Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Michelle Obama's Indictment of America (UPDATED x2)

I try to keep things very local on this Blog, but the possibility of Barack Obama being the Democratic nominee for president obviously has a profound impact on our local issues, not only as he is a favored Illinois son, but because of Dan Seals' blatant attempts to ride Obama's coattails at every opportunity.

Today, Michelle Obama really showed her intellectual left-wing roots and her (and we assume her husband's) firm grounding in the "hate America" school of liberalism. Mrs. Obama stated:

“For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country … not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change,” she said. “I have been desperate to see our country moving in that direction and just not feeling so alone in my frustration and disappointment.”

Can you believe it? Now that her husband is running for president, this is the first ray of light that this country has seen for her entire life???

One might put this down to hubris (of which we have seen some other examples along the way), but I think it is more a symptom of people of the Obamas' political persuasion, in that such folks truly believe that this country fundamentally is evil and twisted. It also feeds directly into the whole messianic flavor of Obama's campaign. But what really troubles me is that the entire 'hate America' zeitgeist that is at the core of the uber-liberals is something that our local pals EBG and Dan Seals appear to be big disciples of.

UPDATED x1: ARE WORDS REALLY IMPORTANT AFTER ALL???: Michelle Obama's gaff has really lit up the blogosphere. Do a Google search for Michelle Obama and "proud" and prepare to have your computer freeze up with the search result. Just for a sample, check out the over 800 comments on this topic at Little Green Footballs.

I think the interesting thing is that while this comment is something non-liberals can really seize on as a very clear, simple insight into the scary mindset of the Obamas (both of them), and can use it as a rallying tool, it won't help Hillary because while her base may not be fake intelligensia of the Democratic party, many of them might not see the real import of Mrs. Obama's comment.

Mrs. McCain came out pretty quickly and stated emphatically that she is proud of America. Since we seem to be taking a poll of the spouses, I wonder what Mrs. Seals thinks?

UPDATED x2: OBAMA'S A GHOST PAYROLLER BUT MARK KIRK IS STILL AT WORK: While Barack Obama continues to collect a ghost paycheck for his position as an Illinois senator while he's been out on the campaign trail for the last eight months, Congressman Mark Kirk continues to work tirelessly to represent the Tenth District. Mark often cites the fact that there are 3,000 gang members in Lake County (if I recall that correctly). Today, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that Kirk assisted in obtaining a federal grant of $846,000 for the City of Waukegan to fight gangs in the city and surrounding area. Nice work, Mr. Kirk!


just a girl... said...

It really does not surprise me at all...think about it, here is a U.S. Senator talking about "change" and yet has NO record of changing anything. Well, I guess he did change one thing - never before has an elected officeholder running for President abused the taxpayers to the extent that he has. According to Chuck Goudie's column a few week's back, Obamarama missed 70% of the votes in Congress since July, 2007 and 80% since September, 2007. He's basically running for office and writing books on our dime - his only contribution is his time. Of course his wife should love this country!

Anonymous said...

When I heard Michelle Obama's comment earlier today I was stunned. No, not surprised, just stunned that a seemingly bright woman would let her hair down and speak what she honestly feels about our country. Nobody is or ever was keeping her here. Nobody is or ever would want her or her family to live in a country where she obviously feels isn't up to HER standards. Shame on her. If she thinks that other countries would afford her and her husband and family greater freedoms and liberties, LEAVE NOW.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:04 I agree with you 100%. What a stupidly ignorant statement to have made about America. If this is the first time she's been proud to be here I seriously question who she is, what are her core values, and if this is shared by her husband. He is the last, best hope for our nation. Heaven help us all. She does sound like the twisted bunch over on that other Blog and that scares me more than I care to admit.

We all recognize that we have some issues and problems to solve. But if she and her husband feel that they have all the answers, that what has been built over the last few centuries in this country is wrong and in need of their kind of "change" then I think we had better run for our lives. This is the greatest country on the planet. His rhetoric, that is not backed by how to achieve his new nation, is scary. HER rhetoric is downright disgraceful and should be called out for what it is: Un-American. I'd like to offer them passage to anywhere else they'd like to go, leaving tonight if possible.

Calyx said...

It just makes me sad.

She must not know much of the world, to not be "very proud" of this country until now.

And then to be proud of shared hunger, frustration and disappointment.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone taken a close look at Michelle Obama? She has a job in public relations for the University of Chicago hospitals. Is that kind of job really necessary when the great moral cause of the uninsured goes unheard in the land? How much does she make there -- $150,000, $200,000? That money comes from the overhead charged to hospital patients. Wouldn't her salary be better used for health care for the uninsured on the South Side?

i could be potus said...

The comment is totally reflective of what you get with far, far left political views of the U.S. Her husband has been described as the most liberal member of the Senate. What you get with her, is what you get with him. He has not and will not denounce such a view point. She has merely said what he cannot utter publically.

On a local level, far left politicians like the Pup think everything is wrong with the 10th District. In fact I challenge anyone surfing this blog to point to one written piece of evidence from the last campaign, or the current one, where the Pup has uttered a positive word about the 10th District. When all you do is talk about the need to change everything, you must not think anything is good.

