Friday, June 18, 2010

Media Attention Forces Dan Seals to Remove Misleading Endorsement from His Campaign Website

While the blogosphere can be a powerful medium for effecting change and revealing issues that the main stream media won't or can't (due to lack of resources) focus on, sometimes the only thing that will give a candidate a kick in the pants is call from a good old-fashioned print reporter.

As we discussed a few days ago, the Democratic nominee for the 10th Congressional District, Dan Seals, was busted once again for using an old, misleading endorsement on his website, which applied to a prior election, and a different opponent (Democrat Julie Hamos), than Bob Dold, the current GOP nominee who Seals must face in the general election. I say again, because the same thing happened when Seals was running against Hamos, and used stale endorsements on his website. Seals did nothing to change his website when we called him on it back during the primary, and he did nothing to change it this time, either, until the Daily Herald called him about it yesterday.

Of course, when the DH called, the Seals campaign immediately labeled it an "oversight," and took down the endorsement.

I love the double standard applied by the Dems. Anything their guys do is a "mistake" or oversight. No harm done, nothing to see here, please move on. But when our guys make mistakes... well, you've heard of Armageddon, right?


Blue Wind said...

Hey Team America,
What's wrong with Mark Kirk? Seriously. Did you notice the new lies/exaggerations that came out about teaching? Did you see this article in the Chicago Tribune?

Seriously, are n't you concerned by all this? We are talking about a systematic distortion/exaggeration of his record. What does that say about Kirk? How can he be trusted to be in the senate?

Team America said...

Blue Wind - if you aren't bothered by a mobbed-up failed banker who lost millions of dollars in Illinois family's college savings, then no, I'm not bothered by anything the far-superior Mark Kirk has said or done.

You know what really does bother me?

The thought of that bumbler Dan Seals actually trying to represent me in Congress.

Anonymous said...

TA--just accept that Seals will win. Coulson 2012?

Anonymous said...

Blue Bag of Wind, you KNOW that Kirk was a teacher in London. He has every record to prove it, he has students who are adults today to verify his teaching and the impact he made on their lives. You are so full of hot air that it's really getting dull and boring. TA and the thousands of Kirk supporters are happy to stand tall with the next Senator from IL who will bring some much needed leadership to that Seat. Get over it, Wind Bag, you are yesterday's news.

Team America said...

"TA--just accept that Seals will win."

Anon 8:29 - And just what should I base that conclusion on? His past record of success??? Ha ha ha.

Blue Wind said...

Anon 8:35 AM,
I dont know in what reality you live, but you seem totally out of touch. There are so many lies/exaggerations that have surfaced about Kirk that he has lost completely credibility. Kirk is becoming a huge embarrassment for the republican party. Blumenthal lied once, but in the case of Kirk there are at least 5-6 lies about his military record and now we learn that there are lies/exaggerations about his teaching record. Sorry, but it is getting to the point that Kirk is no longer a serious candidate.

Regarding Giannoulias, there is essentially nothing REAL against him. Only smears about the bank of his family. Just in case you or TA missed it, Giannoulias family is not running for the senate. Giannoulias is. The inability to find anything against him and resort to criticizing his family shows that he is a good candidate.

Team America said...

Right, right, Blue. Alexi had nothing at all to do with Broadway bank. Except when he was running for State Treasurer and made all those loans as the bank's senior loan officer, and campaigned almost exclusively on that experience.

What a difference a few years and changed circumstances make.

Rob_N said...

Falbe, are you really this daft?

Dold still has "it doesn't apply today" Tribune endorsement on his homepage.

Team America said...

Hi Rob - did Seals have the complete endorsement article with date linked directly from the click-through button on his website, like Dold does?

Team America said...

BTW, Rob, if you can prove to me that Seals' quote was set up in the same way on his website, I'll retract everything. But I don't believe it was, since I recall I had to go digging for the actual endorsement piece on the Daily Herald website.

Anonymous said...

Giannoulias was the senior loan officer responsible for the defaulted loan to mobster jaws and his partner, both of whom were on their way to jail at the time the loan was being made.

It took him a while to admit to it.

Now Blue Wind wants to spin that one and many others away? That Giannoulias himself was responsible for 10% of the defaulted loans at the bank, even though he left the bank four years ago?

That's some legacy he left behind.

And Giannoulias also still owned shares of stock in Broadway Bank. It wasn't just the "family" bank. It was HIS bank too!'

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

And let's not forget what Alexi has done with Bright Start money. You know, Blue wind bag, you folks just like to make it appear that your guy is above it all. Well, get real. Alexi is so flawed that it's laughable that you and your buddies even try to portray him as a good guy.
Why do you continue to beat a dead issue on Mark Kirk's teaching of kids in London and in Ithac? You truly like to make things up as you go along. You're not funny, you're not clever and you're not going to destroy what Mark Kirk has done for this district over the past 11 years. I am sickened by your biased and truly embarrassing attacks on Kirk's record of success for all of us who've been fortunate to have him as our Congressman since 2001.
Alexi offers nothing. Seals even less. Voters in this district will prove again that all the crap, all the mud you viciously sling at him will not stick to him. It WILL show the voters that Mark Kirk and Bob DOLD are the electable gentlemen.

Anonymous said...


I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

You want to debate issues, lets talk issues. You want to debate candidate resume, lets talk resume. You want to debate the candidates' ideas, lets talk ideas.

This is garbage, the lowest of the low and members of your own party agree with me. I'm glad you called your GOP buddy at the Herald and convinced him to run the story to distract from Kirk's lies and Dold's lack of any substance.

I openly challenge you or any one of yours or Dolt's cronies to pick an issue and start the discussion. Otherwise, you're just another GOP blow-hole like Kirk or Bush that only cares about your own agenda and will say anything to see your name in a newspaper.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Rob_N said...

Falbe, I answered your weak excuse at Illinois Reason.

Bottom line, you were complaining about Seals' homepage.

Homepage to homepage Dold is doing the exact same thing you're whining about.

Anonymous said...

CC, you reveal yourself to be a fraud and a hack. You complain about the lowest of the low and then refer to Dold and Dolt. Look in the mirror if you truly want to see low. I mean name calling, does it get anymore juvenile and low than that?

I mean really.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:19 I want to thank you for stating the best line of the day. CC, Blue, Ellen, Carl,DeFarge, the damn cat all know one thing and it's called disgraceful, dishonest attacks on Bob DolD and Mark Kirk. They amuse themselves by talking to themselves. Gill is perhaps the lowest, even lower than CC. For years she has fixated on Mark Kirk. Yesterday she and her attack hound side kick tried to derail a great day for the DolD campaign. She and her few hate filled mongers just made fools of themselves as they generally do.
The answer from the voters on November 2 is all that matters. In about 136 days or so we will know who the voters want in the Senate and the 10th District. If any of us believes that we have the answer to how this will end, I have a bridge to sell you.
Until then, keep the discourse honest, the name of Bob Dold spelled correctly, and let the man with the most support win the election.

Rob_N said...

Media Attention Forces Bob Dold to Remove Misleading Endorsement from His Campaign Website.

Pots and kettles...