Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New GOP Leaders: Tim Stratton

With another segment in our occasion series of new and fresh GOP leaders, today we focus on Timothy Stratton, who ran against State Rep. Karen May in the 58th Legislative District in 2008.

Tim is an elected Park District Commissioner and is a public finance attorney with Ice Miller LLP, where he works with municipalities, park and forest preserve districts on finance issues. Tim has also served as a community college trustee where he fought to reign in health care costs and implemented cost saving health care measures.

Tim is a dedicated conservationist who believes we must protect open space and believes the private sector must be part of the solution. Tim also believes we must reduce the tax burden on residents and focus on eliminating the rampant wasteful spending and inefficiencies in our government. Today, more than ever Illinois needs principled leadership with financial understanding and skill.

As noted above, Tim ran for State Representative in the 58th District against Karen May. Although Tim came up short in 2008, he was able to develop a strong volunteer network and his message of honest government, fiscal discipline and integrity resonated with the voters. Even in the Obama wave that engulfed the state, Tim won more votes than any recent challenger to liberal democrat Karen May.

Tim maintains his campaign website at www.timforillinois.com and has already declared his intention to run for the Illinois House in 2010. Keep an eye out for Tim Stratton as he fights to make Lake County and the 10th Congressional District a better place and join him in his fight to clean up Illinois!

Tim is going to have some real ammunition this time around. See below for a recent press release from the IL GOP regarding Karen May's support of the Todd Stroger tax increases:

Karen May Continues Her Support of Todd Stroger
May Votes Against Legislation to Repeal Stroger Tax Increase

3/11/09: (Springfield) Last February, Todd Stroger and Democrats on the Cook County Board took historic action by approving a 1% sales tax increase that more than doubled Cook County’s sales tax and catapulted taxpayers to be faced with the nation’s highest sales tax. One year later, Democrat legislators, like Karen May, continue to support the tax increase by voting against Republican legislation that would repeal the onerous tax hike.

On Tuesday, Democrat Karen May voted in lock-step with Chicago Democrat leaders in opposing House Republican legislation that would have repealed the Cook County tax hike by rolling back the sales tax by 1%.

The House Republican legislation would have rolled the sales tax back by 1%. The measure also instituted key reforms, including requiring any new tax increase to be approved by popular referendum.

“Democrat Karen May’s continued support of Todd Stroger and his tax increases is hurting Cook County families and small businesses,” said Pat Brady, Republican National Committeeman. “During a time when families are struggling and small businesses are on the brink of collapse, it’s hard to fathom why Karen May is supporting Todd Stroger and his tax increase that is funding excessive spending and waste in Cook County.”

Karen May voted against House Bill 3948 on Tuesday. The Republican-sponsored legislation would roll back the current Cook County home rule sales tax by 1% within 30 days, which is the rate it was before the tax hike was voted upon late before the budget deadline Feb. 29, 2008. The bill would also require any future proposed increases to be approved by popular referendum.

Since the Stroger Tax Increase, Chicago has held the title of the single highest sales tax in the nation at 10.25 %. Comparatively, New York City and Los Angeles are both below 8.5 %. The tax took effect July 1.


Anonymous said...

Tim needs to learn from last time and be unconventional. People unfortunately personally like and know Karen May and know and don't like our party. Merely being against blago and taking positions of low taxes aren't going to be enough.

Anonymous said...

I hope that, this month, throughout Moraine and New Trier Townships, Tim is volunteering for candidates for township offices, village president, and town trustee. If he helps area politicians, more of them will help him, next year.

Phil Collins

Rusty said...

Just out of curiosity, did Karen May say she agreed with Stroger's taxes or just that she respects the county's home rule and that a majority of the democratically (small d) elected commission approved them?