Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day - No Demand for Acclamation for Our Vets, But No Need to Apologize, Either

Let's take some time today, whether you're at work or have the day off, to honor America's Veterans, past, present and future. If you don't know the history of Veterans Day, click here for some background.

Just yesterday, I received an e-mail passed along by a friend that objected to the 'apology tour' of a certain American president that is unprecedented in our history. The e-mail offered as food for thought a number of pictures of American cemeteries overseas that are testaments to the valor of our brave soldiers who died defending the United States, our allies and indeed the world from the threat of totalitarianism, which was that days' terrorism. Not a lot of European men and women buried on U.S. soil defending freedom, folks. As the e-mail stated, we don't ask for acclamation, but we don't need to apologize.

Here's just a few of those photos, many of which are beautiful, but sobering, and definitely some food for thought as you go about your day. You can see these pictures, and many more, at the American Battle Monuments Commission website: "The ABMC commemorative mission is reflected in 24 overseas military cemeteries that serve as resting places for almost 125,000 American war dead; on Tablets of the Missing that memorialize more than 94,000 U.S. servicemen and women; and through 25 memorials, monuments and markers."

Wonder if President Obama's ever heard of this?

The American Cemetery at Ardennes, Belgium. A total of 5329 of our dead, many of whom died in the 1944 Ardennes winter offensive (Battle of the Bulge).

Cambridge American Cemetary, England. A total of 3812 of our military dead.

Henri-Chapelle, Belgium. A total of 7992 of our military dead.

There are many more, but you get the idea.


tikkunolam said...

TA, I understand this is a political blog, but this is still a disappointing post. Do you think you could honor America's veterans without back-handedly attacking the Commander-in-Chief? Most Americans, of most political persuasions, understand and appreciate the importance of honoring our veterans. Three of my grandparents served in WWII and Korea. I have friends in Iraq, or soon the be there, right now. Using Veterans' Day for partisan purposes is really pretty shameful, and I think an apology would be appropriate.

Team America said...

Um.... let me think about it... no.

I think someone like you with a lot of relatives in the military could see that the President doesn't seem to have the appropriate reverence for the sacrifice Americans have made to protect world peace and freedom when he goes on an apology tour to gain the accolades of those that dismiss us (or worse).

Obama could be a Republican, a Dem, a Greenie or a LaRouchie for all I care, so I don't see this as a 'political' issue in that sense. Fact is, his attitude is what I consider to be dishonoring veterans, not my post.

Just my opinion, but that's what this blog is about. You're entitled to yours as well, so thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Thank You, TA for your honesty and your forthright post today. tikkun is a partisan Democrat who will never see what many of us can and do see in this president, especially after the horrific tragedy our nation has just witnessed at Ft. Hood. This president can't bring himself to say the word terrorisn. This president continues to point out that our great nation makes mistakes. Your post today is welcome and appreciated, TA, and I applaud you for saying what needs to be said. For one I'm waiting to see and to hear this president stand in strong support, strong praise of a nation that has given him and his wife every advantage possible in life. He has never worn the uniform, seems to be stiff and uncomfortable when he stands in a position to show the proper honor and respect to the men and women who have made it possible for him to be where he is today. But recent polls are showing that many are now seeing that this president is far from the messiah he thinks himself to be. Today is about the history of our great nation, the men and women, as recently as last Friday at Ft. Hood, who have given their lives in support of a great America. I will wait to hear this president praise America and drop the ever present apologies for what he perceives as errors in our past. He never misses the chance to talk about mistakes, errors, and what HE thinks should have been America's role in our past. Thanks, TA for standing up and speaking out not just today, but every day.

Anonymous said...

Team America,

This is one of your better posts. I've been to more than a few of these cemeteries and in many of the towns even in places like old europe, the people recognize what America meant and what America has done and they are much more grateful than their arrogant condescending arab loving sparkling water drinking political elites.

America is a great country, the kind of place where a guy who goes to a church where they say god damn America can get elected president in a time of war. Mark Kirk also wears the uniform and I know for a fact his office has worked very very hard (sorry catwoman) on behalf of veterans from day one, particularly for those families with district residents that have lost loved ones or have them serving overseas. It doesn't get the kind of publicity that say, a silverspooned corrupt banker gets for playing hoops with a politician who becomes president, but things like care packages and c.d's for troops, efforts with lt.dan have been under the radar work from day 1, that lets face it, not every office does. I've always been proud to be a member of the only major American political party that never mistreats veterans or throws medals away.

