Friday, February 22, 2008

DCCC Cagey In Its Commitment to Dan Seals

Yesterday, DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen rolled into town for two appearances to support Democratic 10th District Candidate Dan Seals. One was a luncheon at Carnivale downtown, at which between 40-50 people showed, according to TA Cub Reporter Badge of Honor (see yesterday's comments below), and which the crowd showed little energy. While Rahm Emanuel was on the bill as a sponsor of the event, apparently he was a no-show. Another event was a sparsely attended rally in Linconshire at the UAW Hall that was centered on (what else?) Iraq.

Since the last election when Seals lost to Congressman Mark Kirk, he has been critical of the national Democratic party for not supporting him (this guy really knows how to win friends, doesn't he?). Van Hollen was quoted as saying that the National Dems will be "supporting him in every way" this time, but refused to commit to any specific support or fundraising efforts.

Sounds like a guy who is hedging his bets, if you ask me. Based on the lukewarm performance Seals turned in as to crowd support yesterday, Van Hollen may be reevaluating his level of commitment. Beating the pants off poor Jay Footlik is one thing, but Van Hollen and D-trip need to carefully weigh whether they want to burn $2 to $3 million right off the bat just to be competitive with top GOP fundraiser Mark Kirk, rather than perhaps go after some lower-hanging fruit.


Publia said...

Oh, that's just because all the community organizers are out of town working on Obama's campaign. While there may be little genuine grassroots support, when the organizers come back they will whip up some frenzy to make him look good.

Anonymous said...

What I’d really like to know is how much money the Van Hollen event netted Seals. Anyone got an idea?

Anonymous said...

How dishonest to have Chris Van Hollen come into our district with the PUP and criticize Congressman Kirk's record on support for Veterans.
It's disappointing that Mr. Van Hollen would attack a Navy combat veteran on support for veterans when Congressman Kirk voted for the largest veterans spending increase in history while Congressman Van Hollen voted against it. I noticed that statement in a news story today.

The DCCC attack squad can come out here and try to build support for Dan, but it's sad to think that this DC guy didn't own up to HIS record on Veterans. Didn't he think that the truth comes out, is something we value in the 10th District. Oh yes.....Dan ISN'T from our District so why should we expect him to know or care about our values. And as for Chris Van Hollen, too bad he didn't do his homework before he opened up his mouth in such a dishonest fashion.

Anonymous said...

I find it telling that Rep. Bean and Rep. Kirk have been working together on so many regional issues.

Perhaps Rep. Bean didn't get the memo that Kirk is being targeted by the DCCC?

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Bean, like Kirk, is doing the job her constituents are paying her to do. They are trying to get us as much Federal transportation money as possible. It’s so nice to peel away the partisanship and see our representatives helping us.

NChicago Vet said...

As usual, Seals does not do his homework. The DCCC set him up to blast Kirk for not supporting vets not realizing that Rep. Van Hollen (who came in to back Seals) voted AGAINST the vetarans appropriations bill.

What liars. Neither Seals or Van Hollen ever served in the military. Both Van Hollen and Seals don't live in the district.

Palatine said...

Is Bean supporting Kirk?

Longgroovie said...

No. US Rep. Mellisa Bean is fighting for her district and if that means working with Congressman Kirk on a bipartisan basis, we should thank her for that.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the guy that tried to choke Kirk (Rep. Renzi) for supporting the stem cell research bill just got indicted. Bye bye.

Anonymous said...

You're so right, Longroovie. Melissa Bean knows that it's important to be bi-partisan to be an effective member of Congress. Mark Kirk has always had a Democrat co-sponsor on his legislative initiatives. He "gets it" - he always has. Sure wish Barack Obama, that man of words, knew how to back up those words with action. Unlike Ms. Bean and Mr. Kirk, Obama votes strictly along party lines. So much for all of his promises of working together. Again, it's all words.

Anonymous said...

So we are supposed to replace someone who can work both sides of the aisle in Washington with someone who won't?