In close quiet circles, the Pup feels the same way about our little District as Mrs. Obama does about the U.S., but like Barry, he would never admit it publically.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if anyone watched McCain's victory speech tonight but Barack Obama isn't going to know what hit him.

Anonymous said...

She has been an adult for 20 years. Therefore, she is not proud of:

Our troops deposing the Taliban.

The New York fire department during 911.
The USA winning most nobel prises during every year of her adult life.
The Space Station.

The US ending genocide in Bosnia.

Mapping the human genome at NiH.

Michelle, you are right. The American people have not done much to be proud of during the last 20 years.

Anonymous said...

We won the Cold War. But she is not proud of that.

Publia said...

icbpotus, you are so right that Seals says nothing positive about the 10th district. Perhaps that is why he doesn't live there? I can't imagine Michelle Obama as first lady; she's got a mouth that doesn't quit and an attitude to match. It's all bad.

Anonymous said...

TA, don't expect the Pup to say anything positive about our district much less our country. He hasn't been programmed to do so by his mentors out here. And as for Mrs. Obama and her feeling that this is the first time she's been proud of her country, I hope she has the good sense to apologize for her stupidity. I'm not betting on it. Yes, she did have a position at the University of Chicago paying about $350,00 a year. The kids attend private school run by the U of C. I wonder if those kinds of "perks" are also part of the country she's never been proud of until now.

The lofty rhetoric of Mr. Obama is just that - empty. Now when I hear him I'm going to wonder what he REALLY thinks. It's time we heard some real words, real plans, less words of others to make his point. And I hope to see and hear a lot less of Michelle.

Biggus Dickus said...

Seals hates the 10th District. We're all a bunch of millionaires, remember?


Anonymous said...

Anon 5:36
Was she really making $350,000? I remember her receiving a substantial raise after Obamarama became a US Senator (which would have been investigated if it were anyone else). Wow! It's amazing how folks that do not love this country or take pride in it, are so willing to take from it what they can and never give back to the community.

I remember reading an article in the Chicago Tribune last year about politics and philanthropy and the revelation that the Obama's (according to their tax returns) and prior to running for US President, had on average $400 worth of tax deductible contributions. But I guess if your not proud of the Country that provides for you, why would you feel obligated to give back?

McCain's new bumper sticker should read - Love my Country and McCain

Obama's should read - Not proud of my country - let's change it...

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anon, 11:55, Michelle's 'salary' was boosted to reflect all that she brought to her position. Isn't that great. She is on leave right now so she can be out on the campaign trail letting all of us know how really bad our country is, that the only hope we have is when her wonderful Barack takes over next January. HELP.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Obama's grandstanding comment aside, I don't think people ought automatically to equate criticizing our country with being unpatriotic. The United States has much to offer, but we've also done some stupid things. We invade other nations very frequently in the name of "freedom" even though there are many free nations in the world not sending their militaries abroad.

Publia said...

Anon at 3:35 PM - I agree that criticizing America is not necessarily unpatriotic, but when a woman wants to be the First Lady and the whole world is watching and listening to her it is another story completely. Sort of like cheerleaders who would lead the crowd saying "Down with the Team, heh!"

Anonymous said...

Publia, I disagree -- it's more like a citizen saying "We could do better" and knowing that is possible.

Anonymous said...


A couple news items mentioning Kirk today:

One additional one on his work regarding the World Bank and Iran: http://www.jta.org/cgi-bin/iowa/breaking/107104.html

And here's an interesting mention -- apparently he's involved in helping terror victims get their rightful damages: http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/956647.html

Anonymous said...

As an African American and a woman over the last 40 years, there are plenty of things not to be proud of as an American. As a white male, I urge all of my fellow white men to refrain from criticizing this remark. We have no right until we have walked in the shoes of those who have suffered because of their gender or skin color.

Having written that, I feel fantastic that that either a woman or African American will carry the Democratic banner and also feel good about John McCain, a person who has done nothing but serve his country his entire adult life. I may disagree with him on many issues, but he has my respect and trust.

We have come a long way as a country in my 50 plus years, but we cannot forget our past mistakes lest we repeat them. I feel it is healthy for Michelle Obama to remind us of that.

TA, I want my granddaughters to have all opportunities open to them as well as my grandsons.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:40 - I understand your comment. Here's a fact. Michelle Obama KNOWS BETTER than to say in a public forum that this is the first time in her adult life that she's proud of her country. Words are what her husband is using to propel himself into the White House. He may get there based on WORDS. She didn't quantify her statement and she didn't explain her remark - she left that to her wordy husband. That doesn't play well. We know the history of the African American struggle in our country. In HER adult lifetime she has never known anything but acceptance and the benefit of all that our nation has done to right the wrongs of the past. Other minorities and ethnic groups in American society can also point to problems and injustices thru the years - most don't. I have known discrimination in my lifetime but never have I thought of saying anything like the tasteless remark uttered by Michelle Obama. I am thankful to the good lord that my parents got on that boat in 1911 and came to this great land. Too bad Michelle Obama can't see that. Remember, Anon, it's about words and we're all responsible for the words we utter.