Thank you to the veterans and hopefully a year from now, we'll add one of your own as our next u.s. senator!


Anonymous said...

right on, Foklaes. Mark Kirk not only wears the uniform he has done more to help military families than has ever been publicized. He just does it and has never looked for publicity or thanks. Each year at his Holiday Party he requests the attendees bring support for various branches of the military. Nope, catwoman wouldn't know or care about that. Then again, neither would posters like tikkun have a clue. We do. We thank him for his service and for all that he does to keep on giving and caring.

Anonymous said...

"the President doesn't seem to have the appropriate reverence for the sacrifice Americans have made to protect world peace and freedom when he goes on an apology tour to gain the accolades of those that dismiss us"...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

There's a very bold line between apologizing and diplomacy and it is an insult to your intelligence to confuse the two. You and FOKLAES are so caught up in backwards partisan games that I wonder if you even think for yourselves any more. Any reasonable person who has even a minimal understanding of international affairs realizes that Obama has not been apologizing, but rather, is repairing relationships that are essential for America moving forward. We will only be a hegemonic nation as long as the world is willing to accept us as such. Historically, a hegemon who goes to war with the world or doesn't maintain strong relations with every nation will be overthrown.

It is obscene to even consider the argument that Obama has no reverence for our soldiers. Might I remind you that G.W. Bush has the blood of over 2500 soldiers on HIS HANDS because he had a personal debt (and Cheney had oil interests) in Iraq. On this Veterans Day, be thankful that we have a President that values our men and women in uniform over avenging a family grudge. In fact, be thankful that we have a President actually willing to consider the costs of war (human lives) when moving forward in Afghanistan, instead of one that blindly moved American lives into harm's way without any plan to win peace or secure the nation that he wanted to attack.

I'm sorry TA, your bull*@%# may work at Lake County GOP meetings, but not all of us are so stupid.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

Anonymous said...

concerned colonial you more than proved your own partisanship and blindly stupid apologies for the actions of Barack Obama. You Democrats can't see beyond your own party. If you think and feel that Obama's words and actions are meant to mollify the rest of the world you are more to be pitied than scorned.

Anonymous said...

The rampage at Ft. Hood was terrorism right up there with 9/11 but did the President call it that. NO, just a murderous act.

The most damaging words in the English language are "diversity" and "political correctness." And if you partisan dems can't figure out why there's no hope for you.

Baxter and Beau's Mom

Team America said...

CC - I think you need a beer.

Anonymous said...


It has been a long week...but I still stand by the fact that Obama is right in not jumping to jingoistic language that turns a civilized country into an angry mob.

Until Next Time,
A Concerned Colonial

--I would take you up on that beer, but watching last week's Bears game led me to clean out my cooler.

Anonymous said...

The president sat in pews where they said god damn America for 20 years. He said he doesn't believe in American exceptionalism and yeah not since 19th century have so many worthless old european nations had their rings kissed by an American president. He hired a chief of staff who worked in a clinton administration notorious for dismissing the military.

Perhaps because we've forgotten about him, but team america left out the pup's anti-veterans ads that ran last year and were as disgusting as any piece of mud that's even been thrown in american political history. Pup of course comes from the 9th where the military is a 4 letter word amongst the arugala eating liberals.


Anonymous said...

God Bless the United States of America.

Team America said...

Hey Tikkun- THIS is an example of using Veterans Day for political purposes- direct from the Dan Seals website:

My Military Service, My Story

Guest Blog Post

I’m a veteran who served on active duty with the U.S. Naval Reserves from 1962 to 1965. Having enlisted as a seaman apprentice immediately after graduating from college, I attended Officers Candidate School and was commissioned as an ensign. My first tour of duty was as a communications officer aboard the USS Intrepid, an aircraft carrier which tracked Soviet submarines along the western Atlantic Ocean from Nova Scotia, Canada, to the Caribbean Sea. During this period the Cuban-Missile Crisis occurred.

My second tour of duty, as a Lt(j.g.), was as a communications officer for the Director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. I worked together with members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. During this period the U.S. was involved in the Vietnam War.

