Monday, June 7, 2010

Ward Room Blog Covers Team America vs. Ellen of the Tenth on Kirk Kerfuffle

Thanks to a huge shout-out from NBC's Ward Room blog, chronicling the recent battle for the hearts and minds of Internet readers everywhere on the Kirk military award confusion (is he a military hero or is it all mere puffery?) that has been going on the last few weeks between Team America and our arch-nemesis, Ellen of the Tenth:

Mark Kirk, Midwestern moderate, is a more polarizing figure than we imagined.

So polarizing, in fact, his every move is followed by two diametrically opposed bloggers: a hatist, dedicated to portraying him as a dishonest hypocrite, and a #1 fan, dedicated to convincing readers that no matter what happens, Kirk isn't as bad as Alexi Giannoulias.

They certainly pegged Ellen as a "hatist" alright. And #1 fan does describe me pretty well, although commentors FOKLAEAPS and "Beau and Baxter's Mom" are always in the running as well.

But, little does the Ward Room know that the latest flap regarding Kirk is just Round #237 in the three-year long battle for truth, justice and the American Way that we have been having with our friend Ellen, and her new sidekick Carl Nyberg, although they do acknowledge that Ellen has been trashing Kirk since 2005.

Whatever you may think off all of this, it proves what we've known here for a long time: Mark Kirk is a man well worth following.


Anonymous said...

Ellen and now her accomplice, Carl, fail to understand one basic principle: everyone has at least one redeeming quality. That she has continually trashed this guy with every ugly statement she could make causes her to lose all credibility. She is fixated on Mark Kirk, has never found a decent word to say about the many fine accomplishments he's earned over the years. To her, and now to Carl, he's worse than the devil. I wonder if she read today's piece in the Sun Times. Bet not. That she refuses to post anything other than what fits her character asassination of Mark Kirk speaks volumes about her and it's hardly flattering. TA, you've been gracious in allowing her, under some assumed name I'm sure, Blue Wind Bag and the other trashers to post whatever nasty things they want to say. You have class. She is classless. But it's fun, TA, in a sick kind of way to know that she's sitting in her condo with the cat on her lap trying to come up with some sinister thing to accuse Mark Kirk of perpetrating on all of us. I get a kick out of thinking about what's going to come out of her sick mind in her next post. Hey, does Carl work or is he paid to just troll along and see if he can uncover some odd things to think, say and write. They do make a wonderfully odd couple, don't they.

Mark said...

Wow. What a model commenter you are, anonymous. I'll bet all those new people who might be checking out these blogs are very impressed with your unbiased, kind words about those who don't agree with your position.

Team America said...

Hi Mark: Welcome to Team America. You will have to forgive Anon 7:06, but if you spend any time here, and if you happen to saunter over to Ellen's Blog to see what she's all about, you will see that Kirk fans have to put up with a lot. And even if we get a bit zealous sometimes, you will also note that we allow comments from those who do not necessarily agree with our views, even including Ellen's new Boy Wonder, Carl Nyberg, which you won't be finding at her blog. So I will have to ask you for a little slack.

Anonymous said...

Alexi G., lost millions as State Treasurer, as Banker heloaned money to mobsters and took out millions in dividends from a family bank that taxpayers have now had to bail out.

I also recently heard some very gross stories from former high school classmates of his at the Latin School. A real perv if 1/2 the stories I heard are true. And trust me, folks are checking into it.

Anonymous said...

After mrs. team america, and king louis astaves the alexi ellen and pup slayer, I think I am the longest and best fan of this blog so let me say that this was


Fan of King Louis Astaves the alexi ellen and pup slayer.

Anonymous said...

actually this is an 11 year smear campaign that began when shawn margaret donnelly attacked the congressman over an internship, continued through the blowup of the gash campaign when her husband nearly left her and they were thisclose to getting divorced because of affairs she had while in springfield and continued through her during before the goon lee goodman brought the serious wackos out.

sorry to correct you, but this is an 11 year attack by them

interestingly kirk's never done jail time like jan's husband or had an oopsie baby-one that he was not expecting-like lauren beth gash, and unlike catwoman both he and his wife attended top law schools and were offered jobs in high powered firms.

Perhaps that's why he's our next senator and catlady screams and types at her cat.


Team America said...

11 years for Ellen but only 3 for TA being in the trenches on this blog, unless you also want to count the year on Ellen's blog commenting before she decided she couldn't handle the truth, and banned me from commenting.

I wonder what Ellen did for kicks before Mark Kirk came along?

Anonymous said...

Starting an intresting rumor, FOKLAEAPS, or good news to share?

Your last post seems to indicate that Kirk has a wife and a child or children, or is expecting one.

Anonymous said...

