Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Election Law Not About Ballot Access: Who Knew?

Among the many interesting things over at Capitol Fax Blog this afternoon, Rich Miller posted this video, which is a presentation to the Chicago Bar Association by election law attorney Tom Jaconetty. Rich notes that Jaconetty is working with Burt Odelson to kick Rahm Emanuel off the Chicago mayor's race ballot.

I don't do election law myself, but I've been involved in plenty of campaigns and even some petition challenges (I was even presented as a witness by Odelson in relation to a ridiculous Dem challenge to some GOP nomination paperwork in Lake County back in 2006), so I found this quite fascinating. It's the real view from the trenches of how this all works.

It's apparently only a part of a much longer talk, but it's worth a look, if you want to see how some of the election sausage is made.

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