Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Congrats to New State Senator Suzi Schmidt!

I've missed all the inaugural activities down in Springfield, but I wanted to give a shout-out to my friend Suzi Schmidt, who was sworn in as Lake County's newest State Senator today. Way to go, Suzi!

That clicking sound you heard was Illinois' unemployment total ticking up by one as former Senator Michael Bond loses his job, and his relevancy.
With the failure of the gaming bill, he won't even be able to apply for a job at a casino in Park City. Sorry Terry Link couldn't come through for you, Mr. Bond.

But, not to worry -- I don't doubt that with Democratic patronage, you won't land on your feet somewhere. After all, former State Rep. Julie Hamos did just fine.

Adding... Suzi's office released the following statement:

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Senator Suzi Schmidt (R-Lake Villa) began her first term in the new Illinois General Assembly on Wednesday to represent the 31st senate district.

“I’m excited and pleased to have the honor of representing the thirty-first district and today begins a journey to help get the state back on track after years of fiscal mismanagement,” Sen. Schmidt said. “It’s time to work on getting Illinois back to work.”

Sen. Schmidt took the oath of office during a swearing-in ceremony at noon. Watching her was her sisters Janice, Bonnie and Carol, her husband, Bob, and mother, Lou Reyes.

“I’m proud to be here and give my constituents a voice they need in the legislature,” Sen. Schmidt said. “I’m here to represent their priorities: lowering taxes, developing the economy, improving education and fixing this mess of what the state calls a budget.”

Previously, Sen. Schmidt served as the Chairman of the Lake County Board since 2000. Before her chairmanship she started her political career serving as a Lake Villa Township trustee from 1985 to 1988. Since 1988, Schmidt served on both the Lake County Board and as a Forest Preserve Commissioner.

Schimdt’s community involvement also includes serving as President of Metro Counties, sitting on the Lake County University Center Board of Governors and the Executive Committee of the Lake County Municipal League.

“After living in district as a resident of Lake Villa for the past thirty years, I know what’s important to our communities and how we can stand united for the same goals,” Sen. Schmidt said. “I encourage all my constituents to contact me and let me help them make their voices heard in the senate chambers in Springfield.”


Anonymous said...

Someone better clue Suzi in. The Secretary of State Police at the north entrance to the Capitol are NOT her personal valets. In less than an hour, Suzi alienated the security detail with her demands that they PARK HER CAR and to have a vehicle towed even though she was told a month ago that her parking assignment would occur AFTER the swearing in (makes you wonder what non-governmental services county employees had to perform at Queen Suzi's beckoned call), and both the GOP and Democratic staffers by going to the wrong office, demanding that people be removed from the office and vehicles be towed, and not cooperating in the set up for the swearing-in ceremony. She has no legislative agenda and will have to be spoon-fed bills by Radogno and the minority staff. Those same GOP staffers are already disgusted with Suzi's royal demeanor and unprofessional behavior. Forget bipartisan legislative efforts, she's already got an uphill battle just within her own party. This could be a long and lonely two years for Suzi.

Anonymous said...

Well if this is true, then Dan Duffy has a friend on the Senate floor in the alienation zone.

Anonymous said...

It gets worse for Suzi already. She went after Daniel Biss in the orientation meeting and had to be told to be quiet by Senator Radogno. Senate budget staffers are not taking her calls and flee when they hear her coming. Suzi is demanding leadership roles because, "Bond had one."

Sorry Suzi, but Senator Bond earned his by taking on a lot of hard jobs, some even before he was sworn in. He walked in with a plan. You showed up with your purse.