Let me enlighten you, Mark. No, I am not some vicious attack dog like Ellen and Carl. I had hoped that when Blogs first hit the Internet that we would have some decency, some fairness. You are obviously new to the warped world of Ellen Beth Gill. I stand by my comments at 7:06 tonight. If you are offended by my remarks, get over it and go back in time and read her totally biased, impossibly vicious attacks on Kirk from the moment he defeated Lauren Beth Gash. I might note that she never had the class to call Kirk and congratulate him on his win that night. And then the attacks came at a relentless pace. So, Mark, just understand that a majority of the voters in this district do approve of Mark Kirk, have re-elected him 5 times to the US House, think he's head and shoulders above all those who have tried to unseat him. That's what has driven Gash, Gill, Madame DeFarge, Carl, several other hard core Democrats who simply are filled with hate and disdain that they could not win the seat for their side. Gill has never used a capital R when referring to a Republican. How juvenile. How sad that she lacks the respect and the maturity to recognize that Republicans are people just like Democrats. I might remind you, Mark, that to get respect you really have to give respect. If my earlier comments offended you, that's your problem. I stated what's been obvious and evident from the beginning of her attack Blog. Prove me wrong. Show me any post over the years where she or her cohorts have said one kind word about Republicans or Congressman Mark Kirk.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Ellen a "hater" and then she posts a comment on that site beaming over her hate comments!

Louis G. Atsaves

Team America said...

Yes, Lou, and (according to the comments on that blog) she actually thought it was a compliment! That ought to tell the Ward Room blog just about everything anyone needs to know about Ellen.

Anonymous said...

Lou and TA, how many ways can one say the word disgraceful. Ellen and Helen Thomas share more than one trait in common. Guess which two they share!

Anonymous said...

I have'nt posted in ages since I try not to get upset, angry, you name it over the fact that my dear friend TA allows those Kirk haters to post but I can't let this go.

Carl Nyberg, Ellen's henchman, has now achieved his moment of Chicagoland fame -- on the Ch 7 early news Monday with a small group of people demanding an apology. Someone actually said they had thousands of supporters to their cause as it was done over the weekend on internet chat rooms and blogs. Does this sound like a page from the Manchurian Candidate's campaign playbook?
God help us if this is how our campaigns are going to be run. This is not the America I grew up in!

Am I a Kirk believer, supporter, fan, volunteer YES! And I count Mark Kirk as a friend. So he made some mistakes and puffed himself up a bit but don't all of us? I know I have. Mark has done so much good for this country -- what has Alexi done except make loans to mobsters and lose college savings funds, oh yes and play basketball when Mark was serving out country.

Let's get on with the real issues, jobs, national security, terrorists, the economy, illegal immigration and stop all the rest of this nastiness.

Baxter and Beau's Mom

Anonymous said...

You've got to love that more than accurate description of the catwoman, HATIST. Ellen Beth Gill has earned that moniker. She exceeds and surpasses it with every new post. Now she's attacking Kirk on the VA Hospital. Her vile language and her totally out of line statements are more fictions of her twisted thinking. There's more than enough proof of what Mark Kirk did to guarantee that the VA Hospital was not closed. She's a true revisionist. I like the HATIST best of all.

Anonymous said...

It's not worth it, mark is on the doorstep of the us senate which some of us going back to the fall of 1999 when corinne wood was looking at the race and chris kennedy was being recruited by his cousin, then dccc chief patrick kennedy, would have dreamed of, but doubted given the decline of the state party.

The focus now is now on going back on offense and destroying alexi and seals. Dold needs to get off the kenilworth golf course and start working the district. Dan went to this helen thomas fundraiser with jan last month, he should already have called on dan to dump his ties to jan. He was dead silent on the israel-gaza flotilla thing which was stupid because that was an easy earned media hit given his trip. he's starting to remind me of mike mccaskey running the bears in the 80's and 90's, all pedigree no perspiration when it comes time to fight.

Mark needs to start hitting alexi again, bears do not hibernate in summer and neither should candidates for the senate, he needs to get out there and campaign and start using a very favorable political environment the way dan used the iraq war enviornment against him so that we don't spend the rest of the campaign hearing the whining from the liberal msm.

good to see you baxters mom.


Anonymous said...

Carl Nyberg, Ellen's henchman, has now achieved his moment of Chicagoland fame -- on the Ch 7 early news Monday with a small group of people demanding an apology.

You're delusional, Baxter & Beau's Mom.

Do you really believe that there is a "balance" or a "win" in additional readers going to Ellen's site AND this site?

Do you think that that SITUATION is not going to harm Kirk's candidacy ?

This blog: rumors and gloating and complacency.

Ellen's blog: writing that "sounds" factual.

Get REAL. And F*** Folkleaps, or whatever abbreviation he's using today.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. That last post...

... Anonymous ?

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Nyberg put his foot in his mouth today over at Capitol Fax in the Blagojevich trial comments.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

BTW, Fokleaps:

"Fan boy" says it all, and I have no idea who would even THINK of following any "FAN" as a "thought leader".

I suppose you can try your hand at an Illinois rag re: "who's dating who" and "who wore what" at "what party" ala DC.

Good luck.

Candace doesn't even do well in that regard here.

Badge of Honor said...

