Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in Hawaii

No, TA is not lucky enough to be spending Christmas in Oahu, but some close friends sent me this picture over the weekend. I was checking my sitemeter and thought that all the hits from Honolulu might be President Obama checking up on the blog, but then I realized who it must be, so I figured the least I could do is post the photo. Thanks guys!
For the rest of us, I hope it cheers everyone up as we dig out from last night's snow... remember, it's bikini weather somewhere.


Blue Wind said...

I just returned also from a place with hot weather, but you will not be able to figure it out, as I was not checking your blog from there.

By the way Happy New Year to you and all the people here, including the ones who hate me :) It has been fun and you are a great and fair blogger (despite our totally opposing political words).

Blue Wind

Team America said...

Thanks, Blue Wind, and happy New Year yourself. No doubt we'll have many more go-rounds as the new year progresses and 2012 looms before us. Glad you're back on the Blog, but you might want to go recruit some additional backup so you and Concerned Colonial aren't so outnumbered.