Monday, December 27, 2010

Seeing More and More to Like With Joe Walsh in IL-8

Joe Walsh is bound and determined to change Washington, D.C., regardless of who he annoys along the way. And a lot of people seem to be treating that as a breath of fresh air. Walsh is now refusing to take part in the Congressional health care plan, and is fearless about offering his perspective on other issues such as the Bush tax cut compromise, regardless of whether he thinks it might hurt his chances for re-election. He's so serious about not straying from his appointed mission, he reportedly plans to sleep in his office.

Wow, where might we be if all politicians were worried more about doing what was right than protecting their own skins?


Anonymous said...

the best part of that story is how his wife says that he won't stay in his office kind of like how perhaps mrs. team america says mr. team america won't post too often or democat won't let catlady go batshit all the time.

happy holidays to you and the rest of team america nation.


Anonymous said...


Thought I'd pop in this holiday season to offer some seasons greetings and a brief comment. My favorite part of all of this is that Walsh's wife has a pre-existing condition and now must attempt to find coverage (I highlight the word 'attempt'). Glad to see that Walsh opposes reforms that would allow his wife be unable to be denied medical coverage. Typical GOP only sounds right until it actually impacts them.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

TA, I'm curious to know what it is that you like about this odd ball. IF the healthcare was free that might be understandable. It's NOT. I think Walsh is delusional and not the kind of Representative the District will come to respect. His wife will have one miserable time trying to find healthcare. What is he trying to prove?
And this guy thinks he's impressing voters by sleeping in his office on a couch or in a sleeping bag? Give me a break. Maybe he can share an apartment with some of the other new Reps. Hopefully they'll have some good common sense to share with this guy. Needless to say, I'm not impressed at all. I sincerely want to know what you think is admirable in Walsh.

Team America said...

CC- glad you're back after a suitable period of licking your wounds after the 2010 midterm drubbing your team took. Say it with me -

S E N A T O R Kirk...

C O N G R E S S M A N Dold...

say it three times fast, it will do you good.

Okay, to your point - if anything, Walsh is the exact OPPOSITE of a hypocrite. He clearly is refusing the Congressional healthcare plan exactly because it's not available to everyone, and even though he understand it might make his family's personal situation a little tougher, he apparently believes strongly enough in his principles that he's willing to accept personal hardship when he believes that the benefits you speak of come at too high a price and we simply can't afford it.

Walsh may seem a little goofy at first, but I have the sense his "goofiness" might catch on in a way you can't really appreciate.

Anonymous said...

Nope,TA, I'm still more than confused by what you see in Joe Walsh. The healthcare benefit that Federal works purchase is not a special gift. It's purchased, it is available to over 6 million Federal workers and their families IF they choose to purchase the family plan. Walsh wants you to think he's getting something very special. He is not. It's one thing to take a pass on something given BECAUSE you happen to work for the Federal system. TA, it's no different than someone buying a family plan from any employer. He's goofy. And he's hardly showing good thinking. Just being different in life isn't always expected OR appreciated. Walsh will have to show his constituents that he responds to their needs, votes in a manner than shows sound thinking, not just being a maverick. He has a steep learning curve. I will reserve final judgment until I see him in action after 1/5/11. I'll reserve judgment on him until I'm convinced that he has earned, and does deserve to represent the 8th District of IL.

Anonymous said...

“Some people may say that’s reckless, but so what?”

- Congressman-elect Joe Walsh

A. Bees said...

I'm not convinced on Walsh either. He has made too many bad decisions already and seems to to stances solely to be contrarian and/or shocking. I'd be much more impressed if he went into the legislature and showed that he is effective and properly represents the 8th district.

Anonymous said...

Walsh is growing on me as well. My mom and I voted for Rodriguez in the primary and thought it was a missed opportunity as well. My father was the one who was most gungho about Walsh; my mother and I were voting against Bean. However, I was very impressed by the retail nature of Walsh's campaign; the campaign really understood their supporters and how to reach them. For instance, they understood that middle aged guys weren't on Twitter but probably had email accounts, so they emailed the supporters quite a bit. Secondly, the interplay between him and his wife is great; it reminds me of my parents.

Anonymous said...

i dont know walsh but he got rid of melissa bean and I really admire people that run grassroots campaigns and win.


Anonymous said...

Ellen must be getting pretty lonely over there. She posted something about no longer moderating comments:

"Happy New Year, IL-10 (and everywhere else too).

Comment moderation has been taken off.

Looking forward to a vibrant, issue-oriented, discussion in the coming year.

Fine print: Management reserves the right to delete comments for reasons that can be capricious and arbitrary."

So capricious and arbitrary means that it will be business as usual over there?