So, i popped on over to see what Ellen and Co. are bloviating about today. There is a post about Bradley Manning an Army intel analyst who has been detained for allegedly leaking classified dod video to wikileaks. We do not the whole story yet - but he told a former hacker that he leaked a quarter-million classified embassy cables. The wired story is here:

In his post Carl calls Manning a hero.

Ellen, in comments says "It's bad to see someone prosecuted for doing the right thing when Kirk got accolades for doing the wrong thing for years."

I have been amazed over the years at the outrageous nonsense suggested over there but this needed special mention because i think it demonstrates a fundamental disconnect in the Gil/Nyberg world view. This post and Ellen's comment clearly demonstrate they think that service in the US military is inherently wrong unless as a service member you commit what amounts to high-treason and endanger national security.

I am truly astonded.

Anonymous said...

Have you served in the military BoH? Carl Nyberg is a veteran.

Wouldn't it have been great if Germans refused to execute Jews during WW2? Wouldn't it be great if U.S. military personnel actually upheld the constitution they are sworn to protect against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC? Instead, we call military personnel who take seriously their oath "traitors," and our government puts them in jail. Pathetic. Truly pathetic.

Interestingly, people with zero first hand military experience are usually the first ones to make such accusations.

Carl Nyberg said...

Dude, I've been on TV before. It's not a big deal. Love, Ellen's Henchman

Anonymous said...

Henchman, or whipping boy, more likely.

Anonymous said...

tenth dems had their best shots in 00,06 and 08 when the gop was falling off a cliff and democrats had no ownership of government for us to hit back at. After 8 years of the weeding out of the trash of the gop- the hastert - mckenna- lahood - dillard ect wing and 8 years of democrat failure here and in dc we are starting to see the gop rise again in the states the democrats stole from us starting with clinton in 1992. Whether mark comes out of hiding and starts campaigning like a guy running for senate with a staff that shows it can hit major league pitching is beside the fact. Carl's talking about this crap, when what he's really ignoring is how badly his team screwed up this state.

I have barf in my mouth thinking about how pathetic susan garrett, karen may, dan seals, schoenberg and whatever other local dems show their faces for 4th of july parades are going to look trying to tell people they are doing a good job.



Anonymous said...

YES, Foklaeps, your apt description of how you feel about the past 10 years is accurate and sad. These wingnuts on the other side of the aisle thought they had the election in the bag in 2000. Gash was thunderstruck that Kirk won and she never recovered from that defeat.
Fast forward to 2010 and what's coming in about 146 days. Although Gill, her lackey, Carl, and the bunch at the 10th Dems feel is the way forward because Mark Kirk exaggerated an award he actually did receive more than a decade ago, they, not he, are misguided.
While you like to poke holes and shoot some daggers at the Kirk campaign staff, let me assure you, Foklaeps, they are totally motivated and on target to win this election in November. They are more than an able team. Believe it.
Mark Kirk exaggerated but he's not now nor has he ever been someone who lies. Gill, Carl and those other folks do, routinely, shout out, write about, make up some of the most egregious untruths about Kirk and his record both in the district and in service to our country.
Am I 100% pleased that Mark stretched the facts on that award for service many years ago? I wish it had not come out as reported. I also wish that I had lived, do live each day without making errors. I forget: Ellen, Carl, the Madame, Blue and those other paragons of virtue have never made exaggerated statements. THEY do lie.
Foklaeps, count on Mark Kirk and his campaign doing one great job in stating the issues that our nation is facing,talking about a deficit that can't even be understood, much less addressed by rational people other than the Obama folks, and coming up with real time solutions to problems. Let Ellen, Carl, et al continue to beat a dead drum as their only issue at a time when our nation is in need of the kind of leadership Mark Kirk can and will provide.
It's sad that the other side continues to nitpik and not address problems. But wait, that IS the problem. They are so filled with hate that they can't see the proverbial forest for the trees.
It's truly a contest between a proven leader and a thug of a guy who thinks that giving loans to crooks is the American way. NOT.

Anonymous said...

this was a fuckup that nearly cost him the campaign. if not for the blago trial, every political journalist in the state would be rummaging through kirk statements over the last 10 years -how did he meet his wife-was he really a teacher in london ect, wounding him by 1,000 cuts. It was a fundamental and they screwed up. When you have no margin for error those things can cost you.

I said to watch for polling from team alexi showing damage because they are very very very very very desperate right now which is why they used this attack early. We haven't seen anything yet which is a good sign. Even better would be polling from mark showing that this has blown over.

On the plus side, you have seen A LOT of people that closely cover the hill, not the least of which is a very very very very liberal anti-republican blogger known as wonkette or anne marie cox who now writes for time and msnbc basically come to Mark's defense saying that while she doesn't know him very well she had heard he as a sterling reputation on the hill. People that know him in dc with the exception of the vapid aging lynn sweet, largely like and respect him and as they pay more attention to this race, that reputation will endure more than this mud.

Team you are far too kind to note me in your post. I would argue however that louis astaves, baxters mom, and hundreds others who read this blog and have worked their ends of for the congressman-including the staff-are far more deserving of praise, and as some have noted I am critical once in awhile here.