Saturday, November 14, 2009

Congressman Mark Kirk Delivers Weekly Republican Address

Mark Kirk landed some good exposure for his U.S. Senate bid by being chosen to give the Republican response to the President's weekly radio address: “In sum, the bill opens a new trillion-dollar entitlement just as our national debt tops $12 trillion. Ignoring the future needs of Social Security and Medicare, the bill creates a new massive spending program, supported by heavy taxes and cuts to senior health care.”

From the House Republican leader's website:

Washington, Nov 14 - In the weekly Republican address, Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL) outlines how Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) 2,000-page government takeover of health care raises taxes, cuts seniors’ Medicare benefits, and explodes the debt on our kids and grandkids. The lawmaker also highlighted Republicans’ better solutions to make health care more affordable and accessible at a price our nation can afford. Rep. Kirk is in his fifth term in the House of Representatives. Audio of the address is available here.

Good morning, this is Congressman Mark Kirk of Illinois.

When I returned home from active duty in Afghanistan, I dedicated my congressional service to helping families with health care. We can lower health care costs and provide coverage for Americans who lack insurance by enacting key reforms that already help thousands of families in many states.

First, we could start lowering costs by reining in lawsuits in America. We are the most litigious country on earth. Lawsuit reforms can save billions in health care costs alone. In New Jersey, without lawsuit reform, it costs over $5,500 per patient to provide insurance. In California, with some of the strongest lawsuit reforms, insurance costs half as much as it does in New Jersey. Congress should enhance the effective reforms of many states by enacting lawsuit reforms for our entire country.

Second, Congress should grant the right to each American to buy coverage from any state in the union – especially if you find a plan that has a lower cost or is more flexible for your family or your small business.

Third, we should give states the tools to create their own innovative reforms that lower health care costs.“I also offered an amendment – the Medical Rights Act – standing for the principle that Congress shall make no law interfering with the decisions you make with your doctor.

Unfortunately, all of these common sense Republican reforms were rejected by Speaker Pelosi. The Pelosi health care bill has no significant lawsuit reforms and does not guarantee your medical rights from government waiting lines or restrictions.

In the teeth of the Great Recession, the Pelosi bill would impose ten new taxes on the American economy. The top combined tax rate for my state of Illinois would be four percentage points higher than France. The Democrat bill levies new taxes on health insurance, income and even pace makers. The bill also cuts health care for seniors – my parents and many of yours – with $500 billion in cuts for Medicare doctors, hospitals and advantage patients. The bill even cuts Medicare for skilled nursing, wheelchairs and hospices.

In sum, the bill opens a new trillion-dollar entitlement just as our national debt tops $12 trillion. Ignoring the future needs of Social Security and Medicare, the bill creates a new massive spending program, supported by heavy taxes and cuts to senior health care.

We need to back the common sense health care reforms I outlined and reject a government takeover of our family health care.

This is Congressman Mark Kirk of Illinois. Thank you for listening. God Bless You and God Bless America.


Anonymous said...

thanks TA and this was truly the best way to start the day. I think it was a great idea to have our Congressman talk about our side's view of healthcare reform. If only the majority of folks in this country actually knew even a tiny bit of what was passed last week I think they'd cringe in disgust. I'm just pleased that our side had the good sense to feature our Mark Kirk today!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:06, you are correct, the best way to start this beautiful Saturday morning.

I had an appointment with one of my doctors this week and she was clueless about what the Pelosi bill contained. Her nurse knew more then she did and when the nurse started talking about it the doctor had this stunned look on her face.

The American public (including many in the medical profession) has been taken in by the fast and smooth talking President and his henchmen.

People when are you going to wake up. I just had a knee replacement and saw what Medicare and my BC/BS plan paid the hospital and the doctors. And the Pelosi plan makes even more cuts. Pretty soon we won't have the health care we deserve and have paid for all of our lives.

Congressman Kirk's amendment makes sense but wasn't even considered by Pelosi and her crew. And the President talked about bi-partisanship. Sure, as long as it's his way and the rest of us be damned.

Baxter and Beau's Mom

Anonymous said...

baxters mom-get well,but remember pelosi comes from the peoples republic of san fransisco which is barely to the left of where pup and Iran's best friend, Julie Hamos come from in the 9th. They don't care about people there. As long as they get their botox.

good work team. better yet is the column this morning by lynn sweet. for the first time in 10 years she's written something nice about dear leader. we wont ask why it took 10 years-bias anyone?But still for a woman that spent the entire 2000 campaigning using feminazi talking points from emilys list and comrade jan to bash Mark it's a great piece and should shut up all the haters and believers in ridiculous ideas like the fact that alexi giannoulias or david hoffman or cheryle jackson (she changes names more often than pup changes stories on his resume-which is a lot. )will ever get to the senate.

