Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Businessman Keith Gray to Bow Out of 58th District Race for Karen May's Seat; Will Support Lauren Turelli

As we predicted, my friend and Mettawa neighbor Keith Gray will announce today that he has withdrawn his candidacy for the 58th Illinois House District, which seat is held by Karen May. Gray's move is geared to support Lauren Turelli, who announced her candidacy for the seat on Monday. Recent comments here have supported Gray as a team player, in looking out for the interests of the party over his own.

In another show of class, Gray has transformed his previously-scheduled kick-off fundraiser scheduled for October 26th at 6pm at Bertucci’s in Highwood, into a fundraiser for Turelli’s campaign.

In a press release to be sent out later today from the Gray campaign, obtained by TA, Gray states:

“Lauren and I have been friends for a long time, and I made a promise to her a while ago that should she seek public office again I would support her. In Illinois politics we see the negative results of so many broken promises by politicians, and I feel that it is most important to uphold my honor and keep a promise made to a good friend and fantastic candidate,” Gray explained.

“By stepping out of the race I can ensure my Party does not waste resources in a tough Primary battle when those resources should be spent showing the voters the clear differences between the Democrats, who raised taxes on families and businesses, and Republicans, who understand we must grow our way back to prosperity.”

Gray also says:

“What’s more important than politics and ego is that we elect someone to represent the voters in the 58th District who understands the vital importance of putting a stop to Springfield’s reckless spending and shifting the focus to pro-growth policies that will create jobs for our hard-working residents and improve Illinois’ economy. I believe Lauren Turelli is that person and I will work tirelessly to ensure she is elected.”

Very, very classy. Keith's race will come, and I will be excited to see him in office someday soon.

As we also reported earlier, the other GOP contender for the seat, Dr. Mark Neerhof, came out within hours after Turelli's announcement was confirmed, to state that he was staying in the race.

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Anonymous said...

Good for Dr. Neerhof. Sounds like the Dan Sugrue story all over again...