Saturday, December 18, 2010

Senate Votes to Advance Repeal of DADT: Kirk Votes in Favor of Moving Bill to a Vote; Signals His Support for Repeal (UPDATED: Bill Passes Senate)

UPDATED: Bill to repeal DADT passes Senate, goes to Obama for signature.

The AP is reporting that the Senate has voted to advance the repeal of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) military policy barring gays serving openly in the military, for a vote this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. EST. Our new Senator from Illinois, Mark Kirk, joined a handful of other Republicans in voting to advance the measure to the Senate floor for a vote. One would anticipate that after much prevarication on Kirk's part, he will now vote in favor of repealing the DADT policy, in the wake of the report from the military which concluded that allowing openly gay service members would not significantly affect military effectiveness. Notably, Kirk broke with John McCain, who led the opposition to repeal. More from Politico here.

Here is Senator Kirk's statement (h/t Illinois Review):

Senator Kirk Statement in Favor of S. 4023, the Collins-Lieberman Bill:

"Over the last several months, I urged Congress to wait for the considered judgment of our uniformed military through the Joint Chiefs of Staff's report before changing the policy. If we are to eliminate one military personnel policy, we must have a new one that is easily understood to guide the First Sergeants and Navy Chiefs who really run our squadrons, squads and ships.

I very carefully read the Joint Chiefs of Staff report and met at length with Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Gary Roughead. Following their exhaustive and considered military judgment, I support the Joint Chief's recommendation to implement the repeal of the current policy once the battle effectiveness of the forces is certified and proper preparations are complete. The legislation before us provides our military leaders with the time they requested to change the policy. Without this legislation, Admiral Roughead warned that courts, like California's federal courts, would issue further confusing stop and start orders to our military, causing chaos in our military recruitment and retention programs. In the end, the Constitution charges the Congress with setting military policy and the Executive branch with implementing it. The legislation containing the recommendations of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will remove the various orders of conflicting and uncertain court litigation from our military, allowing uniformed leaders to once again effectively manage our national defense. As a 21-year Navy Reserve officer, I believe it is important for military leaders, not federal judges, to run our armed forces."

Kirk Scorecard: For those who seem obsessed on both sides of the aisle with keeping track of whether Kirk will toe the party line or break with the GOP, Kirk voted today against the DREAM act, which was sponored by the 'other' Illinois Senator, Dick Durbin, and which bill failed to pass.


Anonymous said...

My Senator is doing everything right so far and even if I disagree with him on future issues he still has my full support and respect. I've watched him on CSpan and hear his speeches. He certainly belongs in this exclusive 100 member club. Senator Kirk you do us proud!

Baxter and Beau's Mom

Anonymous said...

I'm not sophisticated which is why I comment here rather than have my own blog but you need to create a feed to his youtube page because he's getting more video now and speaking on the floor more. last night with senator kerry was alltime stuff.

for the first time in 8 misreble years catlady's blog has praised the senator. somewhere in lake county lauren beth gash just barfed.


"congratulations to Mark Kirk voting for repeal of DADT"


Team America said...

Funny, FOKLAES, but I read the post at Ellen's, and she and Carl were hardly effusive in their praise of Kirk. It probably was a result of the bad taste of the bile rising up in their throats as a result of not being able to condemn Kirk for his vote. They basically recanted any credit to Kirk in comments, asserting that Kirk simply voted the way he did because he saw that the bill was going to pass and voted with the overall majority. Those types will never give Mark his due no matter how he votes, so it's time to give up on all of them as lost causes.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the YouTube link. For those of us who are at the pre-school level in computer usage it would be of great benefit for us. I can't stand the pontification of the speakers on C-Span but keep it on to catch Senator Kirk. Can you do it TA?

B&B's Mom

Anonymous said...

While I didn't vote for Kirk, I am extremely happy he voted the will of his state.
There is no reason to vote against the Dream Act, unless there was other bs piled on to the bill.

Anonymous said...

I didn't read catlady's comments but the congressman, sorry senator-it's going to take awhile, has a long record of supporting human rights-whether they note that or not is their problem.

the interesting undercard to this has been that social issues have always been a tortured issue for him in that the base and state as a whole have very different positions. with the rise of the tea party and decline of social coservatives in the party, I think he's in the right place at the right time as those issues decline in national stature.


Anonymous said...

Hi TA -

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - great seeing you at the Kirk event.

To Anonymous 12/19 @8:15 am

While it may be the "Dream" Act to Senators Durbin and Reid (more like their wet-dream act) to the rest of the country it is the NIGHTMARE act.
While it might be nice to offer a path to citizenship to young people whose parents brought them illegally into the USA, this is not the path.

1st - we need to shut and control our borders to stop additional illegals from entering.

2nd - they should be required to graduate from college with a BA, BS,etc and not just attend for 2 years or serve a full stint in the military and be honorably discharged at the end.

3rd - they should NOT be able to automatically bring their families into the country as citizens or legal immigrants - only they become a citizen.

If all of the above are done then it might become a dream act.

Trebor of Libertyville

Anonymous said...

TO FOKLAES: I'll be in DC for the events on 1/4 and 1/5. I will be wearing my trademark r/w/b buttons from the first Kirk campaign. Will you promise to attend some of the IL delegation events and find me? Short, dark brown hair, glasses, probably wearing a black pantsuit and looking exhausted but happy. TA will not be in attendance.

Baxter and Beau's Mom