Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Fed Up" Scott Drury Better Look Around to See Which Side He's On

As regular Team America readers know, we've been following with interest the flips and flops of Democrat Scott Drury, who was running gung-ho for Lake County State's Attorney, until just this past weekend. Drury was very concerned that the retiring Lake County State's Attorney, Michael Waller, had "abused" the principles of justice while in office (although he gave no examples on his website) and pledged to "restore justice" to Lake County. Again, no examples, just soaring rhetoric.

As we reported yesterday, Drury has now dropped out of the Lake County State's Attorney's race, in favor of jumping into the 58th Legislative District race, to try to replace retiring State Representative Karen May.

Of course, Drury is no doubt still very concerned about the lack of justice in Lake County, but apparently that did not stop him from jumping over to a different race when the opportunity presented itself.

Of course, "justice" isn't really a theme that resonates in a race for the General Assembly, given the legislative branch is concerned with matters of state budget, pensions, governance, etc. So, Drury needed a new theme.

One theme Drury may be trying out is that he is "fed up," with the condition of the State.

“A major reason I am running for this office is because I am fed up with the condition of our state,” stated Drury.

Actually, I think that's a great theme. I'm certainly fed up with the condition of the state, too. Every day, the news seems to get worse and worse, as more corruption, pension scandals, sweetheart deals and general malfeasance is uncovered with respect to how this state has been run.

But, there's one problem: the Democrats, and specifically speaker Mike Madigan, have had a stranglehold on state government for what seems like, oh, almost forever. Drury's running as a Democrat. He can't win the May seat without the help of the very establishment that's been busy running this state into the ground for years now. Yet, Drury claims to be "fed up."

Something here doesn't click. Mr. Drury, if you truly want to be an "independent" voice, why not run as an independent, and swear off support from the Democratic Party and Mike Madigan? Without such a commitment, your claims to be "fed up" with state government and your pledge to be an 'independent voice' simply ring hollow.

A true independent voice, or simply another Democratic opportunist hack?

Your move, Mr. Drury.


Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Democrats running as outsiders, promising to fix the state?

Hey, it worked for Carol Sente. Remember how she got down to Springfield and immediately broke up that "boys club" down there?

Team America said...

Good one, Paul. I'd forgotten about that. I'll be sure to ask Carol how that's working out for her the next time I run into her.

Anonymous said...

She had people believing she was an independent when she ran last time. I almost lost some neighborhood friends that time when I went ballistic trying to tell them how she got her appointment to begin with. Dems will tell you anything to get your vote - there was a candidate a couple of elections ago in the Arlington Heights area who told people he was a Republican but thank God they voted him out of office after only one term.

B&B's Mom

Anonymous said...

Drury is actually running his play straight from the coach's (Madigan's) book. Sound like Republicans on fiscal issues which allows you to blur the distinctions. Then, claim to be the reasonable candidate while the Republican is the teabagger.

Other local candidates following the same game plan include Morrison, Nekritz, and Sente.

I suspect only hard part is hiding the little receivers in their ears.

Anonymous said...

TA - although it is contrary to the benevolent nature of rank and file Lake County Republicans to be vindictive, candidates like Drury are the antidote for the poison of Springfield. He'd be the Dan Duffy of the Democratic Party - ineffective and clueless but institutionally destructive. We can't lose if Drury wins. What is the alternative, another freshman Republican subjacent to the Tom Cross leadership? I'm old enough to remember when the son of the preacher man pulled the - et tu Burte - on Lee Daniels in 2002 and promised a Republican state house majority over the next horizon. My gaze is still fixed in the distance.

Anonymous said...

That's about as incoherent a post as any I've ever read on this blog.

Anonymous said...

I was referring to anon 11:00, not you, TA.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, this Drury character is a piece of work. At last week's Highwood Pumpkin Festival, he was observed - in public - verbally abusing a Republican campaign volunteer gathering petition signatures. It is also rumored that he almost got into an actual physical altercation with the Highwood mayor a few years ago after being verbally abusive. Sounds like a good match for the 10th District Dems.