Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Lake County Petition Scandal: The Dead Will Rise Again!

As we reported some time ago, the petitions of former Antioch Township assessor candidate Eugene Kryczka were alleged to contain false signatures (including at least two dead people) by his opponent, incumbent assessor Heather Kufalk-Marotta. After being accused of falsifying his petitions, Kryczka dropped out of the race. But, taking yourself out of contention generally doesn't impede criminal investigations of election fraud, so the Lake County State's Attorney's office eventually caught up to Kryczka.

Kryczka surrendered to officials last Friday after a warrant charging him with perjury was issued Thursday. The Pioneer Press reported that Kryczka admitted to submitting 50 fraudulent signatures on 28 petitions.

What is it with Lake County Democrats that they simply can't fill out a petition without trying to pull the wool over voters' eyes???


Anonymous said...

"What is it with Lake County Democrats that they simply can't fill out a petition without trying to pull the wool over voters' eyes???"

Uh, if they fill it out, then I guess they are trying to pull the wool over voters' eyes. I think you really meant "simply can't circulate a petition for signatures" in this instance.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Since this is the premier blog in state party politics it would behoove the powers that be in the state party that read this to start trashing jan schakowsky, burris, alexi and every other thug that might stand in the way of mark moving to the senate.

They can start with this ridiculous schakowsky stumble-not having to take responsibility for blago? Are you kidding me?

POLITICO: What about someone like Rep. Mark Kirk, who could swoop in and steal it?

Schakowsky: You know what? I think Illinois wants to see the Obama agenda move, and Kirk and [Rep. Peter] Roskam have voted against pretty much everything. That’s not where Illinois is at, and it’s not as if they hold Democrats responsible for Rod Blagojevich. So it is a matter of a primary. We’re looking at it in a serious way.


Anonymous said...

If Jan does seriously consider that Senate run in 2010 I hope she's prepared to have all the ugly issues in her life right back out in the open. She signed those tax returns that sent her felon husband to jail. That she was spared is still questionable. That aside, let's see what comes down the pike in early April with the Blagojevich indictiments. Might there be a few other names that make the headlines? Can't wait to read all about it.

Anonymous said...

If Rep. Schakowsky runs for the U.S. Senate, who will run for her U.S. House seat? Former State Senator Dave Sullivan lives in her district, and he would be a great congressman.

Phil Collins

Anonymous said...

Are you folks talking about the same Jan Schakowsky who in 2008 was busy raising piles of $$$$$ for impeached and removed from office Blagojevich who soon will be indicted for all his "good government" activities?

Is that you folks are talking about? :-)

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

If TA is going to step our of its district, then let's talk about that Republican Assessor in Avon Township who has used the township's treasury as his own personal piggy bank.