My most vivid memory of my service time in the Navy was the incredible amount of friendly—but intense—competition among the various task groups (ships and aircraft squadrons). During war-game exercises we constantly challenged one another. Our mutual goal was to improve and perfect every unit’s performance. In my opinion, this sustained attitude enabled us to ultimately prevail during the Cold War.

As a proud veteran of the United States armed forces, I heartily endorse Dan Seals for the U.S. Congress from the Illinois 10th District. Dan embodies those traits that I look for in someone who has the leadership skills to properly represent me, my family, and my neighbors as an elected official in government.

There is one more reason I support Dan. He supports veterans. He appreciates the sacrifices that we have made, and he shares our love of country. If you aren’t familiar with his positions on veterans, I hope you will take a look. With so many of our troops serving our nation around the world, it’s good to know that there are people like Dan who will be looking out for them when they get home.

I hope your Veterans Day is peaceful.

Wally Salganik

P.S. Join me in standing with Dan by becoming a member in Veterans for Seals.

Anonymous said...


when you read this stuff about pup and pat hughes gaining support just remember that even george mcgovern and walter mondale won states.

King Louis Astaves the Ellen slayer have you endorsed yet?


Crazy4glf said...

A Party who backed a President who initiated a pre-emptive strike (Bush at correspondents dinner: where are those WMD's - THAT's respecting our troops!) which also guaranteed a longer war in Afghanistan has the nerve to slam the current, duly elected President on Veteran's Day?

Bush fails to include the cost of the wars in any budget - no critique.

Bush puts forth unnecessary tax cuts (SPENDING) - no critique.

Bush ruins any domestic and foreign support he had after 9-11 and yet, Obama is blamed for something abstract?

Mr. Coburn calls into question the need or appropriateness for additional funding for veterans the week of Veteran's Day - no critique.

For a blog that has no hesitation calling others out as biased, partisan, and wrong, TA seems to have missed the last 8 years and the hypocrisy demonstrated by the current crop of Republican 'leaders:'

Boehner's what founding document am I reading from?

McConnell and Boehner live in states that need healthcare reform, the stimulus, etc. and they act like everyone has their affluence and PUBLIC OPTION.

Sanford is unscaved.

Eric Cantor never misses a chance to slam the President - unless at a joint session of Congress when he's texting (and probably slamming the President).

Ms. Osmond is given a pass on the use of her legislative office phone. If a Dem did that, there'd be calls for impeachment.

Anonymous said...

Attacking the Apologizer-in-Chief was poor form TA. I agree with all the Democrats here.

After all, we know from their track records on the subject, that they never attacked the Commander-in-Chief when he was a Republican! They were far, far too respectful to do anything like that on Veteran's Day.

Ironic, isn't it?

Team America said...

Anon 9:08 - thanks, buddy, you just blew the fuse on the snark-o-meter. ;-)

Anonymous said...

This post today is utterly mindless crap. How soon you forget our past president who failed to even complete a country-club tour of duty, yet happily manipulated us into invading an impotent nation and then demonstrated his ineptness by not getting the job done.

Your post is ignorant. Your rhetoric is pedestrian.

Kirk is now, and always was, a mere toy-soldier. His service record demonstrates less than stellar performance in postings considered only marginally challenging. Not only has he kept himself a hemisphere away from any real combat, he has not ever, nor is capable of the real leadership required of a line officer. He has only ever been a pretty-boy in a uniform. To hear mention of his name on this day nauseates me.

Team America said...

Pleased to be of service, Anon 9:58. It's almost 10:00... curfew at the asylum. Time for you to go back in, now.

Anonymous said...


I saw a poll today with the gop up 30 points with independents. if this continues, plus the way the senate will shred the health care bill,plus the fact that they will put really anti-abortion language into it, plus looming democrat defeats in Illinois will bring back the liberal loonies so be on alert.


Anonymous said...

Tom Cross who kept many of your kids out of the University of Illinois by clouting his benefactors kids in, endorsed Andy McKenna and benedict murphy.

One more leader to dump after the elections next fall.


Anonymous said...

You called it correctly, TA on the subhuman posting at 9:58. The assylum has a few more just like that creep. It's scary to think that this kind of thing resides among us.