Friday, June 18, 2010

Dan Sugrue's Campaign Office to Host Grand Opening This Saturday

Green Oaks attorney Dan Sugrue, who is making his second bid at the 59th legislative district seat (now held by the appointed Carol Sente in the wake of Kathy Ryg's resignation), will hold a grand opening event for his new campaign headquarters, this Saturday after the Libertyville Parade ends.


Saturday, June 19th 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
following the Libertyville Days Parade


141 W. Townline Road (corner of Rte. 60 & Aspen)
Vernon Hills


Blue Wind said...

I am sorry but it seems that there are more bad news for your candidate.

Now the New York Times reports that Kirk's claim that he was a "teacher" was another exaggeration . LOL.

Even worse, it now seems that reprublican/rconservative sites openly denounce Kirk. See this in Redstate . They are attacking simultaneously the credibility of both Kirk and Giannoulias. They also quote a recent poll in IL, which showed that only 10% (!!) believe the claims of Kirk about his military record, while 45% think he was lying. Read the article.

I am sorry, but things dont look good for Kirk. In the last poll he is no longer ahead (Giannoulias 31%, Kirk 30% and Jones 14%).

And before some here start attacking me for quoting those facts and calling me names, lets remember that these are facts posted in a conservative/republican site. Is Redstate a site run by "Kirk haters"? Are conservatives "Kirk haters"?

Team America said...

Blue Wind, I think you are reading a little more into that Redstate post than there is. Yes, Kirk certainly has had his detractors amongst conservatives, and some of them definitely "hate" him. You can read such comments at Illinois Reason from time to time, but as far as I can tell, it's usually the same few "haters" over and over again.

Bottom line, even with the likes of the NYT pounding on Kirk every chance they get (big surprise), the vast, vast majority of Republicans still think Kirk is waaaay better than mob banker Alexi. From what I can tell on the blogs lately, even those who are disappointed with Kirk seem to think that at least he has accomplishments to embellish, rather than simply failures to downplay, as someone put it.

Enjoy your weekend of Kirk hating. ;-) I'm going to go cover the Libertyville parade.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this post about Dan Sugrue? Wasn't this post about about the opening of Dan's office today? Blue Wind just can't get it thru his head that in spite of his relentless posts against Mark Kirk, there are thousands of folks in IL and around the nation strongly supporting this man who has made some mistakes in life, but who has done more good than bad. Mark Kirk is a man who has 77 pages of Navy verified records of outstanding achievements to his credit. Mark Kirk is a man with over 11 years of dedicated service to the people of the 10th District, many successes that have made life better here in the district and around the country. It's getting pretty damn old and MORE than tiring to read the redundant posts of Blue and his buddies against Mark Kirk. TA, you have more patience than I would have in letting this malcontents muddy up your Blog.
Oh yes, Let's all stop by and give Dan Sugrue some support today since this post IS about him.

Blue Wind said...

Thanks for your kind "hating" comment (I am sure you realize that no one is a "hater"). Anyway, you also enjoy your weekend of Giannoulias hating :-)

I should mention though that you seem unable to accept reality as it is. It is called denial :-) Redstate is an influential conservative community that seems to have completely denounced Kirk. Read again the article, it seems that they like Kirk as much as they like Giannoulias. That summarizes their case. Although I disagree with them on essentially everything they stand for, I can understand why they do not support Kirk. Independently of ideology it is very hard to support someone who has exaggerated/misrepresented his record on so many occasions on different issues.

Anonymous said...

It's really a shame that the dem operative blue wind can't let go -- yes, this post is about Dan Sugrue -- one heck of a great candidate for the seat once held by the daughter of the former mayor of my town who had her dem pals re-engineer this state district to assure her daughter of a seat in the state house.

Enough of that. Dan is a hard working man who has been working to educate the voters is this state district for two election cycles now and I firmly believe he will win this time around. I'm doing my part for Dan, Bob Dold and Mark Kirk to ensure a great victory come this November.

I just have to stop reading these bw posts and I wish you my dear TA friend would ban him from this blog just as the cat lady has banned you. See you in a little while at the Family Fiesta!

Baxter and Beau's Mom

Anonymous said...

B and B's mom, TA is too kind and decent a guy to ban these objectionable people. The big kahoona hater, Ellen Beth, never had the fortitude to let everyone speak. TA does. What does that say about her and about this Blog. While I share your feeling that TA should dump these truly obnoxious and self-righteous posters, TA will let them continue to disgrace themselves by what they post. Dan is great guy who deserves our support. Supporting Bob Dold and Mark Kirk is what we're all about. See you at the Family Fiesta. Just wondering if the Seals stalker will try to muzzle his way into this event. Bets?

Blue Wind said...

Hey Anon 12:40,
Thank you for asking again TA to ban me. Apparently, the truth bothers you. Sorry, facts are facts. TA would not have to ban me if he wanted me to stop posting here. If he asks me, I would stop immediately, as this is his blog and it is his right to allow anyone he wants. By the way, I am not a "dem operative" LOL.

Let me repeat this about TA. Although I disagree politically with him, I respect him a lot. Exactly, because he is not afraid of other opinions and he lets everyone post. Just in case you forgot, we are in the USA, not in China. And, yes, people are allowed to think that Kirk is a very bad candidate for the senate.

Anonymous said...

BW--does that mean you believe that blog hosts who ban certain people concur with the current Chinese government approach to freedom, demoncracy, and liberty?

Very interesting.... We don't really want that here, do we?

Anonymous said...

Blue Wind respects TA because he allows opposing view points to be posted. Does that mean that Blue Wind does not respect Ellen because she refuses to allow opposing view points to be posted on her blog?

Ellen I see is now trying to live down the label of "hater" put on her by NBC5 Blog, after initially bragging about it.

A few folks must have taken her to the side and explained that she was being dissed, and not complimented.

And so it goes in the 10th . . .

Louis G. Atsaves

Blue Wind said...

Hey Atsaves,
Take it easy. Dont attack Ellen unnecessarily. Here is a suggestion on how to enjoy your weekend time. Read this nice article in the New York magazine. It may also give you a better idea on who will win in November.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to read Ellen of the 10th to the NYTimes because at lease Elln is up front about her partisan hackmanship perspective.