Monday, May 24, 2010

Sun Times: Mark Kirk is Republicans' "Trump Card" In November

Today Sun-Times left-leaning columnist Laura Washington speculates that Congressman Mark Kirk will beat State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias in the U.S. Senate race here in Illinois this fall:

Right here at home, the Republican Party has a big trump card at hand. The Illinois Senate race will be their favorite touchstone of this election cycle. In November, the Land of Lincoln will elect the next occupant of Obama's U.S. Senate seat. The Republicans will surely nationalize this race, and they've got their eyes on the prize.

I fear that state Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, the Democratic nominee, lacks the chops to prevail over U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk.

Giannoulias is a banker without a bank, a politician tainted by scandal. He's still going steady in the polls, but there's a monstrous bull's-eye on the back of that tailored suit, and a Republican trump card on his forehead.

Alexi a "banker without a bank..." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

That made my whole morning, especially coming from a liberal columnist like Washington.

Meanwhile, Politico is reporting that Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., might even support Kirk over Alexi:

Now, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who did not endorse anyone in the Democratic primary, is flirting with the idea of backing Republican nominee Mark Kirk in the general election.

“I like Alexi Giannoulias, but I have great respect for Mark Kirk and his service to the people of Illinois,” Jackson told POLITICO.

Jackson and Kirk work together on the House Appropriations Committee, on which both are senior members of the subcommittee that provides foreign aid.

It’s exceedingly rare for a lawmaker of one party to endorse a colleague of the other party — particularly within the same state — meaning Jackson lending his name to Kirk would be a bit of a shock to the political system and a blow to Giannoulias’s campaign.

Now my morning is even brighter... On the other hand, the folks over at Illinois Review, who can't see past their own ideology, think this is a bad thing. Who knows, maybe if JJJ gets caught up in the Blago scandal big-time, maybe a shout-out from JJJ isn't something Kirk should encourage (!)


Anonymous said...

TA, the sun is out, it's Monday, the Politico story on JJJ and the Sun Times piece makes me want to pull the covers over my head and hope all this insanity passes quickly. I would NOT feel that anything coming from JJJ could or would be helpful to Kirk. I think you've nailed it correctly about his role with Blago and that mess, so who needs or wants him. As for the Sun Times piece, it's hardly credible. With about 160 days to go in this crazy election season, a lot can and will change. Of course Kirk should be the clear choice. You know it, every intelligent person knows it. You also point out what the wingnuts who stand on the far right continue to rant and rave about against Kirk. One wonders if they'd actually stay home and hurt the best chance we have of electing a stand up, stand out Senator for a change. TA. I count on your wit and wisdom each day to get me through the day. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

That woman is a barely literate republican and white man hating columnist so for her to anoint mark basically tells you that the media establishment has pretty much decided that Mark is our next senator. They also backed kirk dillard and andy mckenna so I am not popping any bubbly yet.

You have to remember that these clowns that pass for journalists also consider themselves cosmopolitan folks and mark's resume and pro-choice anti-gun stands are a lot more appealing to them than Alexi's baggage.

as for jjj the only black politician that matters in this race is obama and until he flakes out, this could just be jjj wanting something from someone.