I'll let you repost and review all the reasons, but she basically says mark is better money, better candidate, better organization (they must have found an editor for aaron lawlors press releases), better everything and the democrats are a little worried.

I can't post links but it was in the RNC warroom clips this morning and I am sure it is on


Crazy4glf said...

How about Republican Members of Congress not accepting their Public Option known as the Congressional/Federal Employee Health Insurance Plan? Is that something they are 'entitled' to as a federal employee, but something (health insurance) those silly constituents of his shouldn't have any chance at having, whether as part of a private or a public plan?

Is Kirk not aware that this LARGE GROUP PLAN will see costs go up at about 8.8% this year alone? Is that sustainable? (No.)
Is that something that tort reform will address? (No.)
Clearly, pooling or the semantics involved in the GOP 'bill' will not do anything about this, either.
This is not a stick-person issue; it is actually happening as we speak.

How about Kirk not having spoken out about the way in which the wars, including the one in Iraq that he believed was absolutely necessary, were financed (i.e. not in the annual budget) and based on significant borrowing from China?

How about Kirk not having spoken out about the borrowing the tax cuts Bush felt were necessary required? This was spending that was not needed. Hence, choosing to do so and the suggestion of making these tax cuts permanent is WORSE than any entitlement (for seniors, those less fortunate, and possibly, possibly, Congress).

Has Kirk spoken out about the retroactive discharges of troops suddenly found to have a 'personality disorder?'

Kirk praised the recent development agreement arrived at for Glenview and North Chicago. However, I do not believe that he did enough to keep more troops here and not having divisions go to Texas under the Bush Administration (when Bush lived in Texas).

People have a right to do and say what they want. Therefore, when one casts one's self as patriotic, intelligent and to have expertise in certain areas only to make decisions that betray these claims (comments in China, voting againts legislation then trying to direct how its spent, and his approach to military theaters, etc.) people like me have a right to find fault.

Anonymous said...

Took part in the Republicans of Wheeling Township endorsement session today. Perhaps the most effective of any Cook County GOP organization and there was a large turnout of over 80 precinct captains (whith absentee ballots also counted for the first round) and multiple ballots for many races.

Sixty percent of the vote was needed for an endorsement to be given and thus... no endorsement for U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress
10th Congressional, Governor, or Lt. Governor.

The leading voting getters in those races after the third ballot, but falling short of endorsement were Patrick Hughes (thankfully falling short), Bill Cadigan, (Dold second highest) Kirk Dillard (missing endorsement by just one vote, Brady in second) and Matt Murphy (who was expected to run away with it, but wound up with just one more vote than Jason Plummer on the third ballot).

The only statewide endorsement went to Comptroller candidate Jim Dodge, who doesn't stand a prayer in the primary against Judy Baar Topinka.

TA's endorsed candidate for State Rep. Dan Segrue was unanimously endorsed 4-0.

Great overall enthusiam though for the GOP and all are fine candidates in many races.

Steve said...

Palosi and Co. need to be stopped before we become a totally socialist republic... It is up to the American people to stop them at the voting booth!

Debt Help CA

Blue Wind said...

The "plan" that Kirk and the republicans propose is almost laughable. If they were sincere they would, at the very least, call for change of the law so private insurance agencies can not deny coverage for pre-existing conditions.

The good news is that this time there will be real health care reform. This president can do it and he will.

Anonymous said...

Green did well 20 votes for a guy who barely understands what he is doing is pretty good in new trier. It's bad news for coulson. Cadigan has no money which means in january when things matter he'll be out of luck. He also didn't get the nomination in wheeling, not a good sign to lose your base.

The diss of the wheeling township gop is something to watch against mark, he needs all hands on deck and I'm sure erik "not moose but" elk is having nightmares right now about a conservative uprising against MSK.

If green emptys the bank account and has some dead rats (pun intended) on dold-a failed business, some pissed off employees, a law suit, he could sneak through.

Asfor blue-see my earlier comment-when lynn sweet, a feminazi who is on the liberal payroll starts blowing Mark air kisses, you know doom is upon you. no woman on earth loves obama and rahm emanuel more than their wives than her so good luck to alexi now that she's on our side.


Anonymous said...

The news out of the 10th endorsements is thus:
1. Green did not finish first or even in the top two anywhere. He does not have enough personal money to win this based on cold, hard cash alone. Thanks for playing Mr. Green.
2. Coulson didn't make into the top 4 in Wheeling and couldn't even manufacture a win in her home township of Northfield where all she had to do was get live bodies (not even real committeemen) to show up and pay $25 bucks for the right to vote for her. Wasn't there but heard Northfield was an absolute food fight that does not bode well for GOP unity in the fall.

Anonymous said...

"Green did well 20 votes for a guy who barely understands what he is doing is pretty good in new trier".

He has given the NTRO over $24k in recent years. 20 votes is not a very good return on that investment.

Anonymous said...

