Thursday, January 6, 2011

John Boehner Takes Over In Washington, With Support From Bob Dold and Joe Walsh, But Wait: We've Got Tax Trouble Back Home

Washington DC was abuzz yesterday with the swearing-in of former GOP Minority Leader John Boehner as Speaker of the House, in a peaceful changing of the guard ceremony that saw reviled former leader Nancy Pelosi hand over the gavel. Her tenure didn't last long, thankfully, but she was able to do quite a bit of damage that it will take Republicans some time to undo:

"The American people didn't send us here to get things done. It may sound odd. They sent us here to stop what has been done," said new U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh.

They may not be entirely successful, given the Dem-controlled U.S. Senate and White House. Still, it's a great start. Scanning through some of the Sunday morning talk shows this previous weekend, it seems that the Dems' game plan is to say, okay, you guys are in the majority, now lead us.

Good. Get the hell out of the way, and we will.

Bob Dold and Joe Walsh, our new Congressmen were also sworn in, and proud to support new Speaker Boehner.

Repealing ObamaCare will be the top initial priority of the new Congress:

"I believe that this law is a bad law. I believe there are things and aspects of it that are good, but I believe that we need to have broad, bipartisan support. I didn't like the way the process was taken, and will vote to repeal," Dold said.

Meanwhile, though, we've got trouble right here in River City, and while local GOPers may be whooping it up for a day, cheering on Senator Mark Kirk, new Congressmen Dold and Walsh and the rest, the Illinois General Assembly and Governor Pat Quinn are getting down to the wire in deciding what massive tax hike to hit Illinois residents with. Based on various news sources, it seems like we're going to get at least a 2% tax hike -- which they may try to sell (at least partially) as a 'temporary' tax hike, but if you believe that, I have a prison in Thomson to sell you.

You don't like it, you say? Did you support Hamilton Chang, Dan Sugrue, Lauren Turelli or any other GOP candidates for the General Assembly? Did you knock on any doors? Give any money? Go to any rallies? Write any letters to the editor? If you did, then thank you. But if you didn't, you have no one to blame but yourself.


Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Well said!

A. Bees said...

Unfortunately the repeal will only be a ceremonial gesture since it has no chance in the Senate or White House. Looks like the House will have to take the appropriations attack to destabilize the legislation.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year TA and all our readers!

A. Bees -The repeal vote will be more than a ceremonial gesture - it will be forcing the players to take a stand and will be taking names and forcing our elected officials to take a stand that can be used in the 2012 election.

The American people do not want or like Obamacare and this vote and one in the Senate if it is allowed will form the battle lines for the coming war - aka the election of 2012!

Trebor of Libertyville