Friday, March 27, 2009

Is the "Lying Mayor" of Round Lake At It Again?

Bill Gentes likes to call himself the "Blogging Mayor" of Round Lake (as if doing a blog is so special - believe me, if I can do one, you can do one). But I think "Lying Mayor" is more like it.

In case you missed it in the last election, Gentes was absolutely crushed by now-Senator Dan Duffy in the race to replace retiring long-time Senator Bill Peterson (who is still Vernon Township Supervisor and happens to be up for election this April). Duffy's ground game, especially his voter ID and GOTV programs, were so effective, he didn't even really need the boost undoubtedly provided when the Daily Herald caught Gentes in a lie about his employment status. As we told you last October, Gentes had told the Daily Herald editorial board he was employed, but later admitted he had actually been fired. We figured at the time you could put a fork in Gentes, because he was cooked. We were right.

Now, however, it looks like Gentes may be up to his old tricks. The Daily Herald reports today that Gentes is under fire for allegedly misrepresenting the position of the challenging slate, led by mayoral candidate Jim Dietz, of the "United for Change" party. The issue is whether candidate Susan Triphahn, of the Dietz slate, supports a proposal to spread Special Sevice Area (SSA) fees from one subdivision across the whole town. Gentes claims that Triphahn mentioned the idea publicly in past years, and Gentes calls it the "Dietz-Triphahn tax plan." (You can see the really nasty mailer on Gentes' blog if you care)

Dietz and Triphahn deny the claim, saying they favor only trying to get the particular subdivision (which has had a high foreclosure rate lately) some state and federal grants that would help relieve homeowners of high infrastructure assessments.

I haven't been following the Round Lake race closely, but given Gentes past penchant for lying when it suits him, the notion that he is now twisting and misrepresenting his opponents' positions to play on fears of higher taxes is not too hard to believe, in my opinion.

Joining Gentes on his slate is Cynthia Pruim Haran, who just got done losing to Sally Coffelt for Circuit Court Clerk. What is it with some people that are just so desperate to get into public office that they will run for anything? Ms. Haran might want to choose her company more carefully next time if getting elected is such a big deal to her. I don't think Gentes has much of a future in Lake County politics if he keeps this up.


Anonymous said...

I have worked with Sue for the last 2 years to try to get grant money to lessen the burden on these homeowners because of the SSA THAT GENTES CREATED. He was told that creating this SSA would be a bad idea but he did not listen. His developer buddies sure didn't mind his generousity. Sue has tried to help this neighborhood while looking out for the interests of Round Lake in general. She realizes that the homeowners bought into the subdivision and have to pay the SSA. She also realizes that government could be proactive in helping if they wanted to lift a finger. Clearly Gentes does not and now has reverted to his tried and true policy of misrepresenting the facts to the media.

Rep. Ed Sullivan

Anonymous said...

Are things that quiet in the 10th that y'all are out and about in the rest of LC. Want to see some real nonsense....Look at Avon place is in a heap of trouble caused by the current yahoo administration

Anonymous said...

Gentes is always lying--he's been doing this during his entire time as mayor. He's going to lose in this race as well.

Junior said...

Gentes lies to make up for his lack of accomplishment. He has had no less than 4 jobs over the past 8 yrs...let go from each one.

He is petty, vindictive and takes credit for the changes that were going to happen in the community without him.

I was glad he got trounced and hope for the same again on Tuesday.