We do not know who finished fourth in Wheeling Township. Pretty sure it would have been Coulson or Arie Friedman. One person spoke for Coulson and I even (somewhat secretly) voted for her on the first ballot.

Conservative grassroots activists weren't ever going to be the best crowd for her though.

Easy said...

Dold needed a sweep of these endorsements to break out of the pack and emerge as a leader. Now he remains just one of the sausages in a crowded pack.

I know everyone here will disagree with me, but the fact that no one was endorsed in these townships was a victory for Coulson.

All she needs to do is keep the sausages bunched together and she wins and that is what is happening.

And to provide some perspective to things, Sugrue did win the Wheeling twp endorsement--but only 4 captains voted. but he did win, so congrats on that.

Anonymous said...

Sugrue's district is just a very small part of Wheeling Township, so that is why there were just 4 votes in that race.

Unopposed State Rep candidates David Harris and Sid Mathias were unanimously endorsed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:46, you're correct, only a small part of Wheeling Township is in the 59th District.

Both Manian, Hebda and Sugrue spoke at the endorsement session this morning. Out of those four votes from the 59th District, all four went to Sugrue.

So as it turns out, all the State Rep endorsements were unanimous.

Anonymous said...

cadigan won't raise more than 150k, dold and coulson may top 500k total but that's pushing it. All it would take is a million dollars of green for green-mostly positive spots (he has no name id) with a whack or 2 at whoever is up in the polls and he'll be fine.

loleta didrickson was a woman who ran against a few men, she got crushed.


Beyer said...

Kirk won over 90% in Northfield and New Trier. Hughes won nothing

Anonymous said...

When did Loleta Didrickson run against a few men and get crushed?

As far as I know, her only political defeat was in a one on one primary against Peter Fitzgerald in which she got outspent and narrowly lost.

Were you maybe thinking of Shawn Donnelly?

Anonymous said...

The only place where there are real committeemen among these endorsements is in Wheeling. Cadigan got a majority in all 3 ballots, the others had to play for the block. Its a clear win for the Cadigan campaign--his supporters there are the real workers and elected officials who know how to turn out a vote.

Anonymous said...

Since Ruth O'Connell took over Wheeling Township it's members are evangelical Christians who feel you are not a Republican unless you adhere to their agenda. They have never liked Mark Kirk and barely tolerate him. Now that some of them have started mentoring Pat Hughes look for them to work hard for him and ignore Mark. What will they do after the primary when Mark sweeps it. They scare me and should scare everyone.

Anonymous said...

Cadigan only received a majority on the third ballot. He led by a plurality on the first two.

If not for the discussion period, in which some precinct captains defended Mark Kirk and the obvious topic of electability, I think Hughes might actually have gotten the endorsement. Some votes were probably changed and that was prevented.

Despite the non-endorsement of any candidate, Mark Kirk will easily win the primary and will carry Wheeling Township in the process, and the Wheeling Township group will work very hard to support Kirk as the nominee, just as they have always done.

Anonymous said...

dold put out an email saying he's "pulling away", kind of like how the bears are pulling away right now from the packers and vikings.

Long way to go.

In other news catwoman wants the terrorists in Illinois, which is understandable because 10th district democrats like her and 9th district democrats like Tehran Julie Hamos and Pup probably consider hamas suicide bombers to be freedome fighters making a case for social justice.

King Louis, tough weekend for your pal Matt Murphy. It's unfortunate for him, but this is what happens when you sell out to Andy McKenna.


Anonymous said...

Dick Green--> You tried to manufacture a win in New Trier and still lost. Save your money --> people just don't like you.

Anonymous said...

I think it is time for Tolbert to have a chat with Dick Green. The gig is up. Anyone agree?

Anonymous said...

Dick Green is yet another successful businessman who wants to run for Congress. There were an awful lot of people in endorsement sessions yesterday who "been there, done that" a decade ago against Mark Kirk. At that time, it started feeling a lot like beating one's head against the wall, but I think that was prior to Dick Green's time in New Trier. Also, Dick didn't make friends with people in the organization before he started running for office.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I don't think Tolbert has to have a chat with Dick Greene, he should be smart enough to figure out when it's time to fold 'em. In another office, at another time, he might be great; he should save his resources for a better opporunity.

Anonymous said...

Yea, Dick Green isn't quite candidate material-something not quite there, its hard to explain. Is he the type of guy who would make a good State party chairman, or head up an issue advocacy group?

Anonymous said...

Considering he did better than coulson, I think he's not so bad. It was disturbing to see Andy McKenna fare so well in new trier. McKenna is in large part responsible for the awful state of the GOP here and is responsible for jettisoning Peter Fitzgerald. The community house usually puts on a performance of the nutcracker around this time of year, I would have loved to see some of the (deleted because team america doesn't like bad language) applied to his hideous record.

To Tolbert, godspeed fare fellow.