Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Election Night Blogging

10th District Totals:

9:00 p.m.- WGN reports Seals 82%, Footlik 18%. Not sure what percentage reported yet.

The word from Willard's office is that they are having to drive the results physically from the precincts. That means that the Seals-Footlik results are all from Cook County.

10:00 p.m.- looks to me like most of Cook County is in, 51% or so of the total 10th District reporting. Seals 83%, Footlik 17%. We will not have results from Lake County for a bit longer yet. Even if Lake County breaks more for Footlik, which I predict it will, it's clear that Seals as a more established candidate, plus Footlik's missteps, gave us the overall result we are seeing. The interesting question that will develop over the next few weeks is if any more attention is paid to the various warts that Seals is starting to develop as a candidate. Here's an NBC-5 link for current results.

10:30 p.m. - looks like Lake County is now reporting, but only for absentee and early votes. But, it's clear Seals is the winner in the 10th. They looked awfully happy at Camp Seals on the TV, and they should enjoy themselves tonight. Because it may well be, all the Dems did is nominate a highly flawed candidate that Kirk is going to spend the next 6 months beating like the seal pup he is.

A few other tidbits- Dr. Steve Sauerberg wins handily for U.S. Senate (to contest Dick Durbin) and Steve Greenberg wins in the 8th Congreessional District over Kirk Morris and Ken Arnold. Milkman Jim Oberweis finally wins one and is the winner of the special election to replace former Speaker Dennis Hastert for the remaining 10 months of Hastert's term.

In the 60th State Legislative District (Waukegan, North Chicago), it looks like incumbent and former Terry Link guy Eddie Washinton squeaked by challenger, county board member and current Terry Link guy Angelo Kyle. This might be viewed as a bit of an upset as Kyle was looking pretty much like a winner up until today.

ORIGINAL POST: I was contemplating doing some live-blogging tonight from Kirk campaign headquarters, but between getting the kids down late (bath nite) and the weather, I'll have to make do from the kitchen table.

First, to follow the Lake County election results, check out County Clerk Extraordinaire Willard Helander's website with election results here.

While you are waiting for the results to come in, enjoy this student blog, Wildcat Watch (with a healthy dose of attitude) from Northwestern University that has picked up the professor-gate issue. ("Illinois Politician Pads Resume With Northwestern Related Lies") Apparently the students at NU understand pretty quickly what Dan Seals fans are still in denial about: he lied about his teaching position.

A few reports from the field indicate that Dan Seals was asked to leave several polling places for electioneering at the doorway. A call to Willard's office this afternoon confirmed that they received several complaints, but apparently there were also some complaints about Footlik. So where are the cell phone pictures/videos, guys???

Stay tuned for more...


Anonymous said...

Willard has a great site...except no results nearly two hours after the polls closed

Team America said...

I know. I hear there is a problem with phone line transmission. I am trying to get an update the old fashioned way.

Anonymous said...

I spoke with Willard's office. They are awaiting the transfer boxes to arrive in Waukegan before any results will be counted.

Anonymous said...

TA, I know that we're really focusing on the 10th CD but I think it's worth noting that Jan's hand-picked buddy, Larry Suffredin, finished THIRD in the State's Atty's race. Anita Alvarez has won an important victory. Out here, Jay Footlik is most likely already packing the SUV and heading back to DC. His 10 minutes of fame have ended. Now the work begins in earnest. I fully expect Congressman Kirk to get out and do what he does best: show the voters in this district that he has more than earned a fifth term in Congress.

Anonymous said...

Over 80%- how do you like them apples? Just a couple weeks ago you were predicting defeat...just yesterday, you were making it sound like Seals would get under 60%.

Either you have little understanding of electoral politics (probable), or your head is so deep in the sand (even more probable) that you can't see the writing on the wall.

You know what that smell is? Change.

Get used to it.

Anonymous said...

"Mark Kirk". What a simpleton, non-imaginative name. What were his parents thinking?"

That comment appears over on the dark side at the Ellen blog. Nothing like intelligent political discussion, huh?

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:37...not so fast. The IL Primary had many Independent voters, key out in this district, voting for Barack. If you think that all of those people are Seals people it's YOU who is drinking that Kool Aid.

Dan Seals is now going to have to get out and begin to speak truthfully about who he is, what he's been doing for the past few years, why he is, without question, a guy with so little regard for the people in this district that he thinks nobody will notice his unabashed disregard for honesty. While it's not illegal to use your campaign funds for your own living expenses, it's surely never been done in this district: NOT EVER.

Mr. Seals - come one, get out and start talking straight talk and let's see how this all unfolds. Mark Kirk will win a 5th Term next November - bet on it. I am.