. Ya got anything new?

Blue Wind said...

There is every day a new exaggeration or misrepresentation of Kirk that comes out. There 8-9 so far? How many, I lost count. I will check for a new one tomorrow and let you know. Cheers :)

Team America said...

Fair enough. I just want to avoid any retreads.

Anonymous said...

FOKLAEAPS, I saw the "invitation" for the Biden-Giannoulias affair. No way that amount of cash was raised. I guess when the info is reported we will know for sure.

Rob N, the current Vice-President draws smaller crowds than the Constitution Party does in Illinois? Than Dan Quayle did? And you missed THAT point?

OK, then!

Louis G. Atsaves

Rob_N said...

Louis, I didn't miss your point. You just switched the subject to avoid my point.


Larry, When people lie other folks with a conscience tend to point it out.

The liars, such as yourself, usually don't like it.

Still others, like Dold staffer "Anonymous", try to switch the topic to something else.

And, yes, sadly with the press in Kirk's pocket (and now on his payroll, literally) this blog and others were able to help him pull the wool over folks' eyes.

Such is life.

When cons stop lying us rational folks will have no reason to point out that you're lying.

Any time you're ready to stop lying we can debate actual issues like what we can do to help convince the GOP that they should stop apologizing to BP and stop trying to cover up for their corporate masters in Big Oil.

I seem to recall Bob Dold's friend John Boehner had something to say about us taxpayers giving BP a little somethin-somethin for causing their poor oil well so much trouble ... until he was called out on it and backpedaled like Mark Kirk running from reporters.

Team America said...

Rob, it's interesting that all the liars you dig up are Republicans. You throw that word around pretty easily, it seems.

How about looking at Seals and his lies, since you brought up Boehner. Oh, yeah, I forgot, we already addressed that here.

Anonymous said...

It's so damn annoying that you're going to go back and forth with such a one way twit at Rob N. TA, please spare those of us who really enjoy this Blog and get him off of here and let him post anywhere those of his ilk remain. He implies things with no merit. Who on the Kirk staff is part of the media? Like Gill, this man makes up things as he goes along. Like Gill, he is obnoxious, a total partisan goon with his own agenda. I know you like to be fair, but this is now so over the top one-sided and not credible that you're sullying your Blog with his crap. End it, please.

Anonymous said...

TA, you are my friend -- going back several campaigns ago for lesser known candidates BUT I'm ready to stop reading you. Carl Nyberg and Blue Wind are bad enough but now this nut case Rob N is way too much. End this now or I'm going to delete this blog from my favorites!
P.S. B&B sure smelled something good on my leg the other night!

Baxter and Beau's Mom

Team America said...

B&BM, and other TA fans - look guys, we've dealt with the Carls, Robs, Concerned Colonials, Blue Winds, and many others on this blog. Most of them have given up and gone away after a while, once they got tired of debating and figured out we weren't going to be intimidated into silence. But, even if they don't leave on their own, we're not kicking them off (at least not for anything they have done so far).

Why not?

#1) I still think having them around is better because it motivates our troops by seeing the drivel they put out, and gives us something to counter, and more importantly, #2) Ellen banned me from her blog precisely because she couldn't handle the debate. We're not going to shy away from a fight here.

Bring it on.

Anonymous said...

While I get your point, TA, and I continue to admire and respect you for allowing these fools to spit out pure crap, our working for and commitment to Mark Kirk, Bob Dold and everyone else on the team who truly matters should not be spurred on by these malcontents. Like Gill, these people mean nothing, offer nothing, take up space and time and that's something to consider. I'm sure that the catwoman appears here under some other name. And why not. She might be a lawyer but she brings disgrace to the title by what she says and who she is. Ditto for RobN, Blue Bag, Carl and the ever present Madame. Losers, all of them. Let's see if we can get back to discussing real issues. Those things have no issues other than character assault without any redeeming qualities to their posts. But, TA, this IS your Blog and you are entitled to post whatever you deem right and proper. Let's move forward.

Joe said...

Busted! I recognize one of the kids at the protest. I KNOW he's an intern for Kirk and I can prove it.