Monday, October 31, 2011

Breaking... State Senator Suzi Schmidt to Not Run Again (UPDATED)

T.A. got word late last night from a reliable source that State Senator Suzi Schmidt will not run for her job again. As most people are aware, her domestic difficulties with her husband, Bob Schmidt, boiled over into the public eye as the result of calls to 9-1-1 that Senator Schmidt made, in which her statements could be taken to be an abuse of her position with respect to her conversation with the 9-1-1 dispatcher.

Former Lake County Board member Larry Leafblad, quick to try to take advantage of Schmidt's weakened political position, announced that he would run against her a few weeks ago, but he lost his re-election bid for county board to the Democratic challenger, Lake County Board Member Melinda Bush of Grayslake. Not a lot of ethusiasm among the GOP ranks for Leafblad's candidacy, from what I have heard.

The word is that Joe Neal (who happens to be the son of Bob Neal, a long-time Lake County GOP Chairman) will run, and he may have the backing of some prominent Lake County GOP-ers. Joe Neal is currently Newport Township GOP chairman.

Much more as this story develops.

UPDATED 10:00 am: Illinois Review is reporting that Lake County Tea Party founder Lennie Jarratt is throwing his hat in to the ring to replace Suzi Schmidt.

So, so far it's three guys, Leafblad, Neal and Jarratt. Can we expect a female to break up this meatball party and walk away with the nomination based on gender voting? We shall see.

We have early word that State Rep. Sandy Cole will NOT be running; however, time can always change someone's mind, I guess.

ALSO - Vernon Township GOP Chairman Don Castella announced over the weekend that he will seek the GOP nomination for State Senate in the 30th District against Terry Link. Greg Jacobs has flip-flopped a few times on which race he was running in, but last word was that he was running in 30, so this may set up a conservative primary battle.


Anonymous said...

A three way GOP primary...Leafblad, White and Neal?

A. Bees said...

Kudos to Suzi for doing the right thing. No reason for her to open herself up to the mudslinging that she would've had to endure.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Michael White, who was passing petitions in Lindenhurst last week and has a website indicating he is a republican and running for the Illinois Senate.

Also, does Neal actually live in the 31st?

Team America said...

Thanks, Anon 3:04. Never heard of White. I'll look into it.

Anonymous said...

Jacobs has been circulating petitions for the 30th consistently, as far as I can tell. He's been all over talking about retiring Link from the senate.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Cole who is passing dual petitions. One for State Rep and one for State Senate. Remember when if too many cooks enter the kitchen, you end up "Walshified"