Sunday, November 15, 2009

Live Blogging at Tonight's RJC 10th District Forum

Technology permitting, we'll be live blogging the 10th District forum that begins at 6:30 p.m. tonight (check in begins at 6:00 p.m.) at the Renaissance North Short Hotel (933 Skokie Blvd., Northbrook) which is being sponsored by the Chicago Chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition.

Non-RJC members must join the RJC or sign up for its "E-team" ($20).

We'll begin blogging shortly after 6:00 p.m.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised TA, not a peep about Osmond, Schmidt, Pedersen's ethics problem,

Crazy4glf said...

TA 'addressed' this on another blog, mostly by trying to point out the actions of a Democrat, which is irrelevant.

I'm not saying whether the Dem in question's actions were right or wrong.

What I am saying is, the argument that what person y did is minor because of person x's actions went out of style somewhere in young adulthood, if that.

What Osmond, Pedersen, et Al have done was wrong and cannot be excused by the 'typographical' error excuse.

If this is what the GOP means by 'personal responsibility,' they will not be getting my vote any time soon.

No one is perfect. However, there is a Party that claims to be of superior moral fiber, to be experts on domestic and foreign policy, and to always act consistently with the rule of law. In reality, this is far from the truth.

They also claim to be fiscally conservative, however the flawed Medicare Reform Act amounted to spending that had no corresponding reduction in spending, the unnecessary tax cuts required borrowing, and the wars were not to have benchmarks or contracts via bid. Oops.

Gold Fish said...

Tangent, say it with me Crazy

Anonymous said...

For those candidates going tonight suggested talking points.

1. Netanyahu is good, labor is bad.

2. Obama is being too nice to the palestinians.

3. Hamas needs to stop the rockets.

4. Settlement freezes are not ok.

5. George Mitchell and Dennis Ross have failed.

6. I will do everything Mark Kirk has done.

7. I will do everything Caryn garber tells me to do.

8. J street is an arabist front that is trying to weaken Israeli national security.

9. Pup and Julie Hamos both get their talking points on Israel from arabs and tehran.

10. Michael Mennis should be the next ambassador to Israel in the Romney/Daniels administration.

11. Obama is at 96 percent unpopular in Israel, it's because his policies are bad for them and if they're bad for Israeli jews they are bad for us jews.

Anonymous said...

12. I will do everything Catwoman tells me not to do.

13. The United States will stand with Israel in any and all circumstances (my democrat opponents told jeff berkowitz it's ok for them to get blown away, I want members of temple b'nai torah to be able to send their kids on birthright).

14. I will win the jewish vote outright because I have a better domestic policy vision as well.

15. Israel's best friend in the world is the United States Congress (the executive branch is stuffed with arabists), I will draw us closer.

16. I'm A-OK with AIPAC.

17. I have more faith in rex grossman than the UN, we can't wait for Iran to get the bomb.

18. Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran.

19. We need to work more closely with Egypt to stop the tunnels bringing rockets into gaza.

19a)No aid to gaza until hamas lays down its weapons.

20. The recent Israeli seizure of an iranian cargo ship bringing more than 500,000 weapons to Hizbullah shows the U.S. and Israel need to step up counterintelligence efforts in the meditteranean. DNI Blair needs to up his game.

21. Steve Nasatir Rocks.

22. Gilead Shalit needs to come home now.

23. Abbas belongs at the negotiating table not hiding in some hut on the west bank.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, from all I've read here, I don't think FOLKAES is really jewish. I'm thinking Serbian. He quotes statistics that are about as wildly untrue as those quoted by deniers. Julie Hamos in both policy, practice, and life is a far better jew than this fruitcake!

Anonymous said...

FOKLAES goes to a synagogue where jews know Iran well enough to not go on on a t.v. show and struggle for 15 minutes to say anything above a 3rd grade reading level on Iran. FOKLAES also doesn't start smear campaigns against Kirk staffers in their synagogues like Julie Hamos Hamas's gang did.

If all members of congress had julie hamos's view on israel it wouldn't exist because there'd be no support for it.

This is after all a woman who destroyed the state's finances so badly that we now have to make Illinois al-qaeda central to have any sort of jobs. Perhaps she missed the intifada, or the 7 days war, or that thing called 9-11 her pal barry's minister had such nice things to say about in his sermons.