Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wisconsin Exodus for Illinois Businesses Continues; Da Coach in DC (UPDATED)

The AP is reporting today that another Illinois business is fleeing Illinois for Wisconsin. I'm sure, of course, that this has nothing at all to do with the business climate here in Illinois. They probably just want to have a better NFL team to root for.

Ditka Update: Yesterday I got a press release that Senator Mark Kirk was hosting Da Legendary Coach Mike Ditka for a lunch with fellow Senators in Washington. Interestingly, Ditka has been mentioned in the past as a possible senate candidate himself.

I didn't mention this yesterday because I didn't want to unnessarily drag up the fact that we here at Team America were instrumental in investigating the 'he said, she said' story of whether Ditka had endorsed one of Kirk's opponents during the primary election. However, Lynn Sweet of the Sun-Times decided to mention that, so here it is. Note that Sweet didn't even bother to name the "rival" who the snafu was all about. So much for that 15 minutes of fame, Mr. Rival.

Anyway, as Sweet points out, it seems Da Coach is clearly pulling for Team Kirk now.

UPDATED: Here is a press release from Senator Mark Kirk on Coach Ditka's visit to DC:

Statement from Senator Mark Kirk on Coach Mike Ditka's Visit to Thursday Group Luncheon

WASHINGTON - Today, United States Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill) was joined by former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka for a weekly lunch attended by Republican Senators. Senator Kirk released the following statement regarding Coach Ditka's visit:

“I am humbled and honored that “Iron Mike” Ditka, a legendary NFL player and coach, would accept my invitation to join our “Thursday Group” luncheon on Capitol Hill. ‘Da Coach’ is someone who set a standard of excellence and determination and achievement that we all strive to achieve every day as we dedicate ourselves to representing the citizens of this great nation.

“In modern Chicago sports history, perhaps one man more than any other symbolizes the “City of Big Shoulders” and its “can-do” spirit.” Mike Ditka not only coached the Chicago Bears to the Super Bowl championship in 1985, but he played tight end for the “Monsters of the Midway” in 1963, which was the last time the Bears had won an NFL championship.”

To see footage of coach Ditka's visit, click here.


Anonymous said...

It would not be because of lots of cheap open land to build your complex?

Anonymous said...

Uh, no, it's about the tax breaks, moron.

Anonymous said...

But the tax breaks that southeast Wisconsin is offering are PROPERTY TAX BREAKS, moron.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This blog has always been a boring echo chamber. But now, well, its the sound of one hand clapping. Lake County Eye is so much funnier, so much more on top of things, and so not the group-speak of this circle-yerkovich. You've gotten as boring as Bob Cook has gotten.....(fill in the blank, and try to be honest, yahoos!)

Anonymous said...

But, of course, Navistar wouldn't newsworthy here, would it? Not in keeping with the 'echo-chamber' mentality