They keep trying to attack Kirk on Veterans issues. I guess they know where his strength is.

Louis G. Atsaves

i am sparticus said...


I think it's also interesting how Van Hollen didn't make a special trip just for Dan. He is on a Midwest swing and while in Illinois hit three candidates who may have some chance if the incumbent screws up. Kudos to Clout Street at the Tribune for clearing up the Seals propaganda.


Anonymous said...

Another Republican gets indicted.

Biggus Dickus said...


Have you noticed that the Wicked Witch of the Left hasn't blogged in a while? Think a house fell on her?


Anonymous said...

Anon 4:48--

And we know how much Kirk liked him...

Brawl on House Floor

By Mary Ann Akers
Roll Call Staff

May 18, 2005

Rep. Rick Renzi (R-Ariz.) went haywire Monday night after finding out that some moderate GOP Members who favor embryonic stem-cell research did polling on the issue in his district without telling him.

Renzi, who opposes federal funding for stem-cell research, had some “choice words” for Rep. Mark Kirk (Ill.), the leader of moderate Republicans’ Tuesday Group, when he spotted Kirk on the House floor, according to sources. After a few moments of tough talk, Renzi, who is a very big and strong man, got a wild look in his eye and appeared ready to shove or do other bodily harm to Kirk. Reps. J.D. Hayworth (R-Ariz.) and Mike Castle (R-Del.) intervened before Renzi had a chance to beat the daylights out of the more diminutive Kirk. Then somehow, sources say, Renzi got into it with Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-N.Y.). One source said they “looked like two bull seals going at each other.”

At first, sources reported to HOH that Renzi had “choked” Kirk. But both Renzi’s and Kirk’s offices denied that assertion. Joe Brenckle, a spokesman for Renzi, described the incident as “a heated exchange between two Members after which Kirk apologized and my boss accepted his apology.”

Team America said...

Hey BD- I did notice that, but since some have accused me of having an unhealthy obsession with EBG, I figured I'd let it pass.

Maybe the house got her little cat too.

Anonymous said...

As long as Jack Murtha sits in Congress with Barney "what gay prostitution ring run out of my house " frank and Barack Rezko and Hillary Whitewater are at the top of the ticket democracts get no talking on ethics.

The name of the game for Van Hollen is protect incumbents and pick off as much low hanging fruit as possible.

+Mark's huge money edge,

+how expensive the chicago media market is: 250k a week,

+the fact dems have 64 incumbents which are their first priority in bush seats and so get first bite at the cash and support

+and that the ill dem delegation needs marks body in appropriations markups to get money for the state

=This was a nice gesture but dan's on his own.

eamus catuli

Sharimom said...

The House Republican Leadeer just called on Rep. Renzi (R-AZ) to resign.

Rep. Jefferson (D-LA) was also indicted. Why doesn't the Democratic Leader call for him to resign?

Publia said...

EGB is back from vacation with a picture of palm trees, highrises, and a rainbow. She is formulating a plan to impeach McCain, just in case. Bizarre. Clearly her tme away didn't help.

Anonymous said...

EBG who? Everyone reads TA - I gave up over there months ago.

Anonymous said...

are you going to jump off a bridge when you wake up on Nov 5 and find out that Kirk is finally coming home?

he's done. its over.

Anonymous said...

so, how close are Chris Ward and Mark Kirk? When did Chris Ward stop fudging Kirk's fundraising reports?

How many irregularities creeped into Kirk's fundraising? I mean, heck, he was fired by Aaron Schock, and he caused Baldermann to drop out.

Anonymous said...

sorry to disappoint you, Anon 3:19 but Ward did nothing for the Kirk campaign, no funds have ever been missing or misappropriated. You folks are sad and pointless. As for Congressman Kirk coming home on November 5 - think again. Your Pup is surely not the person who could ever win an election, not here, not anywhere. The Pup is a guy who needs to first find a job and HOLD that job to begin to be credible. Mark Kirk continues to produce for this district. Get over it you sorry souls or get on board a winning team.