Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Early Voting Begins In Local Elections

Early voting for the April general election is already upon us, and the polls are open! Don't everyone run at once, lest you overwhelm the hardworking elections judges, who no doubt expect a huge rush (I was about to say tsunami, but jokes like that just got Gilbert Gottfried fired from his AFLAC gig) at the polling places.

Our friends at the DH just got done looking at the local election scene and wondered why so many local races go uncontested. I think there's probably a lot of reasons -- lack of interest or understanding on the part of citizens about what's at stake and how they can make a difference -- or, on the other hand, some people who HAVE been involved and decided that they'd rather put their time and talent into something else where they really can make a difference. Of course, there's also the issue that many people are so busy trying to make a living to keep the gas tank full (or simply look for a job, for that matter) that volunteering to sit on some board is the last thing on their minds.

We've not really said a lot about local races here recently. Now is the chance for our readers to put their two cents in. Who's on your endorsement list?


Anonymous said...

I endorse these people, for these offices: Mundelein village trustee, Greg Jacobs; Green Oaks village trustee, Dan Sugrue; Prospect Heights alderman, 1st Ward, Richard Hamen; and Glenview Park District Board, Phil Collins.

Reagan fan

Anonymous said...

If you live in Libertyville I would urge you to vote "Just for Jim" -vote
only for Jim Moran for trustee.

If you live in Green Oaks vote "Soley for Sugrue" - vote only for Dan Sugrue for trustee.

I know the ballots say vote for three but that just dilutes or negates your votes for Jim or Dan. The top 3 get elected - the 4th doesn't.

Just for Jim & Soley for Sugrue!

Trebor of Libertyville

Anonymous said...

In Volo, I endorse Kurt Justice for Trustee.
He's got a good head for business, knows the issues in the community and has some great ideas to solve them.

In Waukegan, I'm endorsing Evie Hakeem for 1st Ward, Pat Seger for 2nd Ward and Lisa May for 8th Ward.

Dave Pfeifer, Shakedia Jones and Sherry Pierson - White have my endorsement for the Waukegan School Board.

Keith Turner

Anonymous said...

In Round Lake, I recommend Dale Multerer, & Mike Blum and one from the opposition Dawn Simoncelli.
Mayor Jim Dietz has been Mayor for two years and is on a mission to get 100% control of the board with the opposition. Round Lake has made no progress in two years and is beginning to relive the stigma of the 90s. Dietz wants Blum and Multerer gone. While Dietz says he is sitting on the sideline with this one, of the opposition one was his campaign manager in 09 and the other is affiliated with an extremist group that Round LAke is just not ready for.
While Rowley is on the Blum, Multerer slate, he is a direct link to the old RL and was probably chosen to bridge the link with what is known as the "townies"
If you are happy with the shape of Round Lake Roads, the snow removal of the latest storm, saying no to children and essentially saying no to everything unless is supports digression, them let Dietz get complete control. If you want a future for RL, then keep the sensible trustees in to at least give a fight to the regime.